Friday, 26 December 2008


What up YAWL...Merry Christmas!!!...I know its droppin a day later than I would have liked but my Christmas was a bit complicated this year and couldnt really get on the net to up the videos (although I did try and managed to drop the Welsh one first hence that gettin 300 somethin views currently!!).

Anyway If you've been following Louis Den for the past year or so then you'll remember last Christmas we did the Xmas wax swap with the boys in the scotland myself (Kos) and Kela swapped records with S-Type & Jaisu and made a beat from a christmas record..we then dropped them on my youtube channel and Prolifik (Ab0181) respectively..Well since then a lot has happened!! me and Pro have a beatmaking doc underway, we've linked a few times for beat geek outs and I even managed to get the boys down to SMASH the Louis Den Beat Cypher that took place earlier this month.

WELLLL of course it being Christmas Pro was already gettin hit up as soon as Dec hit asking him if he was gonna drop another xmas we knew it had to be so heres how we did it!.

To make it even better than last year I connected with the mighty Mayor from Welsh indie hiphop label Associated Minds...banged a few messages back and forth and got a couple of their producers (Metabeats & P.L.O) down for the project too so this time round we've got 3 camps of producers all exchanging xmas records, rather than squash it into rushed video we dropped em country by country so you get a better feel for everyones process!.




I did the final edits / gfx for the vids with each camp filming theirs seperately but Prolifiks youtube is gonna be the future spot for a lot of collab/louisden related stuff as we're all pushing the same team! PLUS...this whole wrapped up thing is a joint effort/concept with myself, Prolifik and Mayor all ironing out the ideas earlier on in the month to get this to you!.

Props to Mayor for handlin the welsh side of things I know it wasnt easy getting the camera crew, Metabeats & P.L.O all together to shoot/dig and getting me the vid sent (xmas eve!!)...

Pro for handling ish the best he could despite being in spain for xmas!!

and yeah yourselves for being part of / fans of Louis Den or just vibing off the movment!! heres to a dope 2009!

peace & beats!.




Saturday, 22 November 2008

Louis Den Beat Cypher 2 - Birmingham - December 11th 2008

We're baaaaaaaack! yesh yesh ya'll, if you didnt read my recap on the original beat cypher night then head over to the entry on the ldbb myspace blog.

The first Beat Cypher was DOPE! and a great success it was great to see so many beat heads come out and the perfomers on the night repped hard! (that was JEHST, SOWETO KINCH, KELAKOVSKI, MR DICK and on the mic THE LOST GENERATION, MICALL PARKNSUN, SIR SMURF LIL & SONNYJIM).


Annnyway, as the night went on it became quickly evident that it'd be a good look to do this again; myself, Kelz & Cro (and a couple others who helped put the night together) had no idea if we could even do another one but here we are!.

Louis Den Beat Battles Presents
Louis Den Beat Cypher
11th December 2008
Rooty Frooty, Custard Factory, Digbeth

Louis Den Beat Cypher - 11th December 2008
Rooty Frootys - Custard Factory - Digbeth
9PM till LATE - £3.50 entry (£5.00 after 10PM)

Links to flyers

Full Size Front (for profile bio) | Full Size Back (for profile bio) | Web Version (for myspace/blog comments)



MYSPACE PROFILE PICTURE (save this and use as your profile pic!)

FULL SIZE FLYER FRONT HTML (copy & paste / to put on your profile)

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WEB FLYER (copy and paste / scaled down version for myspace comments etc)






Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Smooth jamz time people!!...bring some grown folk smoothnes!! none of that cookie cutter kids chart stuff! LOL..

read more on the ldbb myspace blog..

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

DJ Houseshoes Producer Showcase Podcast

Yeahhh, more illyness courtesy of DJ House Shoes.

This a recording from a night that was from a few months ago which saw Houseshoes giving some limelight to some ill Detroit producers, he's recently upped the audio of the night for you to peep.

Part 1 (14 KT, Apollo Brown, Black Milk, DJ Dez)
Part 2 (Big Tone, House Shoes, Danny Brown, Nick Speed)

Link to Shoe's Blog.


Friday, 17 October 2008

Producers Edge, Fall / Winter 2008 Edition

The free version ofhte Fall / Winter 2008 edition of Producers Edge magazine is out to peep online!; this a great mag jam packed with features and is a dope publication (wish scratch could have been like this), shame they cant get bigger distro as they do things proper..magazine and DVD combo with plenty video features, but still the electronic version is just as ill with links to videos and downloadable images (complete with page turning animations!! hahaa).

Pete Rock, Just Blaze and RZA

Full length Magazine with Video, Audio and live Downloads!
It's Drum Works Part I: By the end of this issue, your drums will be better than theirs.
All for One, One for ALL: 3 Workstation dance

Dynamic Producer Conference
3030 Career Panel -- Real Talk Producer Panel -- Stacks Publishing Panel
iStandard Beast of the Beats
Pete Rock, Just Blaze and 9th Wonder on stage!
RZA on the MV-8800

Magazine Features
DSI Dave Smith
Writer's Block with Necro
Sound Designer Lukecage
Vintage Series with Sean Maru: The AKAI S-950
Griffin Avid's Corner: Drum Sounds from Scratch Adobe Audition 3.0
Redsecta Mastering: Mastering Part III Tools of the Trade

Downloads Sounds and Samples:
Big Fish Audio - retro TR series sampler
Roland MV-800 Exclusive Drum Kits and more....

****XC Subscribers enjoy eXtra Content****
"Don't just read about music production, live it in the pages of Producer's Edge Magazine."

Read The Issue Here...

and more here..

