Monday, 31 August 2009

Louis Den Beat Showcase @ Jazz Cafe London 25th Sept 2009

WE DONT STOP!...more Louis den live events, this time its the Beat Cypher, (the next main joint is coming October so look out for it!!) but until you can catch us at 3 spots between now and then (the first being Basement Sessions Live, Redbeards Single Launch) and finally our Jazz Cafe Beat Cypher (as part of Jehsts Young N Restless night).

London heads who STIIIIIIL havent made the trip to Birmingham (we've been doing these a year now!!) make sure you come and check us, even though we're appearing as act on the YNR night we need support before we can bring a full Beat Cypher event down south (Open Beats, PA's, Beat Battles etc). So yeah get at us!!.

Fresh beats from Kelakovski, Jaisu, Apollo and Mr Thing!!.

Redbeard Single Leaked! / Louis Den Blaporama 23rd Sept Birmingham

EATGOOD recording artist Redbeard has recently let a few tracks leak from his upcoming release "The Bearded Wonda" which is dropping Q4 on EAT GOOD RECORDS, similar to Sonnyjim's Trading Standards this is another release getting the LOUIS DEN seal of approval as it has production from LOUIS DEN contriubtors Kosyne, Kelakovski, Myke Forte, Jon Phonics, Percy Filth, Wizard, Roeg Du Casq and R2ThaBeatz!!..

Check the leaks out, the album is dropping soon!.
  • Agency Scum - Prod by Kelakovski
  • Bad Mannaz ft SK & Sam Stealth - Prod by Jon Phonics

    Be sure to check Redbeards single launch if you're in the Midlands to see him perform the tracks live!! with a special one off Louis Den feature...BLAP-O-RAMA.

    Redbeards single launch will be at the Yardbird Jazz Club in Birmingham (located in Paradise Place opp the Copthorne Hotel). As well as Beard performing the tracks from the single release we'll be having the first (of many hopefully) Louis Den BLAPORAMA's this one featuring Kelz, Myke Forte, Raul Supreme and Dockmini. These are Beat sets from Louis Den producers showcasing their latest material, unreleased beats, remixes and tracks. Unlike the Beat Cypher which is beat based Blaporama is more like a DJ set (not turn based) allowing the producers to set the mood better.

    Make sure you come out if you're in the area its definately gonna be one to catch!.

    Redbeards Myspace
    Redbeards Twitter

  • Sunday, 30 August 2009

    Louis Den @ Basement Sessions Live 12th Sept 2009

    I've avoided trying to blog about this too early just so it doesnt slip away from the front page but hopefully you've noticed the entry in the live events section to the right. But heres more of a full write up about the event.

    On 12th Septemeber 2009 Street Soul productions are putting together their first "Basement Sessions Live" event; a night celebrating hiphop culture and bringing together artists and performers of all elements from Birmingham and all over the country. On the bill are.

    Jack Flash (Huddersfield)
    Kashmere, Verb T, Dj Krooked Fingers & Cross Bone T (London)
    Soweto Kinch (Birmingham)
    Prose (London)
    Unkle Festa (London)
    Case Closed (Worcester)
    Brotherman & DJ Flipz (London)

    & DJ support from DJ Cro (Birmingham), Tuf Kut, J'da Kut (Sensei FM), Disorda (Suspect Packages), Iron Fingaz (Sensei FM)

    Oh and us lot!!, yep at this event they'll be a LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER, in a similar vein to the EOW joint earlier this year in February, I'll be getting a whole load of LDBB regulars to come down and showcase a few beats in a fast moving set packed full of bangers...expect the Birmingham team of myself, Kelz, Eybs, Darren Paul, Raul Supreme, Dockmini, Myke Forte and other heads from further afield.

    All this as well as the Bucks Fizz beat battle (taken from our traditional Beat Cypher) so bring beats on the night if you fancy your chances, this time they'll be prizes from Soapbox Clothing (the team who designed the ILL flyer) and King Apperal.

    So yeah, If you STILL havent had a beat cypher experience then this is the perfect introductions, not to mention the rest of the dope bill.

