Sunday, 24 January 2010

Soundsci Extension 31st Jan 6PM (GMT)

Unfortunately due to circumstances outside of our control we can't get into the Den to do the live stream so we've decided to extend the deadline to 6pm GMT next Sunday (31st) and do it live then, again hopefully with Jonny and Audessey on skype.

Many thanks to everyone who's already submitted remixes, if you want to do some more work on them and resubmit them please do. Details can be found here

Our sincerest apologies for the delay

Louis Den / Crate Escape Records

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

CDR Knowledge - Birmingham Session Jan 21st

Just a quick note to any local Birmingham heads, some of the Louis Den squad (myself, Kelz, Raul Supreme, Myke Forte) will be heading to the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham for the free event CDR Beat Innervisions. Put together by Tony Nwachukwu of CDR the event will play host to Morgan Zarate (Spacek, Louis Den Beat Cypher 05) and Henry Keen (Soundspecies) who will have open sessions on Logic and break down song construction.

They'll also be some hands on Logic opportunities and demos. Regardless of what setup you use it'll be a good experience for any producers as the panel contains indsutry heads who will have vital input and knowledge to share oh and registration puts you in the runnings for an ipod touch! fair play!!, check the flyer to your right and a 5 min trailer of the last session did.

see you there.

dont forget! BLAP special @EOW on Friday too, details in the events column to your right!.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Homework 58 - Louis Den x Soundsci Remixes +LDBB @EOW Brixton Fri 22nd Jan

What up world?!, LOUIS DEN BEAT BATTLES IS BACK!!!!!!!, yep after a 3 month (and change) break we're returning with the weekly beat battles, for those who dont know what the deal is we've had the break due to our 2009 league season which is currently wrapping up and started back in August 2009..After almost 400 samples/battles the competition is coming to a close with the final week of voting taking place over at -

We're actually going to be revamping the louisden site and making our own community driven site (a little similar to the league site) in an effort to move the challenges away from Myspace and more to our own platform..but until we actually get the development out the way we'll be using the submission proces detailed below, but first the new challenge!.

Homework 58 - Louis Den x Soundci - Dig For Victory Remixes

We've teamed up with Crate Escape Records to bring you the Louis Den own Soundsci remix comp, ok so who are soundsci?, well its pairing of producer Jonny Cuba (formerly of Dynamic Syncopation) and emcee/producer Audessey (formerly of Mass Influence). Last year they teamed up DJ Cro (louis den beat cypher/crateescape) to release their much talked about EP "Dig For Victory", in making the project DJ Ollie Teeba (Herbaliser) and U-George (Hemisphere) became members of the crew.

Ok so the EP has been out for a little while (limited red vinyl) has has received album of the month in HHC Digital; from the jump the Soundsci guys / Cro had remixes in mind as part of the deluxe package they were selling (T-Shirt, Wax, Poster) came with a limited edition CD with full accapellas of each track, although there is a seperate open remix contest (which closed today), they've gracefully extended the deadline (our homework week) to turn in LDBB flavoured remixes, so thats the aim for this week, SOUNDSCI REMIXES.


Check the links below to download a copy of 1 of the 3 soundsci songs to remix, theres "The Remedy", "The Illness" and "Lost And Found" available for the remix treatment, the BPM's of each song are provided in the title so theres no way you can get it wrong, theres no samples provided for this challenge so simply check the original versions out (hit the soundsci bandcamp, links are at the bottom) and see which track you get the best feel for and can bless with your style! Beats chosen by the Soundsci crew will end up on a future release (excellent promo) but be warned theres already been some heaters handed in by non ldbb alumini (seeing as this was an open contest), however we'll no doubt pick our favourites out in the stream/chatroom.


Im not even gonna go there!, if you are having trouble doing this then simply submit a beat and let us know which song youd like to remix..if you cant get the vocals on point then DONT BOTHER..nothing hurts the ears more than an out of time remix, if you need to hear the original joints for reference then simply hit the soundsci bandcamp page in the links section.


Remixes must reach us by Sunday 24th Jan.


Email your submissions to, make sure the subject and the title of the mp3 let us know who you are and which track you've remixed, we'll be playing the submissions back on the live stream at with Jonny, Audessy and Cro tuning in to check the beats out...DONT SEND BEAT LINKS TO THE MYSPACE THEY WILL BE IGNORED, OF YOU ARENT ABLE TO EMAIL THE BEATS THEN SEND A MESSAGE TO HOMEWORK@LOUISDEN.COM WITH A LINK TO THE BEAT!


Remix pack feauring x3 soundsci acapellas
Soundsci bandcamp (listen to the original versions here)

We look forward to hearing the submissions.



PS, any london LDBB fam in town on friday, be sure to check out a a few louisden heads (Pete Cannon, Kelakovski, Dockmini, BUG, Jeekay) playing beats at the 1st heat of the new End Of the Weak MC challenge @ JAMM Brixton, its gonna be siiick! PA from Sha Stimuli (USA) Kingpin and hosted by the Speakers Corner/EOW crew.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Sonnyjim - The Purple Patch (produced by Kelakovksi)

Heres a new year treat for you, brand new Sonnyjim material courtesy of EATGOODRECORDS, this new track is titled "The Purple Patch" and serves as a middle finger to the x3 16 bar 3:30 radio friendly joints stuffed down yer face!, here we got SJ spazzing out for 4:30 over stripped down Kelakovski production.

Take a listen and see what you think, heres youtube audio if you want a taste!.


Link To MP3
Link To Cover Art (Hi Res)
Link To Cover Art (Lo Res Web/Blog)

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