Monday, 13 October 2008

Jake One - A Great Beat Writer (OKP Interview)

Check out a new interview with Seattles finest, Jake One...where he chats a little about his new album "White Van Music" available now on Rhymesayers as well as some general production Q&A.

BONUS..FREE JAKE ONE MIXTAPE - "Great Beat Writer Mixtape"
featuring Brother Ali, Freeway, MF DOOM, Kardinal Offishall & More!!


Diamond D - The Huge Hefner Chronicles [myspace preview]

New music from DITC producer/rapper Diamond D, who Evidence has been quoted as saying is the best producer on the mic!

The Huge Hefner Chronicles (lawlz) hits the streets October 14th (thats tomorrow) and for a short time the whole thing can be previewed on Diamonds myspace, check it ooot.

Diamond D - The Huge Hefner Chronicles

01 - Intro
02 - U Can't Be Me
03 - Don't Beg
04 - Baby f Jawz of Life
05 - Good Tyme f Blake Carrington K Terror
06 - I Getz It In
07 - Get Up
09 - It'll Be Alright Feat Novel
10 - When Ur Hot Ur Hot f Sadat X Stacy Epps
11 - Bad Good


Nicolay at Red Bull Music Academy

Following on from my RBMA posts the other week; they've updated their archives to include an hour long interview with Netherlands blap master Nicolay, here he discusses his beat making process, career history and prevous / upcoming projects..definately one to geek out to and get inspired from...Peep game.

Nicolay @ Red Bull Music Academy

more hittin the blog with iddish.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

9th Wonder in the lab with Ludacris!

Check it out 9th Wonder of Little Brother fame in the lab, recording a new track "Do The Right Thing" with Ludacris for his (luda's) new album; this track also features Spike Lee & Common..big look for 9th, mucho props.

A very nice Arthur Verocai flip...Spinna had already hit the samp last year for anyone whose interested.

In other news...Louis Den Beat Cypher I hope it goes well, I gues we'll see!!; please do come out if you're able to reach it it works out I promise I'll keep these going with sick guests each time but I need the support to make it happen!.


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Red Bull Music Academy Sessions

If you got some time to kill or just wanna watch some all round inspiring stuff then head over to the Red Bull Music Academy site and check out some of the latest lectures from the Barcelona semester; bascially music heads worldwide get selected to attend a set of seminars host by a whole load of different guests / genres and obviously they pull the stops out across the board.

Head over to the site to see videos of sessions held by DJ Premier, Black Milk, Amp Fiddler, Madlib and many more; they've been going a good few years and have built up quite an archive.

Heres two of the latest from the Barcelona sessions which are illy.

Blu & Exile Session

Kardinal Offishall Session

New ldbb episodes are uploading!!..

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Lab Session 31 coming Wednesday

Hectic day!!, got the video exported and ready to be uploaded, it'll be blogged first thing tomorrow folks.


Monday, 29 September 2008

Beat Tape / Free Music Monday

What up people; just about to get into the cutting room for LDBB 31, hopefully it'll be up by tomorrow at the latest; its gonna be the last LDBB for a minute but further explaination (on the way) should clear up any questions.

Right on to some free beat tapes, I feel I've been slackin on the blog game so im tryin to step my game up with some free music / beat tapes!!, ga'head download, BUMP and enjoy.

First up is LDBB favourite and general badman with the blaps ILLmind!, with a free mixtape in conjunction with DJ Dub MD entitled "Blaps, Rhymes, & Life", theres some baaaad (meaning good) stuff on this tape with meezy handling all the production and appearences from the likes of 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Kool G Rap, Supastition, Heltah Skeltah and more!, check the blurb direct from the man himself..

"Blaps, Rhymes & Life" is the exclusive new mixtape project from Dub MD and one of the most accomplished producers in Hip Hop Illmind. A producer that balances both the mainstream and underground successfully, working with a full spectrum of artists from Heltah Skeltah to 50 Cent, Little Brother to Black Eyed Peas, the list goes on. This new project features some of the artists Illmind has been working closely with over the past year or so including the likes of 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Heltah Skeltah, Skyzoo and many more.

Lookout for Illmind dropping his brand new studio album currently "Untitled" coming soon, along with his highly anticipated group album as "Fortilive" with Mushmouf and Slo-Mo and his exclusive collaboration project with North Carolina's Supastition and make sure you check out his new beat-tape "New Blap City" + limited edition T-shirt which is available right now, cop them @

Also keep your eyes out for Dub MD's exclusive new mixtape project for the purest called "Hip Hop Renatus" which features the whos-who of underground hip hop emcees (44 MC's / 34 Tracks) doin what they do best over the greatest hip hop producers of all-times instrumentals, out next month for exclusive free download!

Illmind - Blaps Rhymes & Life Mixtape

01. Get Ya Ass Up! (Intro) (Produced By Illmind)
02. Heltah Skeltah - Everything Is Heltah Skeltah (Produced By Illmind)
03. Brooklyn Academy - Raise Ya Hands (feat. Jean Grae) (Produced By Illmind)
04. Fresh Daily - Get Over (Produced By Illmind)
05. D. Black - The Come Up (feat. Skyzoo) (Produced By Illmind)
06. 50 Cent - Make A Movie (Produced By Illmind)
07. Supastition - Thankful (feat. Kil Ripkin) (Produced By Illmind)
08. Naturel - The Bullets (Produced By Illmind)
09. K.O. (K-Otix) - 48 Seasons (Produced By Illmind)
10. Torae - New Blood (feat. Skyzoo, Emilio Rojas & Fresh Daily) (Produced By Illind)
11. Fortilive - The Come Up (Produced By Illmind)
12. Broken English - Different World (Produced By Illmind)
13. Skyzoo - Lyrically Inclined (feat. Wale) (Produced By Illmind)
14. Naps N Dreds - Do What I Should (feat. Copywrite) (Produced By Illmind)
15. Quan - Geez Like Deez (feat. Rapper Big Pooh) (Produced By Illmind)
16. Naturel - Resurrect (Produced By Illmind)
17. 8th W1 - A Fool's Lullaby (Produced By Illmind)
18. Faro-Z - Clap Ya Hands (Produced By Illmind)
19. A.P.E.X. - One More Time (Produced By Illmind)
20. LL Cool J - Queens (feat. Prodigy, 50 Cent, Kool G Rap, & Tony Yayo) (Produced By Illmind)
21. Wannabe? (Outro) (Produced By Illmind)


