Thursday 25 July 2013

Pete Cannon - Producer Spotlight

Pete Cannon was recently featured in Low Profile Media's "Producer Spotlight" series, peep game below as they catch up with Pete, go on a diggin trip and a snapshot tour of Pete's lab (including some synth action). Theres also words from High Focus artist Dirty Dike and Sirius XM director of music (hip hop division) Ron Mills regarding Petes work. High Focus artists Dirty Dike and Sirius XM director of music (hip hop division) Ron Mills. Shouts to Jay Large on the edit and cam! Don't forget you can still get a copy of Pete's 7 inch vinyl with Guilty Simpson out on Louis Den!, head over to our Bandcamp to pick up one the remaining copies of "This Year", any copies from Louis Den direct also come with an exclusive beat tape from Pete "The Pete Tape". Pete Cannon ft Guilty Simpson on Louis Den Music Bandcamp

Sunday 23 December 2012

Pete Cannon feat Guilty Simpson Ltd 7" & Digital Out Now / Xmas Sale

Den regular / champion / quiff sylist Pete Cannon teams up with Detroit's Guilty Simpson for 2 mixes of This Year, available on Ltd hand numbered 7" vinyl (250 copies, less than 70 left!) or digitally you can check it out here...

Also included on the 7" is an exclusive bonus beat and all direct orders also get the Pete Tape absolutely FREE, a 19 track comp of insts, a few can be previewed here

If that wasn't enough theres a Xmas sale on the Behind Closed Doors DVD's including the LTD BCD3 Box which is the only way to get the vinyl ep feat Houseshoes, Suff Daddy, Myke Forte and Kelakovski as the individual vinyl sold out in a few weeks back in Feb so it's your last chance to grab a copy. Peep the sale items here and have a great break and New Year 

Wednesday 8 February 2012


We've nearly sold out of the companion BCD 7" featuring Houseshoes, Suff Daddy, Myke Forte and Kelakovski so you'd best be quick. You can grab it here (inc download) or here (on it's own or part of the Ltd boxset). Once it's gone you'll have to try your luck out in the select few record shops and we're onto the 2nd release featuring 2 people we're sure you'll have heard of but thats all we're saying at the moment.

Saturday 21 January 2012

BCD 7" Out Monday! Pre-orders Live

We're proud to announce The Behind Closed Doors Vol 3 Limited 7" EP is out Monday 23rd Jan, featuring Houseshoes, Suff Daddy, Myke Forte and Kelakovski. Hand numbered and limited to 150 copies outside of the BCD3 Boxsets, be quick!

You can listen and order here, shipping Monday, enjoy.

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Wizard - Dutty Gash Face Music

Wizard keeps on showing the "one beat every three months" crowd why its time to hang it up!! (thats me at the moment btw haaa!)

He's just unleashed a new collection of beats entitled "Dutty Gash Face Music" , if you don't know what that is well ummm ask Wiz or go hit up urbandictionary! Short story even shorter; think the polar opposite to Wiz's super smooth Chill Pill series of beat tapes.

So what we got here are straight up bangers; screw face wild out getyourselflockedup music! remember this isn't a formal project; its more beats from the lab that match a certain theme; some are available and some are sold so make sure you hit up Wiz and get in touch if you want to use any of them!.

Wizard - Dutty Gash Face Music [2011]

* Cover is a bit too hot for TV lol, check Wiz's bandcamp for the full ver!

1.Air Bag
2.Flippin' Ridiculous
3.Fresh Out The Box (Remix)
4.Dirty Drainz
5.Big Bamboo
7.Huge Backhand
8.Stand Up
9.Get The Fuck Back
10.Pow! (Remix)
11.You Don't Listen
12.Happy Birthday
14.Silly Billy
15.Triple Beam Dreaming
16.Otis (Ski Mask Edition)
17.Night Time
18.4 Flats
20.Slow Down

DOWNLOAD: Pay what you want @bandcamp

Last time on LouisDen #Wizard
Wizard - Spare Time Remixes 3

Tommy Black - Interludes Of Life EP

I discovered Tommy Black from Sweeden the other day and was gassed enough at the material to share with you guys. I got hip to Tommy via searching out the production credits for Kendrick Lamar's awesome #Section80 (album of the year so far for me!!) he produced the interlude track "Chapter Six", at first I was convinced that with the onpoint snares, bubble bass it was a Nottz joint but after seeing Tommy's name crop up I did some homework.