    More Info on the facebook page and Louis Den Forum

    a celebration of Hip Hop culture
    12th September 2009 @ Space 2, The Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham, B9 4AA

  • More info on the Basement Sessions live Facebook Event page
  • Louis Den Forum Post on Basement Sessions
  • Louis Den Beat Cypher 6 (FS Green, Sir OJ, Shears, Urban Monk) - Round Two

    Gotta get this out there for anyone whose been sleeping!...If you havent noticed we've now changed the front page on LOUISDEN.COM (which should be your main point of entry to our sites/blog) and we've got an even more obvious button linking you to my man AB0181's Youtube channel which is the ONLY other place on the tubes you can get LouisDen content other than the ldbb one (which gets updated every now and again!).

    Round 2 from the Cypher a couple weeks back which featured FS GREEN, SIR OJ, SHEARS and URBAN MONK. Crazy beats all night and in a similar fashion to Round 1, theres plenty more heaters in round 2..So yeah follow all the heads on twitter, subscribe to Pro's youtube and spread some comment love!!.

  • FS Green (Twitter | Web)
  • SIR OJ (Twitter | Web)
  • Shears (Twitter | Myspace)
  • Urban Monk (Myspace)
  • AB0181 on Twitter | On Youtube
  • Wednesday, 19 August 2009

    Louis Den Beat Cypher 6 (FS Green, Sir OJ, Shears, Urban Monk) - Round One

    Here it is the first round of beats from the beat cypher last week which featured FS Green, Sir OJ, Shears, Urban Monk. The first round of beats is always a tense one as it always sets the tone of the night Urban Monk came with a nice opener, Shears some gangsta ish, OJ with a soulful synth banger and FS finishing it off nicely, check the videos out for an exclsuive Sir OJ/FS Green intro and outro beat and always we got the best man for the job AB0181 on the cam...BANG...more videos coming.

  • FS Green (Twitter | Web)
  • SIR OJ (Twitter | Web)
  • Shears (Twitter | Myspace)
  • Urban Monk (Myspace)
  • AB0181 on Twitter | On Youtube
  • Dready Beats @ Louis Den Beat Cypher 6

    Heavyweight producer and Birmingham export (dont get it twisted!!) swung by the Beat Cypher last week to judge the beat battle and play some exclusive blaps!, check the footage out below (courtesy of Louis Den badman on the cam AB0181), Dready played nothing but bangers (and some ultra exclusive stuff you had to be there to witness lol) but yeah amazing beats..peep game.

  • Hit up Dready on Twitter
  • AB0181 on Twitter | On Youtube
  • Monday, 17 August 2009

    Louis Den League Now Boarding!

    The idea of "Dope Ass Beat 2" was to get a beat from producers so that a "Week 0" of voting could take place and establish league divisions, well it seems as if some of the heads who registered for the league still havent sent one...and THIS IS YOUR LAST CALL, the voting pages will go up today (I wanted to do this on Friday but Beat Cypher runnings and a show at the weekend meant time was taken up..despite this being the aim) so you've had all that extra time and now TILL THIS EVENING to register for the league (providing your details on the boards and sending a dope beat either the to LOUIS DEN MYSPACE or to louisdenleague (at) gmail (dot) com. These are the registered league producers..

    Registered League Producers....
    ABCENTS , abstraKt Beats , Apatight , Archaeologist , Ayem , Bert Digits , bhardbeatz , BilL Breaks , BoomBaptist , bossthebeat , Budgie , Clay Davis , Darren Paul , DJ First Aid ,
    DJ Kryptonite , Dockmini , Eccentric , Ed Strong , EvB , Itchy Digits , Jaisu , Jeekay , Jeh-Free , JIGSAWSOUL , JJ Malone , J-Trees , JUT , Kelakovski , Kosyne , magOwl , Mazzie , MDOTDASUPAPRODUCER , MISTA MOZART , Mr Dick , Myke Forte , MYKEE , Peaks , Phenom / Nyx , Potencia Incisive , Purpose of Tragic Allies , Pushing Buttons , Radd , Ratatouille Da Recept , Raul Supreme , SeeMoney , Shears , Sivey , Skipperbeat , Smith , SnapS , S-TYPE , Terror , The Strange Neighbour , Unknown , Vice , Villa , Wizard (uk) , Wizard At Will , Yeah Right , YOUNG ANDREZ , Zircon

    if your name is NOT on this list you know what to do...