Now we got the super dope Symbolic One from the Strange Fruit Project of Music Box / Art Of One Mind fame, as previously mentioned he recently dropped his solo production album "Music Box" which has some stompin beats and ill features and should be checked out, here he drops his 4th Quarter beat CD of fresh beats straight out the lab...holla at him for rates!.

S1 - 4th Quarter Beat CD

*unofficial cover by MEDIUM.
01 Mr Porter Intro
02 Elevation Intended
03 Supa Negroid
04 Jackin Midgets
05 Mike Jackson 08
06 Crayola Music
07 Lucy Live Long
08 Pum Pums n Drums
09 Benny Twins
10 My Neighborhood
11 For Life
12 The Day Before
13 Hood Dreams
14 Hey Miss Parker
15 Million Dollar Deal
16 Get Tha Dough
17 My City Cries


Next up is DJ GRUMBLE with the excellent "FREESTYLE TOOLS VOL 2", continuing on his series of free beat tapes comes 22 dope blaps with an unmistakable boom bap bounce!, get at him on his site for prices!.

DJ Grumble - Freestyle Tools Vol 2

01 deep fried
02 super cheddar
03 taxi cab
04 makin moves
05 wu tang financial
06 metamucil
07 promise
08 grumbz blues
09 caveman
10 pan handle
11 fanfare
12 bright side
13 on the rocks
14 air
15 traffic stop
16 late night flute
17 tribal
18 vivid dream
19 rodrigo
20 time passage
21 cuz i like it
22 get em grumbz


And finaaaaaaaaly, last but by no means least is LDBB resident WIZARD!, with his newest mixtape "Yes I Do Rap", featuring production from Kid Eight, Kelakovski, Raul Supreme, Scizzaz and more as well as guest appearences from Sonnyjim, Apatight, Kosyne and more; so yeah its a regular LDBB outing, check gutter mouth wiz on the mic!.

Wizard - Yes I Do Rap

01 Yes I Do Rap
02 Bangin' Raw Shit (Featuring Scizzahz) (Produced By Kelakovski)
03 Cheezy
04 Murderous (Featuring Ezerin) (Produced By Wizard)
05 No (Produced By Prolifik)
06 Posse Ish (Featuring Sonnyjim, Apatight & Kosyne)
07 1Night Stand (Featuring Scizzahz & Natural)
08 Barz
09 Rock That Shit (Featuring Kanasu Barz)
10 KFC (Produced By Raul Supreme)
11 Get 'Em (Remix) (Featuring Tai) (Produced By Wizard)
12 It's Over (Featuring 777 & Joe Gutta)
13 Myspace Exclusive (Featuring KidEight)
14 Hounds Of H-Town (Featuring Scizzahz) (Produced By Scizzahz)
15 Whoa! (Featuring KidEight & Kosyne) (Produced By KidEight)
16 Bombardment Of Scum (Featuring Scizzahz & Vecks) (Produced By Vecks)
17 Superheroez (Featuring Ezerin) (Produced By Ernie Twig)
18.Played Out


I aint done yet!, more coming!.


Friday, 19 September 2008

Louis Den Beat Cypher 9th October 2008!!

Make a note of this people, Louis Den Beat Battles hits the stage 9th October!!, just sent the flyer off to press so now its time to blam it up everywhere online!!.

Im hoping we'll make a success of this and be able to turn the venture into something semi regular...lets see eh??...heres a little blurb ive just banged out..*pause*.

Louis Den Beat Battles Presents
Louis Den Beat Cypher
9th October 2008
Rooty Frooty, Custard Factory, Digbeth

The online beat community Louis Den Beat Battles ( takes to the stage with the first outing of its "Beat Cypher" night; the aim of "Louis Den Beat Cypher" is to showcase the production element of hip-hop in a live setting, the main focus will be on the 4 profiled producers of the night as well as live PA's from artists.

The aim is to mix more established talent with those making noise in the underground and centre it around a production setting, all beats from the evening will be played out live from some or all of the hardware used to create it allowing the producers to make all manner of live changes to their beats as they are being played; the artists PA's are also over these beats meaning we'll be connecting them with producers they may not necessarily have worked with before making a unique never to be repeated again performance of their tracks.

The night will feature a set of showcase rounds from each producer having their beats played out live; all of which is up to the producer; you'll hear a mix of blaps from their catalogue ranging from fresh beats to existing tracks to never before heard bangers from their vault!. They'll also be taking part in preset challenges to deliver a beat made to certain specifications (samples / themes...similar to the online louis den beat battles format); here we'll hear their take on flipping a sample or following a particular theme.

Finally to stitch it all together the Louis Den Cypher DJ will be providing the soundtrack inbetween the beat rounds and PA's playing a mix of hip-hop, instrumentals and original breaks for you beat heads to try and place!, our DJ will also be playing a selection of submitted beats from the crowd!! producers in the crowd are encouraged to bring a short beat reel or 1 or 2 full lengh beats to get played over the system!.

If you are able to make it down to the night please do so! as we're keen to make a success of it and continue bringing you more as time goes by!.