Tommy Black

Dude is NIIIIICE, got a real soulful sound; he definitely a nice ear for twisting samples and working in spacey backdrops and synths. As well as producing for west coast artists like Kendrick, Ab-Soul, Butch Cassidy and Schoolboy Q he's also put out a free EP back in February entitled Interludes Of Lift. Check out this profile on him over at which contains some links to individual tracks as well as his free EP.

Tommy Black - Interludes Of Life EP

01) Interludes Of Life (The Undawater Boogie)
02) Street Breeze
03) No Need For Discussion
04) Star Traveler
05) Computer Gir


If you like what you hear; stay tuned as he's working on a mixtape entitled Medikit, also follow the dude on Twitter @TommyBlackML.

New heat from Jon Phonics & Jaisu - Garfunkled

Our boy Jon Phonics has given his soundcloud the once over and added a few new treats; one of which is a collab with fellow Den head Jaisu, check the track out below.

Jon Phonics & Jaisu - Garfunkled by jonphonics

Be sure to give the other jawns fron Phonz a spin too over at his soundcloud page, careful theres dangerous fonk levels out there!

Follow the boys on the Tweets @Jaisu @JonPhonicsand let em know whats good!

Last time on LouisDen #JonPhonics
Naive Machine - Robot Ramification & (Pete Cannon + Jon Phonics Remixes)

Apatight 2011 Beat Reel (beats for sale!)

Huddersfield native; Louis Den fam and star of Behind Closed Doors Vol 2 Apatight has let loose 30 minutes worth of snippets from his 2011 beat tape batches, snippets are available on his bandcamp page to bump and they're sounding mighty healthy.

Apatight 2011 Beat Reel

As always get in touch and work something out if you want to connect with Ap and use beats for a project; don't set yourself up for a gargantuan faill by lacing them and then ooming back with the classic "Im tryin to promote you", listen and appreciate/geek out or dig in your wallet and make something happen!

Connect with Apatight
  • Hit dude up on dee Gmail over at if you like what you hear
  • Follow @Apatight on Twitter
  • Listen to even more dope ish and downloads (like the Ayepee beat library trilogy) over at Ap's bandcamp

  • Last time on LouisDen #apatight
    Wizard - Chill Pill 3 (Free / Donate DL)

    Monday 17 October 2011

    Pete Cannon with Commodore 64, Max MSP and Abelton Live

    Louisden's resident synth king Pete Cannon has added a new bit of gear to the Cannon lab, a Commodore 64!! yep the smash hit 80's home computer! with the aid of the Max MSP package and the MIDI box cartridge he's able to make use of the ill SID Chips inside the machine and control it via Abelton Live and the modelling software Max/MSP.

    Pete's excited...and we are too; looking forward to peeping new material that makes use of it!!, get em P.

    Commodore 64, Ableton, Max msp and an excited Pete Cannon AS

    Last time on LouisDen #PeteCannon
    Naive Machine - Robot Ramification & (Pete Cannon + Jon Phonics Remixes)

    Sunday 25 September 2011

    Homework 90 - Otis Reflips

    Homework 90 - Otis Reflips

    Seeing as a million and one rappers have flocked to the instrumental of the recent Jay-Z and Kanye West collab; we figured it'd be a good homework to let the producers get in on the action too.

    The single from the pair utilized parts of an Otis Redding song "Try A Little Tenderness", many were quick to critize chop; many were quick to do stan remakes.

    Well of course we want to do things a little different so rather than remaking the track; we want you to use the same parts Kanye did as your source material; but then the gloves are off!! feel free to manipulate those bits of music however you see fit.

    Create a fresh beat from Otis Reddings "Try A Little Tenderness" with the twist of using the same parts Kanye used for his track "Otis", you are free to do whatever you like with the samples providing those are your only source material.

    Beats are due 2nd October (thats a week's time) by 17:00. submit the mp3 entries to streaming in the lab from 18:00 at

    Download a WAV of all the chops here - (right click and save target as)

    Eric G - Beat Frenzy (x4 new joints)

    Soul Council / Jamla producer Eric G recently let 4 new exclusive instrumentals go to celebrate him reaching 1000 followers on Twitter.

    Eric with the man the myth, 9th wonder

    To save wading through his timeline to find the links I've uploaded the joints he let go into 1 zip file below, some heat in there!! Eric's been behind some of my favourite tracks from the Jamla camp of late; needless to say he's on fire at the moment.