    Louis Den Forums (Register for an account if you dont have one)
    Louis Den Myspace

    Saturday, 15 August 2009

    Beat Cypher 06 - DONE!


    So we made it out the other side!!, Beat Cypher 06 went off with a bang as we played host to amazing beats from FS Green, Sir OJ, Shears and Urban Monk. Its dope that each one gets taken to another level in some way and this one was no exception with some real heavyweight producers we played host to not just 1 international guest but 5!! as FS, OJ also had DJ/Producer Full Crate (who shared the wheels with CRO that night), ill producer Hayzee and their photographer Patrick.

    Not only this but we were also blessed enough to have Dreaddy Beats (a Birmingham native at that too) roll through to judge the beat battle and let us hear some exclusive blaps straight out the macbook!

    As usual we had the PA's do their thing which came from Taharka, and Chima Anya and Serocee in the second half, as with all these joints theres a lot of analyzing and runnings to break down so hopefully next time we'll keep taking things to the next level.

    So YEAH, thanks for coming out and reaching people....beat heads in the Birmingham and surrounding area need to keep supporting us and (some how lol) we'll keep on bringing you these sick producers and their amazing talents (heads travelled from all over the UK, London, Scotland, Stoke On Trent, Peterborough) so THANK YOU for making it down for supporting Louis Den..

    Thanks to FS Green, Sir OJ and Full Crate for providing the beats/sounds on the night..Amazing work, safe roads!! I hope you guys enjoyed Birmingham!!.

    Thanks to SHEARS for ripping up the beat cypher and only adding to the dopeness on display and props to URBAN MONK for coming through and participating...(props to the two of them especially for holding out while we could sort you guys in the lineup!!..Den heads/Beat Cypher family..WE GOT YOU...just be patient!).

    BIG PROPS AND RESPECT to Dready who made time to come to the Beat Cypher, judge the beat battle and hit off all us hungry blapfiends with some exclusives..(and I mean exclusives...we got sneak peaks into some amazing material), somone messing with those sort of calibre artists blessing an underground beat jam with heads of all sorts of abilities says a lot!!...PROPS!.

    Our artists on the night Taharka, Chima Anya and Serocee...YOU ALL DID THE DAMN THING..THANK YOU!, especially getting messed up for time still got it together and made it happen, apologies for the madness in the second half...hecticness!.

    Thanks to NEDOS of 2nd City Productions for the sound recording and managing the door at one point!.

    Thanks to DJ CRO as horse who has an equal if not more stressful runnings than myself with all this Beat Cypher junk!!.

    AB0181, cam fam!! travelled from London from his new work placement just to handle capturing ish *e-daps* stay tuned to the ONLY youtube outlet for louisden (other than our sporradic own lol) for footage.

    REDBEARD and SONNYJIM (Eatgood fam pop pop) and my lady Kate for helping setup and keep the night going as smooth as possible.

    URBAN MIDNIGHT...manning the sonics getting it from all angles (not the easiest job!!)...Thanks as always.

    KELZ/MYKE FORTE on the promo tip (them posters/flyers dont get out by themselves)

    and finally last but in no means least my OG LOUISDEN fam, online/forum heads for making the trip and connecting!...BAM.

    Next Up On LOUIS DEN!
  • TODAY (Sat 15th, myself, Kelakovski, Myke Forte, Raul Supreme will be playing beats at Elev8te's fashion/talent show at Birmingham Library theatre...its a free (but ticketed) event so come through and see if you can get a ticket to catch the show

  • League voting will be open from MONDAY!! hit the forums to collect your logins/voting keys.

  • Next month (12th Sept) we've got a massive ldbb soundclash/sign up beat battle at the Basement Sessions live night (more details on that soon).

  • More London beat showcase action in September...shhhhh

  • and when we roll back round BEAT CYPHER 07!!!!, lucky number 7.....

  • oh and before I go...updated the shop as ALL T-SHIRTS are now out of stock..they gone!! if you didnt get one sorrrry!! hey they've taken a few months to shift so you did have time, an order in the states scooped up the last 2 (fresh new design coming soon!).



    Thursday, 13 August 2009

    Louis Den Beat Cypher 06 Spotlight - SIR OJ

    Not sure if im gonna get one from Urban Monk *COUGH..HINT* lol, but heres the last for now!! Amsterdam/SlumGullions SIR OJ...baaang, read the gems download the goods!.