Louis Den Beat Cypher - 19th October 2008
Rooty Frootys - Custard Factory - Digbeth
9PM till LATE - £3.50 entry (£5.00 after 10PM)


(click thumbnails for full versions)

Monday, 8 September 2008

Just heard an ILLmind break on "My Name Is Earl"

It plays at the end of "Stole Pops HD Cart" episode, just seen it on E4..hahaha, did a little searching and found out what the break was..

I Just Want To Celebrate - Rare Earth

he used it at the start of

"Sirens" by Little Brother

Ok now to make this a bit less geeky heres a pic and vid of the dooohpe Nadine Velazquez (who plays Catilina) to balance out the nerdom.


Thursday, 4 September 2008

Kosyne @ Hiphop Kemp 2008

Check me out at hiphop kemp from the August bank holiday I knocked a little reel up from the 4 hours or so of footage I captured.

Kosyne @ Hiphop Kemp 2008

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Wizard Wednesday

Alright and one more blog to add to todays posting frenzy!, I bring you duh duh duh durrrrrrr!!.. "Wizard Wednesday"...

First off is the Seaside Symptoms EP from Brighton emcee Tai whose down with the Genius Squad; this EP is all produced by Wizard and also features Wiz on the odd verse dotted throughout the project; some illy free music!.

Second up we've got Wizard and Scizzahz who are collectively known as Osb'z (Original Scumbagz) they both provide the vocals and beats for they're ventures (which sometimes feature guest production),here for free is their Dirtbox Taktix mixtape which is the follow up to their first album Lowering The Tone.

Enjoy the beats and free music!.

Wizard & Tai - Seaside Symptoms

01. Intro
02. All Good
03. Shut Shit Down
04. As Time Passes
05. My Kind
06. These Girls
07. Get 'Em
08. Back Down
09. Days Off
10. Shut Shit Down Remix


OZB's (Wizard & Scizzahz) - Dirtbox Taktix Mixtape

01. Intro.mp3
02. In Ya House Again.mp3
03. Peddalin Tripe.mp3
04. Dirtbox Taktix.mp3
05. Wuddup (Feat. Enlish AKA Big Dave).mp3
06. Brotherz Of Scum.mp3
07. Gold Barz.mp3
08. Get The Fuck Out Of Here.mp3
09. 2 Headz R Betta Than 1.mp3
10. Warning!.mp3
11. Brimmin Over With Skill.mp3
12. Who U R.mp3
13. Hayslay Interview.mp3
14. Live On Horseface FM.mp3
15. Any Kinda Slutz (Feat. Enlish AKA Shane Laden)
16. Chwoit!.mp3
17. Skit.mp3
18. Back 4 More.mp3
19. Clap Track.mp3
20. Ridiculouz (Remix).mp3
21. Desperadoes (Feat. Pace Won & Tai).mp3
22. Runnin The South.mp3
23. Me & My Fiesta.mp3
24. Murda Ya Click (Feat. Influx).mp3
25. Yaharr
26. Time Bomb
27. Outro



Blaps for sale (holla at Wizard)
Bonus Wizard joint!!, KFC (Produced by Raul Supreme)

New Illa J - We Here / Yancey Boys Project

On August 25th Delicious Vinyl will release the debut single by Illa J: "We Here" b/w "R U Listenin". Both tracks are produced by the legendary late producer Jay Dee (aka J Dilla), Illa J's older brother.

"We Here" is all sizzle and gleam as Illa J ad-libs his mission statement: "Yancey Boys from Detroit, Michigan...comin' for that number one spot...'bout to rock the world!" Over the previously unheard Dilla track (from a cache of Jay Dee beats held in safety for a decade by Delicious Vinyl founder Michael Ross) Illa J's soulful tenor delivers the hook: "We poppin' bottles like it's first day of the year." Illa J confirms the feeling: "Somebody could be in a hoopty but the Jay Dee beat sound so good it make them feel like they riding in a Phantom."

^ hmm, sounds good; looks like Micheal Ross must have the rights to these Dilla blaps that we're held back, a decade old would make them 98 / 99, circa another batch so we're in for a glad despite his So called "Management's Stance"; Dilla's real folks can put out his beats and work on new projects.

Download the track "We Here" (mp3).
Read more about it at Delicious Vinyl.

Isaac Hayes Homeworks / Hair Band Blaps

Alright, I've been slacking on the blog; been doin nuff other ish; including adding a shop to the Eat Good Records site (pimp pimp)(props to Comabeat crew for the ill design) and umm gettin myself ready for another illy Hiphop Kemp, but im back on my blog ish (for today anyway)..

LDBB 27 - Isaac Hayes Sample Flips
Check the LDBB Myspace to listen to the Isaac Hayes sample flip beats we received and the watch the vid and see our reactions to the beats; pretty much a nice turn out which made a good ldbb session; all comments in the blog are appreciated!; and of course RIP Isaac Hayes!!.

LDBB28 - Hair Band Blaps
The next challenge we got going is for you lot to flip pop metal samples; theres plenty links in the blog and a detailed description of whats gotta be done; the timelimit for this one is the 31st August so you've got a minute!. (hair band blaps homework).

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Yeahhh!!, The LDBB myspace has just been updated with Sundays beats / video, as well as a new challenge..

Go check it out and comment please!!.

Louis Den Beat Battles Myspace.

Music / Beats Tuesday

Alright, so while the latest LDBB episode is uploading to myspace...(seems to be taking forever) I figured id update the blog with some goodies..

First off is a beat tape from a cat called Devon; I found his page through Okayplayer and he's got a little download up on his page entitled "2088 Archives", anyway; dude seems to be on that good check it out, in his own words..