  • Eric G - Beat Frenzy (4 exclusive joints)
  • Follow @ericggg on twitter <-- make sure you do!! he may let even more joints go haha!
  • New Jaisu Beatmix

    So while the hordes of AB0181 subscribers patiently wait another beat tape video instalment; Edinburgh native and Louisden famalam Jaisu has hit you all off with the beats equivalent of bread and olives. A lil sampler and apatizer of whats coming round the corner.

    Jaisu Beatmix (Sept 2011)

    Beatmix0911 jaisu by Jaisu

    This beatmix contains brand new joints which are for sale; anyone wanting to work with Jaisu should hit the dude up ASAP if something catches your ear and the two of you can talk shop regarding rates, please do this the proper way; no cute Youtube "freestyles" of looped up snippets; get your hands on legitamite Jaisu production by emailing and get it crackin.

    Last time on LouisDen #jaisu
    New Jaisu H33T featured in top drawer Parkour video

    Naive Machine - Robot Ramification & (Pete Cannon + Jon Phonics Remixes)

    Naive Machine is the electronica/beats driven outift from producer Naive (beat cypher 06 anyone? he tore it down alongside Apatight, Dockmini and Knox Brown), as Naive Machine it's given him the outlet to explore more electronic/synth driven stylings away from his hiphop persona

    His latest release Robot Ramification has two tracks "Call Of The Wild" "Electric Eccentric" that have been given the remix treatment from Louisden fam Jon Phonics and Pete Cannon, the whole thing has straight up beats, dubstep and electronica tinges and everything inbetween (classifying sucks!!) give it a listen dont be afraid of a bit of a different steez!

    Peep the snippets of the tracks over here at junodownload. 6 Track vinyl EP (with OM unit remixes) has been out a minute now; but the recently released digital joint also includes 3 other remixes (as well as the Jon and Pete joints)


    Louis Den Lab Session #89 - Sonnyjim Remixes (Highlights)

    As promised (and a little later than expected) here are the highlights from the last Louisden lab session w/ myself, Myke Forte, Sonnyjim and Redbeard; all edited down into a managable serving and in delicous HD!

    Louisden Lab Session #89 (highlights)

    If you'd like to watch the whole stream then peep the previous post from this homework which has it embedded; or check out ustream page out at

    new homework round the corner! stay tuned!

    Friday 16 September 2011

    Pete Am Drum Legend

    Check Pete Cannon in his bedroom lab buggin over some illy drum breaks; 7 minutes of funk here and he raids the collection, posts up with the portable and a lil bit of oh so necessary commentary!

    Open drum breaks / Samples w/ Pete Cannon

    Breaks are dope; get em Pete! a true collector and all round champion

    Producer S1 recreates "Excellence" from Watch the Throne

    Producer S1 has gone from strength to strength in the last couple years; scoring a breakthrough placement with Kanye West's "Power" from his last LP; he's gone on to produce for Beyonce and Jay-z & Kanye with their recent "Watch The Throne" joint.

    He's made a short film showing him recreating parts of the beat in the lab and talking about how the track came about, a lil bit hollywood but dont get it twisted its more the filmmaker flexing some creative muscle as S1 is one of the most humble dudes out there!

    S1 recreating "Excellence" from "Murder To Excellence"

    While im on an S1 tip, be sure to check the new Strange Fruit Project joint (thats S1's group who he produces for).

    Strange Fruit Project - A Dreamers Journey (2011)

    Big Shug & Primo recording "Tha Way It Iz" (circa '05)

    spotted at Kil's will make beats for food

    Caught this on OKP earlier today, Kil from Will Make Beats For Food has upped a DVD rip of the bonus DVD that came with Big Shugs "Who's Hard" LP from 2006, check his blog above if you want to watch the other parts (pretty standard EPK/documentary steez) but whats interesting is the third part which shows Primo in the Headqcourterz lab getting busy with a blunt and the MPC60 (in his typical make beats for the artists on the spot), chopping up what ends up being shug's track Tha Way It Iz.

    He later hits the protools setup to lay the vox down, an interesting watch despite being pretty short.

    Big Shug & Primo in the lab

    Big Shug - Tha Way It Iz (2005)

    Thursday 15 September 2011

    FLüD Presents: Beats Per Minute

    FLüD have recently released their Beats Per Minute range of digital watches; the MPC inspired design also doubles as a calculator and leaves me reminiscent of those throwback calculator watch joints from the 80's.