    Hey!!, please introduce yourself to everybody; let us know who you are what you do and how long you've been doing it!.
    My name is SirOJ a composer, beatcreator, producer and sometimes songwriter.

    Was there a defining moment (event / hearing a record etc) that led you into making beats / becoming a producer?.
    Eversince I was a kid I was creating music with tapedecks, piano, guitar and some percussion. When my dad bought a PC it became possible to create some grooves with a few simple software tools. After I tried a lot tools, a friend gave me a copy of Reason 1. That's when it all started!

    What was your first peice of equipment and what were those beats like?, any interesting stories about things were doing to begin with / finding your feet?
    The first equipment I used producing real beats we're my dad's PC and a old Yamaha keyboard, wich I used as a midi-controller.
    Because I took piano classes and I played a lot of jazz and funk all my beats became 'funky' and 'jazzy'. Not realy straight up hiphop. When I discovered the sounds of the legendary producer J Dilla I got inspired because of the balance between jazz, soul music and hiphop he managed to put in his beats.

    Whats the one bit of advice youd give to anyone starting out today?
    Make sure you know something about music in general. Do not just copy everything you here on MTV and radio.
    Just find your own way trough all the different subgenres within Hiphop.

    What can heads expect from you at LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER?
    Some typical OJ shit I guess. Some bangers, some crazy crack music and some other shits to vibe on!!!

    Remixing EP (produced by SIR OJ & FS GREEN)
    Slumgullion - Disko (produced by Slumgullion)
    Sir OJ - State Beat Tape (produced for State Magazine)

    Official SIR OJ / SlumGullion
    Holla @ Sir OJ on Twitter
    Sir OJ's Myspace

    Louis Den Beat Cypher 06 Spotlight - SHEARS

    More spotlight action, this time from Shears who'll be representing Louis Den tonight (of course we'd hope after tonight all producers are affiliated!! but for those who dont know Shears has been contributing to the movement from day one!)

    Hey!!, please introduce yourself to everybody; let us know who you are what you do and how long you've been doing it!.
    I'm Shears, the only beatmaker in Bristol who isn't making dubstep and i've been doing it for about 5 years. I make a bunch of styles because I get bored of doing the same thing and have an OCD need to learn everything, and have worked with Kyza, Stig of the Dump, Dubbledge, Grimlok and a bunch of others.

    Was there a defining moment (event / hearing a record etc) that led you into making beats / becoming a producer?.
    It started from DJing, I learnt at school then got given record collections from family and friends and realised how often I found stuff that had been used to make hip hop, that moved onto finding stuff that sounds it like it should have been used until I thought i'd have a go myself.

    What was your first piece of equipment and what were those beats like?, any interesting stories about things were doing to begin with / finding your feet?
    Firstly I had Music on the playstation where I churned out trance bangers on the daily and then moved into the big leagues and got Hip Hop Ejay on the PC where not only could I make stuff that sounds like the Seinfeld theme tune but I could do fake Premo scratches on top with the authentic looking turntable that came with it. The Korg Electribe ES-1 was the first proper beatmaking thing I had, and the beats I made sounded so amateur and cheap, you can only use 9 pads/sounds per beat and so none of them had proper basslines and the drums were rigid, or boombap as it's better known (just kidding).

    Whats the one bit of advice you'd give to anyone starting out today?
    Put some thought into your beats and aim really high...famous producers aren't on a pedestal, anyone can make something as good as them if they put some effort in. That's not supposed to sound super aspirational, it just means don't make quick stuff just so you can say 'yeah, that's alright' and move onto the next one since it's a bit of a production line ethic and often leads to average stuff. That's just me though, do whatever you enjoy I guess.

    What can heads expect from you at LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER?
    A mixture of things, i've been messing around with some synth beats lately so I might try some of those out to see what people think but will also have sampled stuff to fall back on, aiming for bangers but we'll see what people think on the 13th...

  • Shears starter pack (beats & produced tracks) GET FAMILIAR!

