Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Lab Session 31 coming Wednesday

Hectic day!!, got the video exported and ready to be uploaded, it'll be blogged first thing tomorrow folks.


Monday, 29 September 2008

Beat Tape / Free Music Monday

What up people; just about to get into the cutting room for LDBB 31, hopefully it'll be up by tomorrow at the latest; its gonna be the last LDBB for a minute but further explaination (on the way) should clear up any questions.

Right on to some free beat tapes, I feel I've been slackin on the blog game so im tryin to step my game up with some free music / beat tapes!!, ga'head download, BUMP and enjoy.

First up is LDBB favourite and general badman with the blaps ILLmind!, with a free mixtape in conjunction with DJ Dub MD entitled "Blaps, Rhymes, & Life", theres some baaaad (meaning good) stuff on this tape with meezy handling all the production and appearences from the likes of 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Kool G Rap, Supastition, Heltah Skeltah and more!, check the blurb direct from the man himself..

"Blaps, Rhymes & Life" is the exclusive new mixtape project from Dub MD and one of the most accomplished producers in Hip Hop Illmind. A producer that balances both the mainstream and underground successfully, working with a full spectrum of artists from Heltah Skeltah to 50 Cent, Little Brother to Black Eyed Peas, the list goes on. This new project features some of the artists Illmind has been working closely with over the past year or so including the likes of 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Heltah Skeltah, Skyzoo and many more.

Lookout for Illmind dropping his brand new studio album currently "Untitled" coming soon, along with his highly anticipated group album as "Fortilive" with Mushmouf and Slo-Mo and his exclusive collaboration project with North Carolina's Supastition and make sure you check out his new beat-tape "New Blap City" + limited edition T-shirt which is available right now, cop them @ http://www.illmind.biz.

Also keep your eyes out for Dub MD's exclusive new mixtape project for the purest called "Hip Hop Renatus" which features the whos-who of underground hip hop emcees (44 MC's / 34 Tracks) doin what they do best over the greatest hip hop producers of all-times instrumentals, out next month for exclusive free download!

Illmind - Blaps Rhymes & Life Mixtape

01. Get Ya Ass Up! (Intro) (Produced By Illmind)
02. Heltah Skeltah - Everything Is Heltah Skeltah (Produced By Illmind)
03. Brooklyn Academy - Raise Ya Hands (feat. Jean Grae) (Produced By Illmind)
04. Fresh Daily - Get Over (Produced By Illmind)
05. D. Black - The Come Up (feat. Skyzoo) (Produced By Illmind)
06. 50 Cent - Make A Movie (Produced By Illmind)
07. Supastition - Thankful (feat. Kil Ripkin) (Produced By Illmind)
08. Naturel - The Bullets (Produced By Illmind)
09. K.O. (K-Otix) - 48 Seasons (Produced By Illmind)
10. Torae - New Blood (feat. Skyzoo, Emilio Rojas & Fresh Daily) (Produced By Illind)
11. Fortilive - The Come Up (Produced By Illmind)
12. Broken English - Different World (Produced By Illmind)
13. Skyzoo - Lyrically Inclined (feat. Wale) (Produced By Illmind)
14. Naps N Dreds - Do What I Should (feat. Copywrite) (Produced By Illmind)
15. Quan - Geez Like Deez (feat. Rapper Big Pooh) (Produced By Illmind)
16. Naturel - Resurrect (Produced By Illmind)
17. 8th W1 - A Fool's Lullaby (Produced By Illmind)
18. Faro-Z - Clap Ya Hands (Produced By Illmind)
19. A.P.E.X. - One More Time (Produced By Illmind)
20. LL Cool J - Queens (feat. Prodigy, 50 Cent, Kool G Rap, & Tony Yayo) (Produced By Illmind)
21. Wannabe? (Outro) (Produced By Illmind)

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?4mhm2mxyzrt
LINK: http://www.illmind.biz

Now we got the super dope Symbolic One from the Strange Fruit Project of Music Box / Art Of One Mind fame, as previously mentioned he recently dropped his solo production album "Music Box" which has some stompin beats and ill features and should be checked out, here he drops his 4th Quarter beat CD of fresh beats straight out the lab...holla at him for rates!.

S1 - 4th Quarter Beat CD

*unofficial cover by MEDIUM.
01 Mr Porter Intro
02 Elevation Intended
03 Supa Negroid
04 Jackin Midgets
05 Mike Jackson 08
06 Crayola Music
07 Lucy Live Long
08 Pum Pums n Drums
09 Benny Twins
10 My Neighborhood
11 For Life
12 The Day Before
13 Hood Dreams
14 Hey Miss Parker
15 Million Dollar Deal
16 Get Tha Dough
17 My City Cries

DOWNLOAD: http://www.zshare.net/download/19390583ef9cc227/
LINK: http://www.myspace.com/symbolycone

Next up is DJ GRUMBLE with the excellent "FREESTYLE TOOLS VOL 2", continuing on his series of free beat tapes comes 22 dope blaps with an unmistakable boom bap bounce!, get at him on his site for prices!.