    To celebrate the launch of the line they hooked up with an array of producers and got them to talk shop about beats, current state of hiphop and inspiration; pretty refreshing seeing as they haven't got them onboard just to say how great the watches are, although there is the odd gratuitous artistic angle of them rockin them at any given point heh no such thing as a free lunch.

    Aiite peep the clips below, some nerd food for you beat heads!

    DJ Babu & J.Rocc



    Lord Finesse


    DJ Numark

    DJ Spinna

    (dudes rockin maschine now!!)

    Head over to the FLüD Watches site if you've a compulsion to cop!

    Wednesday 14 September 2011

    Behind Closed Doors Vol 1 back in stock!

    If you missed out on one of the 300 copies of Behind Closed Doors, well good news! myself and Andy have repressed the project so its now back in stock for anyone who wants to see where the whole BCD journey began.

    The project features The Last Skeptik, S-TYPE, Darren Paul and Eyebs with Q&A's and beats from Budgie, Figaro, Jaisu, Kelakovski and Ed Strong; while its our first project (we started this back in 2008!) we're still very proud of it as it paved the way for the follow up and the third instalment which we're working our asses off to have finished soon!!

    We've also decided to throw together a BCD double pack; theres no commemorative packaging (just yet heh!!) but you can pick up both volumes with a discount if you still need BCD1 and BCD2.

    The repress of BCD1 does NOT come with a beat tape; instead you get a download code to get your hands on the compilation which features x2 beats from each producer in the project.

    Purchase BCD1 (or both editions) here

    BUG - Mechanical Soul EP

    Den producer BUG is on the verge of releasing his debut EP entitled "Mechanical Soul", on Juslikemusic if you are unfamiliar with BUG well he's the winner of the last Louis Den league and started appearing on radars worldwide with his first release Comsic Lab / 20 Winks which came out last year.

    Well he's now prepped an extended player that continues his unique brand of head crack funk drawing influence from his wide musical pallete; peep the snippets below as well as the space travelling 3D promo created by AB0181, (peep with headphones to hear the snippets zoom past you!)

    Im looking forward to the EP dropping and have heard a few treats from it so I will say be sure to cop if you enjoyed and downlaoded Cosmic Lab / 20 Winks, you'll be able to pick it up from 19th September on BUG's bandcamp page as well the usual digital outlets via JuslikeMusic, you can pre-order from iTunes right here.

    Mechanical Soul EP Snippets by BUGMusic

    Get em BUG!

    Tuesday 13 September 2011

    Homework 89 - Psychonaut Headsplit Remixes

    Heres the Ustream session from the Louis Den homework we hosted a week or so ago. The weeks goal was to turn in remixes to the track Illmind produced track "The Headsplit" taken from Sonnyjim's new album "The Psychonaut LP".

    Louis Den Homework 89 - Headsplit Remixes

    In the lab were myself, Myke Forte, Sonnyjim (to pick his favourite) and EATGOOD's Redbeard. There's HD Youtube edit on the way as well as a new homework challenge; look out for em both, but for now enjoy!

    Just Blaze tells the stories behind his classics

    If you can bear the very wack (sorry guys) gallery interface to their many a "countdown list" article, Complex Magazine have put together the stories behind some of Just Blaze's classic joints from his catalogue (and in his own words)If you haven't seen or heard any interviews with Just then straight off the jump you can tell dude is a gear junkie and a real beat scientist.

    So if you want to read some insightful stuff or some down right geekery (like the fact that 'Song Cry' by Jay-Z has approx 96 CHOPS!) then give the article a read..

    Jusst Blaaaaaaaaaze!

    Stories behind Just Blaze's Classics (part 1)
    Stories behind Just Blaze's Classics (part 2)


    Wizard - Spare Time Remixes 3

    One of the Den's hardest working Wizard; has recently put a few remixes out adding to his "Spare Time" series which see's Wiz throwing acapellas over bangers he's got in the stash; the latest instalment features artists like Elzhi, Rick Ross, Vinnie Paz, Young Jeezy and more getting the unofficial Wizard remix treatment.Peep his bandcamp below to get your hands on the free project.