    Get @Shears on twitter!
    Shears on Myspace
  • Louis Den Beat Cypher 06 Spotlight - FS GREEN

    Our spotlight blogs disappeared for the last beat cypher (was a bit too much work planning that one) and this one was tricky too but we've got them to drop and they'll appear today!!, for those not sure whether to attend the beat cypher or those who dont know what to expect (you better decide quick) you can use these blogs to get familiar with the line up!!, read digest download and pass on!!.

    Hey!!, please introduce yourself to everybody; let us know who you are what you do and how long you've been doing it!.
    I’m FS Green, 20 year old producer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I made my first beat in FL Studio in 2004, when I was 15, I did my first production on an EP in 2006, so that’s about 3 years back.

    Was there a defining moment (event / hearing a record etc) that led you into making beats / becoming a producer?
    I think it was when "The Ownerz" by Gangstarr and Kanye’s "Collage Dropout" came out in ’03 and ’04. These where probably the first records for me that I started paying attention to the producers behind the songs. When I started off, I was also really influenced by everything that came out of New York basically. I went to NY for the first time in 2004, that really inspired me.

    What was your first peice of equipment and what were those beats like?, any interesting stories about things were doing to begin with / finding your feet?
    My first program was Fruity Loops, and I still use it. I never used hardware, just a bunch of different midi-controllers. I remade a lot of beats to get accustomed with the program, I still do it by the way.

    Whats the one bit of advice youd give to anyone starting out today?
    Whatever you do, just make sure you never flip “Stop, Look and Listen” by Dianne Ross and Marvin Gaye.

    What can heads expect from you at LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER?
    Not much, haha.

  • Rookie season (2007 - 2009) - 25 track compilation album

  • "Home Made" (FS GREEN, FULL CRATE and GRAND JACKSON) - Feel Like (featuring Mar)
    (from the upcoming HOME MADE 6 track EP produced for Bacardi endorsed "Visita")
  • The State Beat Tape (produced for State Magazine) Official FS Green
    FS Green on Myspace
    Get @FSGREEN on Twitter!
  • Wednesday, 12 August 2009

    Just Blaze is a joker!

    Aite so these high profile producers must get their fair share of waste tweets/myspace/facebook messages and Im guessing most of them dont even give them the time of day but Just Blaze recently took things a step further and actually knocked up some "FREE BEATS" (complete with hooks!) for cheeky twitter following trying his luck.

    Check the bangers out here

    Friday, 7 August 2009

    League Qualifiers!! - Homework 57 - Dope Ass Beat #2

    Here it is people, we're kicking the league off with DOPE ASS BEAT #2, basically this homework is to get gauge the ability of all the beat makers as the submitted beats will get graded by the league voters/producers to determine your initial standing!.

    Please note that this homework officially kicks off the league season so if you were just a casual homework entrant or not interested in the league you'll have to spectate as a voter to be part of the coming LouisDen action.


    Louis Den Myspace Blog - "Dope Ass Beat #2"

    Details in the myspace blog.

    Homework 57 - Dope Ass Beat #2

    Thursday, 6 August 2009

    Louis Den Shop Updates - New DVDSs !

    What up people, just a quick update to tell you we've added BEAT CYPHER 03 and BEAT CYPHER 04 DVD's to the Louis Den shop (to your left), if you wanna catch the action and watch/hear beats and performances from JON PHONICS, RAUL SUPREME, PERCY FILTH, WINCHESTER, DJ IQ, MYKE FORTE, SIVEY, RANX, KYZA, MSI & ASYLUM, ASAVIOUR, PENTALK and RAMSON BADBONES then go ahead and order!!. If you've picked up a previous DVD then you'll be into these too!, click the thumbnails for more info!.

    Oh and of couse peep the post below regarding BEAT CYPHER 06...its gonna be stooooopid!.

    League homework dropping TODAY keep peeled!.

    Wednesday, 5 August 2009

    Louis Den Beat Cypher 06 - August 13th - Birmingham UK

    After the amazing BEAT CYPHER 05 which featured ODDISEE (low budget/diamond district) all the way from Washington DC and UK heavyweights CHARLIE DARK, BABY J, MORGAN ZARATE and Louis Den's own KELAKOVSKI we're back!.