"download it, enjoy it, tell ya moms to download it, tell her to enjoy it.

this is a collection of older/quasi-new beats and songs. im currently working on an album that i'll drop this fall. this was just some shit i wanted to share so people could rock music away from the page. if you know me, you probably have these tracks already. haha.

enjoy and read the info please."

Devon - 2088 Archives Beat Tape

Devons MySpace

* the time of writing this zshare was all kinds of messin up...but im guessing it'll be okay soon enough.

Ok, next up we got Torae, if you dont know bout Torae then slap yourself him and Skyzoo put out that dope 12 with Primo last year "Click b/w Get It Done" and he followed that up with the Daily Conversation mixtape....anyway he's just dropped a little free ting called "Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself", which is collabos, freestyles and unreleased beats,judging from the tracklist the guests appearences look pretty tasty and the production resume is off the meat rizzy too (Khrysis, 9th Wonder, Madlib, Marco Polo, Illmind and more!!)...GO GET!.

Torae - "Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself"

01. Heard It All Before w/ Emilio Rojas (Prod by Khrysis)
02. Merchant Of Dreams w/ Skyzoo & The Embassy (Prod by 9th Wonder)
03. The Takeover ft. Kil Ripkin (Prod by COS)
04. Uncomfortable (Prod by 9th Wonder)
05. Shake It Off w/ Tanya Morgan & Kam Moye (Prod by Brizzo)
06. Crash (Prod by Khrysis)
07. No Where No More w/ Eternia & Ms. Davis (Prod by 9th Wonder)
08. Higher Learning (Unreleased) (Prod by COS)
09. Told You That w/ Chaundon (Prod by Khrysis)
10. I Dont Care w/ Nefew
11. T.I.M.E. (Prod by Vega & Suede)
12. 3 Kings w/ Skyzoo & Chaundon (Prod by Analogic)
13. Lick The Balls
14. Best Out w/ Skyzoo & Draftpick
15. Good God (Prod by Marco Polo)
16. New Blood w/ Emilio Rojas, Skyzoo & Fresh Daily (Prod by Illmind)
17. Broken Dreamz ft. KoMika (Unreleased) (Prod by Vega & Suede)
18. Rise Up (Unreleased) (Prod by COS)
19. The People w/ ESSO
20. Hip Hop w/ Punchline & Stick (Prod by Madlib)
21. Getting Money w/ Magnif of Lawless Element (Prod by Magnif)
22. Promises w/ Kil Ripkin (Prod by Vega & Suede)
23. Its All Over w/ Supastition, Dan Jons & Finale (Prod by DR)


M-Phazes / Emilio Rojas Videos
If you check the forums out you'll know a lot of us are a bit nutty for aussie beatsmith M-Phazes, S-Type posted this up which is worth a look, its M-Phazes at the 2nd Annual "Beasts Of The Beats" showcase...Pete Rock was there to give feedback and seems rightfully blown away by what he's hearing...shouts to Pheezy's rep givin it the "air production" hahaha.

And to keep the M-Phazes link there he's putting a joint project out with frequent collaborator Emilio Rojas (aka Raks One), the project is to be titled "Phaze One" (see what they did there eh eh eh??), heres the first video from the project.

Emilio Rojas - That Time (prod by M-Phazes)

Aite...back in a, digest enjoy..

Thursday, 31 July 2008


This came to my attention through DJ SNUFF and LDBB producer ED STRONG, DJ Dark was a resident DJ of the legendary hiphop night SPEAKERS CORNER that took place on the first thursday of each month over at JAMM in Brixton having been fortunate enough to be down with the movement (myself and SONNYJIM were able to perform there a few times as well as serve as hosts for few of the events) I should shed light on whats been going on!.

*swiped from DJ SNUFF's BLOG*

Dark along with 8 other members of the DPM Graff crew have all been convicted on charges of criminal damage & also for the first time in the history of Graffiti culture a charge of conspiracy to criminal damage. 3 have been sentenced to 18 months, One member "NEAS" faces 2 years, one faces 15 months and the remaining 4 were given suspended sentences with community service.

This is an attempt by the courts to make an example of these artist to deter artist in the future.. It wont work. Graffiti will not stop, it is a culture with a strong heritage This sentencing will only serve to bring further notoriety to the artist that make up the DPM crew. Our thoughts are with them, we will support them fully through their time inside. This is an injustice, a waste of public sector money & will not serve as a deterrent. It will in fact be counter productive from that in which the court hopes to achieve. This will not deter artist it will only give them new martyrs. So saying this, well done DPM on your success, galleries await, press await, the biography, TV appearances etc.. the system is flawed and we shall exploit it until people see sense.

Our recommended alternative: Use all of this money (or even a fraction of it) already currently being thrown at the BTP (British Transport Police), Buffering (Cleaning paint of trains), Court charges, Legal Fee's and any other cash being wasted on their little cat & mouse game right now and put it into commissioning the worlds leading artist to paint masterpieces for these trains. The standard will be immense. The art can reflect the varying taste of the artist and the city. Artist and the "Privatized" train companies can even profit together via sponsorship deals incorporating the artist work. (We are already staring at advertising all day every day, why not utilize the talents around us?).. Seeing art of such a standard will also have an effect on the developing artist, they will have inspiration, and with inspiration the art form will improve. Graffiti is here to stay, Jailing artist is no solution, Graffiti doesn't even necessarily need to be a problem, there are issue's that need to be addressed but locking up artist and branding them as vandals is no way to address these issues.

The campaign starts now.


We need full press support on this one, we have already secured an exhibition in a leading NYC gallery space, gathered statements of support from South Bank Art Curators (Including Tate Modern & Queen Elizabeth Hall) & various Art publications. We are just beginning. Graffiti is not a crime and Jail Time is not a deterrent.