    01.Monster Under The Bed - Ugly Talk (Wizard Remix)
    02.Lil' Wayne & Rick Ross - John (Wizard Remix)
    03.Vinnie Paz & Demoz - Bodysnatchers (Wizard Remix)
    04.Joey G-Zus - Usain Bolt (Wizard Remix)
    05.Rick Ross, Countri Boi & Slim Thug - I'm A Boss (Wizard Remix)
    06.Tempa T - Next Hype (Wizard Remix)07.Elzhi - Colors (Wizard Remix)
    08.Lethal Bizzle - Pow 2011 (Wizard Remix)
    09.OSB'z, Baron Samedi, Dweller & 777 - Punches (Wizard Remix)
    10.Young Jeezy & Akon - Soul Survivor (Wizard Remix)

    DOWNLOAD: bandcamp

    Connect with Wizard online
    Follow @WizardBeats on Twitter
    Check the latest beats for sale on Wizards "Beat Fanatic Batch"

    Tuesday 6 September 2011

    Protecting the "Throne"

    These dudes are the Illest Motherf**ker's Alive after managing to hold down Watch The Throne from leaking on the run up to it's August 8th release, and this Billboard article explains all.

    Honestly, I didn't think it was possible but when you bring in fingerprint recognition external hard drive's, locks, keys, portable studios and three trusted engineers (who probably were sleeping next to the briefcase with the drives in them...) then it might just be do-able.

    "The boss asked for it not to be leaked," says Kilhoffer, referring to West, "so there you go."

    Read the full article over at Billboard

    Thursday 25 August 2011

    Louis Den Homework 89 Video Blog

    Hopefully we'll be getting into the pattern of posting these each week explaining the goal of week's homework, makes it a lot easier for heads who dont want to read the wall of text that is a homework blog, plus should help get some new faces involved!!

    Here's me in the lab w/ Sonnyjim breaking down the goal of this weeks homework (due 4th September!), props to Redbeard handling filming duties....Share / Repost / Tweet and all that good stuff! (direct link to video -

    Louisden Homework 89 Video Blog

    Download Headsplit Acapella here:

    good luck!

    Tuesday 23 August 2011

    Homework 89 - The Psychonaut Headsplit Remix

    NEW HOMEWORRRRRRRRRRRRRRK! rejoyce!! aite so I've been mad busy with a gang of life ish for the past few months; tried my best to keep the ldbb blog updated with various bits but for the most part I've had to take a bit of a backseat.

    Yes the league is still happening; We'll hopefully be ready for dope ass beat 3 to fall around the same time as it did back for the 2009-2010 league so get cooking in the lab!! before all that though We'll ease back into LDBB runnings with some homeworks! lets goo!.

    Homework 89 - The Psychonaut Headsplit Remix

    EATGOOD Records artist Sonnyjim has recetly dropped his ill "Psychonaut LP" which features production from M-Phazes, Illmind, Dag Nabit and Louis Den's Kelakovski, Pete Cannon and Eyebs; plus gang of others. The album is a joint release from EG and Australian label Obese (orchestrated from Sonny's tour out in Australia a couple years back) plus theres features/production coming from a few Oz artists.

    To peep the LP head over to Sonnyjim's Bandcamp page and also take a look at the videos for the tracks "The Psychonaut" (prod DJ IQ) and "Flying To The Moon" (prod Kelakovski).

    To celebrate the release of the album we've managed to prize an acapella off the project to let you guys give the remix treatment to. The original track "The Headsplit" is produced by Illmind and similar to our "Trading Standards Remixes" homework from a while back the best remix (picked by Sonnyjim in the stream) will get released via EATGOOD on an upcoming project, not bad eh?

    If youd like to get busy with a remix then download the remix kit here (right click and save), included is the Acapella and a snippet of the original track so you can hear how the vocals are supposed to fit.

    The track itself is 91.99 BPM, remember if you are new to remixing then do your homework with lining the vocals up!! the goal of a remix is to make your beat fit the vocals rather than the other way round; we'd only expect you to mess with the vox themselves if you are gonna draw from some dub/glitch influences but essensially if it's a straight up blap then get the BPM right!!

    Its useful if your software/hardware would allow you to freely move the vox around your beat to line it up; if it doesnt you could always bounce out the beat into a multitrack editor and get it right that time!! but dont let an out of time Acca cost you the chance of winning!!

    To remix the Sonnyjim track "The Headsplit", no restrictions or limitations just download the Vox and get it in!! however you are expected to turn in an original beat and not blend it with someone elses material.

    This is a two week challenge to ease back into the homeworks! turn in the beat by 17:00 on 4th September, email your entries to ; please attach the mp3 to the email message rather than a download makes things a lot easier for us this way!!.

    We'll be streaming at to hear the entries and pick a winner!! good luck!

