Tuesday, 23 February 2010


"Whilst London plays host to an unprecedented series of 30 gigs and events that pay tribute to the past, present and future of the city's exuberant music culture – Glasgow launches the musical summit with a weekend of cutting- edge workshops and gigs."
...and Louis Den will be there!
We have a slot this Friday at the Red Bull sessions at SWG3 warehouse this Friday alongside Toddla T, Caspa, Slam and Marco Bernardi. This is a great opportunity for the Den to bang out some beats, talk about where we've been and where we're going. This time we have BUG, KELAKOVSKI, JAISU AND S-TYPE with myself and KOSYNE chatting nonsense.
We are on at 5pm sharp and guess what, its FREE and there's FREE BOOZE!
Have a look at the facebook event page here for more details. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=328427793124

Friday, 12 February 2010

Lab Session 58 - Soundsci Remixes

Okay so Homework 58 saw us checking out the very dope Soundsci Dig For Victory EP, the guys behind the EP (Jonny Cuba, Audessy, DJ Cro) were kind enough to put the acapellas online for heads to remix and extend the competition for the Louis Den heads to take part in. We recevied a few entries and it was fun being back in the lab for the homework challenges!!, the next challenge "Martial Arts Week" is due Monday 15th Feb so make sure you check the blog out (its open to ALL!!) and submit if you feel like taking part.

Alight so check the remixes out and listen again in the player below to hear them in better quality, let us know your favourites over at the louisden forum (http://www.louisden.com/forum) and be sure to hit the soundsci remixes soundcloud to hear what our non Louis Den counterparts had in store!!.


Yep..myspace made us do it with their new 20 minute limit on videos...we have a new home on vimeo which will be where we'll host the louisden videos from now on!.

Louis Den Beat Battles - Episode 58 "Soundsci Remixes"



aiite..be sure to enter the next homework challenge (see previous blog)...due MONDAY 15TH FEB!



Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Homework 59 - Martial Arts Week

Ok we're back with our next challenge; the Soundsci remixes are almost ready to drop; the blog and music player will surface today but before we get into that lets drop the next challenge from now so you can hit the lab and get busy!!.

Homework 59 - Martial Arts Week

This week the challenge is to flip music from martial arts films or films with martial arts actors..alright so obviously this is open to interpretation seeing as you've had someone like Jackie Chan in all sorts of randomness but yeah try to respect the theme and keep it authentic..and of course turn in a heater!!.


Create a new beat from a martial arts soundtrack/movie or a film; dig your own sample up and feel free to add your own elements BUT as always the sample has to form the main element of the beat, submit your beat to homework@louisden.com (this address has been verified and unless you get a bounce back email we will have received your blap..TAKE TIME TO MAKE SURE YOU'VE SENT THE RIGHT VERSION as we most likely wont check the entrants until its lab time)


Beats have to be turned in by MONDAY 15th FEB 2010 18:00, thats right a MONDAY..we're doing this one a little different as we cant hit the lab on sunday..we'll do the usual live stream at http://...com/ldbblive so stay locked to the @louisden twitter for updates when we start.

lets goo!!