This is the first case in the history of Graffiti that an entire crew have been trailed on conspiracy charges. On the same day they face trail the Tate Modern are showcasing an international Graffiti exhibition and laws to preserve the work of Banksy have been passed in Bristol city. There are mixed signals in these actions. What is Art? What is Vandalism? and when does Vandalism become accepted as Art?

Those convicted for Conspiracy are:
1 Jack Binnie, 25, from Lewisham
2 Andrew Gillman, 25, from Battersea
3 Ziggy Grudzinskas, 25, from Blackheath
4 Alex McClelland, 24, from Dulwich
5 Matthew Pease, 24, from Lewisham
6 Paul Andrew Stewart, 26, from Lewisham
7 Matthew Tanti, 23, from Streatham
8 James Teasdale, 21, from Dulwich
9 Slav Zinoviev, 25, from Battersea

Also convicted:
10 Mark Goss, 22, from Sidcup (Criminal Damage) tag- "RUST/TURES"

Tags used included:

Check here for the British Transport Police view on this:

Even though this sentencing is meant to serve as a deterrent the crew have already secured lasting exhibitions in New York City as a consequence and are continuing to gain public support, including support from with in the art establishment. Sentencing took place Friday July 11th

PS. FAO anyone who were regular at Speakers Corner Brixton. One of the defendants Paul Stewart "DARK" has been a resident DJ with us from the beginnings and is a foundation member of what we do here at Speakers, so this case has extra concern for us. Dark is a creative, and thats what art is, we encourage people to be creative artistically, lyrically and in general. Dark nor no member of DPM pose a threat to the public. Jail is not the answer.

DPM get love in NYC while they rot in jail in the UK - FREE DPM NOW!!

Take a minute to sign the petition. Free DPM.
This WILL help the case for an appeal

Download track below FREE!!
Free Them [DPM]
Ed Strong [The IRS] & cOmplex
A track recorded in dedication to DPM
Lyrics written and performed by Ed Strong from The IRS
Beat produced & arranged by cOmplex

Please pass this track on to any DJ/Radio DJs, Press ect.. We need this
played to help publicize the issue, lets keep this out there..

When you do get the chance sign the petition!!.

Purpose scores production credit for Bronze Nazareth

LDBB beatsmith Purpose from way of Boston US has scored production on the new Almighty album. Almighty, the Wu-Tang affiliated supergroup consists of Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, C-Rayz Walz, Son One, M-Eighty, 5-Star and more, offer their debut collaborative effort: “Original S.I.N. (Strength in Numbers).”

Purposes' offering comes in the form of the fourth track on the LP "Come To Life
Faster" which features Bronze Nazareth; its a good look for Purp...stay tuned!!.

His solo mixtape "The Soul Purpose" is also in stores now!!..go peep for even more LDBB production in the form of Archimedes, Kelakovski and Wizard!.

Read more about the release
Purpose Myspace

CHWOOOIIIIT, Wizard Blaps For Sale

LDBB resident WIZARD has knocked up a fresh batch of beats for sale, if you're interested then holla at the kid for rates.


dont forget theres a new LDBB homework due sunday!!, check the myspace!.

Wizard New Beat Reel
Wizards Myspace

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

LDBB 24 - Michael Jackson Sounds Blog UP!!


No video this week, just audio to listen back to, all explained in the blog.

LDBB 24 BEATS BLOG (myspace)

new homework coming later today!.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

New album from 9th Wonder & Murs - "Sweet Lord"

Here it is the follow up to Murrays Revenge, (which is follow up to) Murs 3:16, both dope albums..and now a third; we were already talking about this in the forum as they've leaked about 4 tracks over the last week or so but now the whole thing is out.

Its up for free to dowload at ,you can even donate if you feel the need to do so (grrrr id happily pay the going rate for wax, they should do some limited steez before them european bootleggers do!), anyway..GO GET!!, after a few listens you can chop it up in the forum about it.

*homemade cover swiped from KINGGS on the okayplayer boards

Monday, 21 July 2008

Beat Tape Monday

Just a quick heads up, some nice instrumental goodness to download courtesy of two ill beat makers, Birminghams RAUL SUPREME and ELIPHINO hailing from Leeds.

Both guys are mad talented so go pick up some free music.


1. Swing Em
2. You Are
3. Sagum Soul
4. Soulific
5. R2D2
6. Boom
7. Day And Night
8. Choo Choo
9. Midnight Soul
10. Expressive Soul
11. How You Know
12. I Love



01. Rain
02. I Like It Yo
03. 26_02_85
04. Media
05. Number 22
06. Break Up
07. Go To Lucy's
08. MPC Intelligence
09. Spirit
10. Spring


* Rauls offering is more of a beats for sale kinda jump off whilst eliphino's is a straight free EP for DL...either way theres some illy beats for you to check, support these talented dudes.

Challenge still open!!, some signups from previous LDBB heads, league dudes and some new faces too! should be dope, read the latest blog for details of the challenge; deadline is this sunday 17:00.

LDBB homework 24 blog

Friday, 18 July 2008 ldbb homework.

Keep the congrats for S-Type flowing....but we on to the next, new homework on the ldbb myspace GO PEEP IT!.


Louis Den Beat Battles Myspace Blog


Thursday, 17 July 2008

LDBB League OVER!!....Winners announced!

*swiped from the ldbb forum.

Congratulations to S-Type for winning the first Louis Den Beat Battles league, it was a fierce battle between him and Kelakovski for 1st place (10 wins), he actually sealed the deal with a 1 point lead!.

*remeber the overall winner of ldbb was the beatmaker who had WON the most battles, however we'll also show you who performed the best beatwise.