    Hear/Buy the Psychonaut LP
    Listen to the full track of "The Headsplit"
    Download the Acapella and snippet of "The Headsplit" in a ZIP

    Myke Forte - Beat Making Series ep 1

    Den regular and King Of The Beats champion Myke Forte has decided to launch his own beat making video series on Youtube, I ain't mad at that!! peep game how he gets down with a chopped sample on his MP2500 and extra sprinkles on his Microkorg XL

    Myke Forte - Beat Making Series ep 1

    Be sure to checkout Mykes new Youtube channel as he's added a few other beat related videos from his archive! good stuff, get em Myke.

    Holla at Myke Forte
    Follow @MykeForte on Twitter
    Peep Myke's sounds on Soundcloud

    Pete Cannon guest mix on Nts Radio

    Louis Den family; production beast and all round good egg Pete Cannon swung by NTS Radio in London early last week and dropped an hour long mix of all his own material; looks like dude as been busy with it!!

    The mix bends plenty of genre's as only Pete knows how and includes a gang of material with some heavy hitters like Guilty Simpson, Tony Yayo, Nutso, Stig Of The Dump, Dr Syntax and a whole host of others! tracklist is below. (Petes material
    starts 56 minutes in)

    Pete Cannon NTS guest Mix 15/08/2011

    1. Pete Cannon - Huntington Riddim
    2. Pete Cannon - Jah Ting
    3. Pete Cannon - Wobble head Skank
    4. Pete Cannon & Jim Raygun - exclusive
    5. Pete Cannon - Eggshell
    6. Pete Cannon - Flower Stretch riddim
    7. Pete Cannon - Foot Stomper
    8. Pete Cannon - breakcore do more
    9. Pete Cannon - Dang
    10. Pete Cannon - A big bag of Crips
    11. Pete Cannon - We love dj easygroove
    12. Pete Cannon - Wub rub sauce
    13. Pete Cannon - Demon Dan
    14. Pete Cannon - Rave in a pet shop
    15. Pete Cannon - More rave than you can throw a tick at
    16. Pete Cannon - Feeling Nookie, oh er
    17. Pete Cannon - Amen to the old skool
    18. Pete Cannon - Bun Charly, Bun.
    19. Hip hop Section
    20. Pete Cannon and Deadline - How the Sytem goes ft Serocee and Yogi
    21. Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon - Best friends
    22. Nutso ft Tony Yayo and Mainso - Pocket on swole (prod Pete Cannon)
    23. Yogi ft Youngman - She loves me (prod Pete Cannon)
    24. Guilty Simpon - We aint playing with them this year (prod Pete Cannon) NTS WORLD EXCLUSIVE
    25. Stig of the Dump - Bitches (prod Pete Cannon)
    26. Pete Cannon - Like that way you doin it
    27. Jazzy jeff and the Fresh Prince - Summertime (Pete Cannon’s very Northern mix)
    28. Pete Cannon - Off your face
    29. Lilly Allen ft Ll cool J and Pete Cannon - Ldn Town (Blackpool remix)
    30. Naive Machine - Robot Ramification ep (Pete cannon’s Gammon remix) (hit and hope records)

    You’ll soon know w/ Tim Parker & Special Guest Pete Cannon 16.08.2011

    please note at the time this blog was posted soundcloud were experiencing issues; should be working soon

    Hit up Pete and let him know whats up!
    Pete Cannon Beats on Facebook
    Pete Cannon on Twitter

    Eric Lau - This Is For You (Beat Video)

    Former Beat Cypher guest Eric Lau has dropped a little studio vid showing the breakdown of a beat he's made entitled "This Is For You", video shows Eric gettin busy with his Mac setup alongside Logic and his collection of MP's a MPC2500 and an MPC3000 (jelly!!).

    Eric Lau - This Is For You

    The track is up for free download on Eric's bandcamp if you want to scoop it for yourself!

    SA Beats - New Era Vol 1

    A newer regular to the last few homeworks and a frequent 22tracks playlister; SA Beats (from the Netherlands) has been smashing up our last few challenges and alongside the Hypedog Blog (whatup HD!!) he's dropped his New Era Vol 1 Beat Tape.

    Some ill selections on here and you can definitely see why SA is gonna be one to watch! the beat tape can be copped for the measly price of 1 euro or streamed from his bandcamp if you are strapped for cash!!

    1.Fresh Daily- Video Gamin' (SABeats Remix)
    3.Living on mars
    6.All night loving
    7.Back in the days
    8.Swag 2
    10.Drop it

    LINK: bandcamp

    Holla at SA Beats!
    Follow @SABeats on Twitter
    Check out @SABeats on Bandcamp