DJ Grumble - Freestyle Tools Vol 2

01 deep fried
02 super cheddar
03 taxi cab
04 makin moves
05 wu tang financial
06 metamucil
07 promise
08 grumbz blues
09 caveman
10 pan handle
11 fanfare
12 bright side
13 on the rocks
14 air
15 traffic stop
16 late night flute
17 tribal
18 vivid dream
19 rodrigo
20 time passage
21 cuz i like it
22 get em grumbz

LINK: http://www.grumbs.com

And finaaaaaaaaly, last but by no means least is LDBB resident WIZARD!, with his newest mixtape "Yes I Do Rap", featuring production from Kid Eight, Kelakovski, Raul Supreme, Scizzaz and more as well as guest appearences from Sonnyjim, Apatight, Kosyne and more; so yeah its a regular LDBB outing, check gutter mouth wiz on the mic!.

Wizard - Yes I Do Rap

01 Yes I Do Rap
02 Bangin' Raw Shit (Featuring Scizzahz) (Produced By Kelakovski)
03 Cheezy
04 Murderous (Featuring Ezerin) (Produced By Wizard)
05 No (Produced By Prolifik)
06 Posse Ish (Featuring Sonnyjim, Apatight & Kosyne)
07 1Night Stand (Featuring Scizzahz & Natural)
08 Barz
09 Rock That Shit (Featuring Kanasu Barz)
10 KFC (Produced By Raul Supreme)
11 Get 'Em (Remix) (Featuring Tai) (Produced By Wizard)
12 It's Over (Featuring 777 & Joe Gutta)
13 Myspace Exclusive (Featuring KidEight)
14 Hounds Of H-Town (Featuring Scizzahz) (Produced By Scizzahz)
15 Whoa! (Featuring KidEight & Kosyne) (Produced By KidEight)
16 Bombardment Of Scum (Featuring Scizzahz & Vecks) (Produced By Vecks)
17 Superheroez (Featuring Ezerin) (Produced By Ernie Twig)
18.Played Out

DOWNLOAD: http://sharebee.com/ff688fea
LINK: http://www.myspace.com/wizardbeats

I aint done yet!, more coming!.


Friday, 19 September 2008

Louis Den Beat Cypher 9th October 2008!!

Make a note of this people, Louis Den Beat Battles hits the stage 9th October!!, just sent the flyer off to press so now its time to blam it up everywhere online!!.

Im hoping we'll make a success of this and be able to turn the venture into something semi regular...lets see eh??...heres a little blurb ive just banged out..*pause*.

Louis Den Beat Battles Presents
Louis Den Beat Cypher
9th October 2008
Rooty Frooty, Custard Factory, Digbeth

The online beat community Louis Den Beat Battles (louisden.com) takes to the stage with the first outing of its "Beat Cypher" night; the aim of "Louis Den Beat Cypher" is to showcase the production element of hip-hop in a live setting, the main focus will be on the 4 profiled producers of the night as well as live PA's from artists.

The aim is to mix more established talent with those making noise in the underground and centre it around a production setting, all beats from the evening will be played out live from some or all of the hardware used to create it allowing the producers to make all manner of live changes to their beats as they are being played; the artists PA's are also over these beats meaning we'll be connecting them with producers they may not necessarily have worked with before making a unique never to be repeated again performance of their tracks.

The night will feature a set of showcase rounds from each producer having their beats played out live; all of which is up to the producer; you'll hear a mix of blaps from their catalogue ranging from fresh beats to existing tracks to never before heard bangers from their vault!. They'll also be taking part in preset challenges to deliver a beat made to certain specifications (samples / themes...similar to the online louis den beat battles format); here we'll hear their take on flipping a sample or following a particular theme.

Finally to stitch it all together the Louis Den Cypher DJ will be providing the soundtrack inbetween the beat rounds and PA's playing a mix of hip-hop, instrumentals and original breaks for you beat heads to try and place!, our DJ will also be playing a selection of submitted beats from the crowd!! producers in the crowd are encouraged to bring a short beat reel or 1 or 2 full lengh beats to get played over the system!.

If you are able to make it down to the night please do so! as we're keen to make a success of it and continue bringing you more as time goes by!.


Louis Den Beat Cypher - 19th October 2008
Rooty Frootys - Custard Factory - Digbeth
9PM till LATE - £3.50 entry (£5.00 after 10PM)


(click thumbnails for full versions)

Monday, 8 September 2008

Just heard an ILLmind break on "My Name Is Earl"

It plays at the end of "Stole Pops HD Cart" episode, just seen it on E4..hahaha, did a little searching and found out what the break was..

I Just Want To Celebrate - Rare Earth

he used it at the start of

"Sirens" by Little Brother

Ok now to make this a bit less geeky heres a pic and vid of the dooohpe Nadine Velazquez (who plays Catilina) to balance out the nerdom.


Thursday, 4 September 2008

Kosyne @ Hiphop Kemp 2008

Check me out at hiphop kemp from the August bank holiday I knocked a little reel up from the 4 hours or so of footage I captured.

Kosyne @ Hiphop Kemp 2008