1ST PLACE - S-TYPE 1473 pts (WON 10, LOST 0, DRAW 1)

2ND PLACE - KOSYNE 1433.5 pts (WON 10, LOST 1, DRAW 0)

3RD PLACE - SIVEY 1481.5 pts (WON 9, LOST 1, DRAW 1)

5TH PLACE - NIK 1359.5 pts (WON 9, LOST 2, DRAW 0)
6TH PLACE - JAISU 1290 pts (WON 8, LOST 2, DRAW 0)
7TH PLACE - WIZARD 1375 pts (WON 7, LOST 3, DRAW 1)
8TH PLACE - DARREN PAUL 1321 pts (WON 7, LOST 4, DRAW 0)
9TH PLACE - ARCHIMEDES 1314.5 pts (WON 7, LOST 4, DRAW 0)
10TH PLACE - PURPOSE 1282 pts (WON 7, LOST 4, DRAW 0)


1ST PLACE - KELAKOVSKI 1514.5 pts (WON 9, LOST 2, DRAW 0)

2ND PLACE - SIVEY 1481.5 pts (WON 9, LOST 1, DRAW 1)

3RD PLACE - S-TYPE 1473 pts (WON 10, LOST 0, DRAW 1)

4TH PLACE - KOSYNE 1433.5 pts (WON 10, LOST 1, DRAW 0)
5TH PLACE - WIZARD 1375 pts (WON 7, LOST 3, DRAW 1)
6TH PLACE - NIK 1359.5 pts (WON 9, LOST 2, DRAW 0)
7TH PLACE - DARREN PAUL 1321 pts (WON 7, LOST 4, DRAW 0)
8TH PLACE- JAISU 1290 pts (WON 8, LOST 2, DRAW 0)
9TH PLACE - ARCHIMEDES 1314.5 pts (WON 7, LOST 4, DRAW 0)
10TH PLACE - BUDGIE 1284.5 pts (WON 4, LOST 7, DRAW 0)

So as a side note; congratulations to Kelakovski for being the strongest beatmaker of the league and (from the stats)...Sivey for being the (what id take as) best overall performer (3rd place for battles...2nd for beats) ..

Finally id like to thank ALL OF YOU (AB,Adequate,Apatight,Archimedes,Billy Bones,Budgie,Darren Paul,DJ SnapS,DJ Snips,Dockmini,Ed Strong,Eyebs,Figaro,Harry Kronnik Jr,Jaisu,Jeekay,Jimmy Riff,Joe Davies,Jon Phonics,Just Jay,Kanzo,Kelakovski,Kid Eight,Kosyne,Kryptonite,Leatherface,Like Mike,Lotek,Mazzie,Mr Dick,N!K,Pataphysics,Phocus,Pinnacle,Prolifik,Prophet,Purpose,R2ThaBeatz,Raul Supreme,Richie Rukz,Shears,Sivey,S-Type,Talos,Terror,Urban Midnight,Wizard,Wizard At Will)

for being a part of the league; whether you came and went after a beat or two; or didnt even have the courtesy to show full stop hahaha..we all learned a lot from the league process and im sure its going to be 100000 times better next time round; but that being said I've had a damn stressful but dope 3 months or so of geeking out to beats and kicking it back and forth..

So with that....the league is OFFICIALLY OVER!!!..

and then there was LOUIS DEN BEAT BATTLES....*cough*...THE NEW!! LOUIS DEN BEAT BATTLES!.

draw your attention back to the myspace and use the forums for banter.

new challenge coming FRIDAY!!.

PEACE BEATMAKERS...its been emotional.


Wednesday, 16 July 2008

League Wrap Up / New LDBB Challenge

League Wrap Up
Alright folks, the day of reckoning is here!, midnight GMT today voting closes for Season 1 of the LDBB League!, its been a great ride full of bangers, beefs and much more!...annyway its just a heads up to all you voting key holders to come out of the woodwork; this is the last time you'll be able to vote on this competition and the race for 1st place is quite the head to head between S-Type and Kelakovski, only a few points seperate them so your scores could make the difference.

Scorecards & Top Beats
If you havent noticed then a couple days back I also added some new features to the league those being the SCORE CARDS and the TOP BEATS, the score cards is a neat little screen where you can review each producers beats over the league and see how they did against their opponent without having to track them down on the matchups screen and look at it week by week, you can also bounce quickly to each battle to hear what the other producer had to offer and check the scores out.

TOP BEATS lets you see the bangers of the league week by week; a bit similar to the existing top 10's function except its across the board and considers everyones votes.

AND THATS IT...............................FOR NOW.

new louis den challenge coming before the weekend!!.

stay tuned..

Monday, 7 July 2008

Jam Band, Cover Session aka "Where The Henny At?"

Aite, so you all remember the original 6 Way Jam Video from a couple months back, well we're fresh from a weekend chillin with the gang again and gettin some illy DVD footage edited; and of course we had to jam again, this time round we decided to do some cover versions, see what you think.

As always ill editing/footage sorted by man like Prolifik aka AB0181 (dont want you floppin on that).

Wednesday, 18 June 2008


The long awaited debut album from the heavyweight mc unit that is RHYME ASYLUM is finally available, having heard a sneak peak of this a while I ago I can tell you all that its certainly worth the wait and worth picking up; the album features Diabolic, Copywrite and Reain; not only this but you're gettin an album full of sick beats courtesy of ldbb league entrant LEATHERFACE, with an extra beat and co-production coming from other league heads S-TYPE and BUDGIE (respectively) umm yeah...GO COP THAT...

Week 9 Matchups

Gettin into the last quarter of the league now!, here are the matchups for week 9.