    This time round we're bringing you the usual homegrown talent from Birmingham in the form of URBAN MONK, an appearence from Louis Den Family...SHEARS and 2 guests flying in from Amsterdam!, producers FS GREEN and SIR OJ, Louis Den Beat Cypher has the sole intention of bringing you the hottest production talents from all over home and across the map live in Birmingham to provide you with bangin beats straight from the lab and inspire all beat heads with fresh new sounds!.

    We've got the usual OPEN BEAT BATTLE (bring a beat cd, sign up, get your name drawn and battle the other producers for louisden prizes), OPEN BEATS (bring a beat cd and play your material to the crowd) and DJ CRO spinning hiphop treats, breaks/instrumentals for you good people.


    Producer, DJ and remixer from Amsterdam FS GREEN, ripping up the underground out there and making waves everywhere FS will be joining the line up at Beat cypher 06, yeahhh we international now!! following on from Oddisee at Cypher05, Louis Den has the honor of being the first UK gig FS will be blessing BANNG!. FS has just dropped the dope free release ROOKIE SEASON which is a round up of his various remixes, productions and beats since he started out in the game in 2004, FS is one of the new school producers you need to be taking notice of!

    Louis Den OG, record collector DJ; heavyweight producer SHEARS, hailing from Bristol Shears has laid down production work for POISONUS POETS, DUBBLEDGE, GTA and a recent smash remix of "Ultimate Triumph of the Little Guy" from SONNYJIM (which has received airplay from DJ Sarah Love, Mr Lawson and more!). Shears has been waiting in the wings to get in on the beat cypher action and rightly so as he's been reppin with out homework challenges from way back in late 2007 when we first started!...he knows the deal so expect nothing but bangers from him!.

    Also from Amsterdam we've got producer SIR OJ, he got his break a couple years back by landing a track on the Rush Hour "Beat Dimensions Vol 1" CD, since then he's dropped various production work for various artists from the Netherlands Jiggy Djé, Turk, Spacekees, Brainpower, GMB, Big Boy Caprice and more. We're all about connecting with like minds at Louis Den so it only made sense getting OJ here to bless Louis Den too!.

    Finally reppin for Brum we've got URBAN MONK, vet on the Birmingham circuit he's laid down production for the likes of ESTELLE, AKALA, MOORISH DELTA 7, MALIK and more. Monk is no stranger to the Beat Cypher having dropped beats in the open beats round since we started last year!; its time for Monk's shot at the showcase now with his big brand of beats, get ready!!.

    Performing at Beat Cypher 06 we've got the usual mix of dope underground talent performing their material adjusting it off the top to fit the soundscape provided by the nights producers.

    First seen at Beat Cypher 02, Serocee and Leen killed it with an improv set; originally set to perform just the one track (to fall in line with the CrateEscape crate002 launch "Serocee - Youll never find") Serocee and Leen took the mic for an extended set filling in for unforunately absent Verb T. Expect some ill rhymes and insane off the top skills from these 2 skilled emcees.

    Also from the Oxford rhyme duo GTA, Chima is currently tearing up the scene as a soloist with his upcoming album and lead single "New Day" which features former Beat Cypher guest Soweto Kinch. A keen beat cypher supporter Chima knows exactly what needs to be done to bring the right vibes to louisden he'll no doubt bring the noise.

    The Ambassador of EAT GOOD RECORDS, Taharka is a vet on the Brum circuit and one of the founders of EAT GOOD....crazy as Louis Den is all linked in this and he's the only resident EATGOOD performer yet to tear up a set!!, this is chance!; having recently performed up and down the country during festival season and a gig overseas in Austria. T will be getting the crowd hype with his own blend of party vibes and ill rhymes.

    ANDDDDD following on from last time the totally pimped out extravagant BUCKS FIZZ BEAT BATTLE which was won by JAISU, we've got the got head to head with the other battle entrants for EAT GOOD / LOUIS DEN / SOAPBOX / BEHIND CLOSED DOORS goodies, sign up on the door and bring a beat CD with your deadlist blaps!!.



    LouisDen BeatCypher 06
    Live Hiphop Production Showcase & Beat Jam
    +open beats/beat battle/DJ CRO

    13th August 2009
    Sunflower Lounge
    76 Smallbrook Queensway
    B5 4EG
    9PM - LATE
    £4.00 ENTRY BEFORE 10PM £5.00 AFTER
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