Sunday, 25 September 2011

Naive Machine - Robot Ramification & (Pete Cannon + Jon Phonics Remixes)

Naive Machine is the electronica/beats driven outift from producer Naive (beat cypher 06 anyone? he tore it down alongside Apatight, Dockmini and Knox Brown), as Naive Machine it's given him the outlet to explore more electronic/synth driven stylings away from his hiphop persona

His latest release Robot Ramification has two tracks "Call Of The Wild" "Electric Eccentric" that have been given the remix treatment from Louisden fam Jon Phonics and Pete Cannon, the whole thing has straight up beats, dubstep and electronica tinges and everything inbetween (classifying sucks!!) give it a listen dont be afraid of a bit of a different steez!

Peep the snippets of the tracks over here at junodownload. 6 Track vinyl EP (with OM unit remixes) has been out a minute now; but the recently released digital joint also includes 3 other remixes (as well as the Jon and Pete joints)


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