Week 9 Matchups
Prolifik vs N!K
Sivey vs Purpose
Kelakovski vs Shears
Ceerius Productions vs Urban Midnight
DJ SnapS vs Pinnacle
Eyebs vs Mr Dick
R2ThaBeatz vs Like Mike
Budgie vs S-Type
Pataphysics vs Just Jay
Darren Paul vs Raul Supreme
Billy Bones vs Kosyne
Joe Davies vs Wizard At Will
Dockmini vs Adequate
Jon Phonics vs Jaisu
Kanzo vs Archimedes
Phocus vs Kryptonite
Jekay vs Apatight
Wizard vs Leatherface
Ed Strong vs Lotek
Terror vs Prophet

Week 8 Flops
Kid Eight (retired)
Mazzie (retired)
Richie Rukz (OUT)
Urban Midnight

Good luck to all the league entrants! and welcome newcommers, Ceerius Productions, Prophet & Jeekay!.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Reconstructing From Where??? with Skillz & DJ Source

If you don't know about Skillz' (aka Mad Skillz from back in the day) ill debut From Where??? I suggest you track it down (*cough* props to Cro!!) its from the defuct Big Beat label from back in '96. Anyway the production list was immense and in this interview Skillz & DJ Source go over the finer points, its deffo worth a read..

Earth, and Ironman, just to name a few. Yet amongst all these heavyweights, there was a worthwhile album that many overlooked. It featured a much hyped newcomer and an all star production team that featured The Beatnuts, Buckwild, Clark Kent, EZ Elpee, J Dilla, Large Professor, and Shawn J. Period.

The album was Skillz (formerly Mad Skillz) debut From Where??? Skillz, who many now associate with ghostwriting and year end wrap ups, came in with an original, varied effort that featured songs complete with memorable punch lines and hard-hitting battle raps. Despite a few misfires, the now out of print album proved to be a very strong rookie effort. Between several classic beats and creative lines like, “I came alone, draggin bags of bones, slit my own wrists, and bleedin’ out microphones”, Skillz created something TSS considered worthy of a Reconstruction...........

Read the rest here..Reconstructing From Where??? @ The Smoking Section

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Back from the madness


I think we're back again...a good indication to if the site is working is the leaderboard to your see that go down we're in trouble.ANYYYYYWAY the tech homie Douglas (lol) from Brinkster has moved the ldbb site to a different server; turns out they were having database problems that affected us but no one decided to reach out and tell us.

Should be sorted now as I had a good mess around with it last night and the things I did to it previously (check the leaderboard, old weeks beats) that caused it to fall over arent happening FINGERS CROSSED!.

Ok and now the update.

Week 6 Flops
Raul Supreme
fix up! slackin

Week 7 Matchups
N!K vs Sivey
Prolifik vs Kelakovski
Purpose vs Wizard
Shears vs DJ SnapS
Urban Midnight vs Eyebs
Terror vs R2ThaBeatz
Kid Eight vs Just Jay
Like Mike vs Mazzie
Jaisu vs Darren Paul
Budgie vs Apatight
Joe Davies vs Raul Supreme
Richie Rukz vs Dockmini
Wizard At Will vs Jon Phonics
Adequate vs Kanzo
S-Type vs Phocus
Archimedes vs Pataphysics
Kosyne vs Mr Dick
Ed Strong vs Leatherface
Billy Bones vs Pinnacle
Kryptonite vs Lotek

Week 6 beats are live so head over to the site to commence voting, keys are hmmm still available; guess im weary in case anything breaks but eff it...yeah holla at us on the forum.

Video is in Kelas hands and on the way!.


Monday, 2 June 2008

Glitch In the Matrix...

Aite, so I havent got a clue on whats going on with the league site.

At first I thought it was a database issue with too many records in the points table, every time someone hits the "Submit Scores" button, we store that entry in the database and currently we're at 3645 records (which isnt that much)..but it looks like the problem is deeper than that..

Anyway we've got the techincal support guys at the web host on it and im told they'll be sorting it this morning (american morning for what its worth)..

In the background im still uploading beats and samples for week 6/7 so hopefully we can roll over today still..

more news as it happens.


Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Week 5 Video / Week 6 Matchups

Blogged a little late!!, but we are into week 6, the week 5 round up video is already on the ldbb myspace so go check it out!

WEEK 5 RECAP VIDEO [ldbb myspace blog]

and now for Week 6

Week 5 Flops
Richie Rukz
Figaro (retired)
DJ Snips (OUT)

Week 6 Matchups
Mazzie vs N!K
Darren Paul vs Wizard
Budgie vs Raul Supreme
R2ThaBeatz vs Pataphysics
Dockmini vs DJ SnapS
Jon Phonics vs Kosyne
Archimedes vs Kelakovski
Phocus vs Sivey
Kryptonite vs Prolifik
Kanzo vs Just Jay
S-Type vs Shears
Adequate vs Urban Midnight
Wizard At Will vs Terror
Richie Rukz vs Kid Eight
?????? vs Like Mike
Ed Strong vs Jaisu
Mr Dick vs Billy Bones
Apatight vs Purpose
Leatherface vs Pinnacle
Eyebs vs Lotek

Newcomers! - Jon Phonics & Adequate
With AB, Figaro and DJ Snips falling out we've got 2 replacements ready to go!, Jon Phonics outta London and Adequate from the US.

Possible place in the league?
As you can see from like mikes matchup theres a place free from the 3 drop outs we had last week we're waiting to hear back from the person next in line to take the place but otherwise theres a chance you can get in IF YOUR ARE COMMITTED...if you think you'll get bored after a couple weeks then dont bother; its too much work getting a new person placed into the league, so if you are interested IF the place doesnt get taken then sign up to the forums on and holla at us in the LEAGUE forum.

watch the vid and stay locked to & the forums!!