Saturday, 26 June 2010

King Of The Beats #6 TONIGHT Vibe Bar/ London

King Of The Beats returns for the 6th instalment of its unique crate digging/beat making challenge, a new batch of producers have to come up with the goods using a £20 digging budget and policy of making a gem crafted from the sounds in those records!.

Make sure you head down if you are in the London area, louisden mainstay MYKE FORTE and previous louisden entrant / beatcypher 9 producer CHEMO are among the KOTB line up this time and if you are familiar with their beats then you can be sure the rest of the lineup will be up to par!!

Come out and support if you are reppin the production culture!! we need more of this!


kotb 6 trailer from pritt on Vimeo.

King of The Beats 6
The Vibe Bar
Sat June 26th
91 Brick Lane
London, E1 6Q

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Homework 64 - The Russ Freeman Joint

Thanks to everyone who tuned into Wrastlin' week, was just myself and Kelz in the lab as everyone else had commitments but it was still jokes and the heads that did tune in got to hear some ill beats, session audio coming up soon.

Next homework we're returning to the ldbb roots of a straight sample flip but this one is a little themed as its related to the Behind closed Doors Vol 2 DVD that myself and Ab0181 dropped!

Behind Closed Doors Vol 2 Preview

Ok so one of the features of the DVD is a "Wrapped Up" (taken out of its usual christmas environment) Kelkovski and Shears exchange records to make an on the spot beat, If you've watched the DVD you'll know Shears digs a record (Russ Freeman's - Noctornal Playground) which has an IIIIIL sample he thought Kela would have flipped but when it came to it Kelz did a total u-turn and went for another track on the album.

Whilst Kelz final beat was dope (check the DVD to hear for yourself) it did leave that very nice sample all abandonned and unflipped...that'll be your job for this week in the.

Homework 64 - The Russ Freeman Joint

Your job this week is to craft a beat from the sample provided, adding synths and your own sounds is all cool just as long as you use the sample for the main portion of the beat (no micro stabs/chops please!! use the samp as the foundation!). This challenge is open to all beatmakers who wanna get down/build with us, just do the damn thing and turn in a banger!!

Beats must be submitted for 18:00 27th June, submit the beats to as an attachment...dont sendspace/zshare links..its much easier this way.

Bag the original sample here sendspace | youtube

Good luck and we'll look forward to playing them back live at


Saturday, 19 June 2010

New Young Buck produced by Kelakovski!

*Kelz with the HEAT!

Shouts to Kelz, on the up and up; this is the second track produced by Kelakovski featuring ex G-Unit star Young Buck (the first being "Have A Drink With Me" which featured for Bucks "Cashville" artist "Fluid Outrage"), theres more on the way too so stay tuned!

Check both joints below.

A Whole Nother World

Have A Drink With Me (feat Fluid Outrage)

Bucks mixtape "Back On My Buckshit 2" which both these leaks are from is out soon.

  • Whole Nother World Download @2dopeboyz
    Lets Have A Drink Download @2dopeboyz
    Get at Kelz on Myspace
    Follow @Kelakovski on Twitter
  • Wednesday, 16 June 2010

    Louis Den Beat Cypher 10 Spotlight - BUG

    BUG is a badman plain and simple, he's been out and about for a few years with production scattered about under a former alias as well as taking part in the 2008 league and winning the 2009 league, he also took part in our little beat showcase slash workshop that we conducted for the Red Bull Music Academy session in Glasgow last year.

    Recently he got things poppin as a soloist via the justlikemusic label with his debut release Cosmic Lab / 20 Winks and features on their Oscilations compilations, he's also been doing a few sly mixes on the low (linked at the bottom of the post), lets see what the upandcoming builder of future funk has gotta say!

    1) Hey!!, please introduce yourself to everybody; let us know who you are what you do and how long you've been doing it!.
    My name is BUG, I am a Hip-Hop/Soul producer from London, I've been into music for the greater part of my life but only started releasing music in 2010.

    2) Was there a defining moment (event / hearing a record etc) that led you into making beats / becoming a producer?
    Too many things have influenced or shattered my ideas about music to list one!

    3) What was your first peice of equipment and what were those beats like?, any interesting stories about things were doing to begin with / finding your feet?
    First started making 'beats' on cracked versions of Soundforge/Acid for PC, which basically consisted of looped/cut samples being placed together on a grid with a mouse... Although the beats were wack and my sound and approach is totally different now (I prefer to play/trigger everything live for a more natural sound) it actually tought me alot about the sequencing side of making music!

    4) Whats the one bit of advice youd give to anyone starting out today?
    I feel like alot of producers learning the ropes are lazy, which is more symptomatic of our society in general rather than music. There's nothing wrong with asking questions but don't expect people to hand things to you on a plate, if you really want to learn be patient, disciplined and self-sufficient.

    5) What can heads expect from you at LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER?
    I like your description actually! - "expect headcrack soul and lush soundscapes!" - other than that, I try to avoid loops and make my stuff progressive with evolving arrangements.

    Tuesday, 15 June 2010

    Louis Den Beat Cypher 10 Spotlight - Smith The Mister

    It's beat cypher week! so we'll be hitting you off with the spotlight blogs to get you better aquainted with the producer line up and hopefully put you on to some treats you may not have bumped in the past!

    First up is Birmingham's own Smith The Mister. I got put onto Smith via Myke Forte who told me about another producer who he made beats with before he (Myke) moved to Milton Keynes for a brief period.

    Smith made his first Louis Den appearence during the 2009 league where he finished among the top of Division 3, not bad considering he entereed a third of the way in!! alright so heres the scoop on the man of many styles Smith The Mister.

    1) Hey!!, please introduce yourself to everybody; let us know who you are what you do and how long you've been doing it!.
    I’m Smith The Mister born and raised in Birmingham. I've been messing with music since 1998, but producing seriously about 4 years, all in all so much too long. ha.

    I make a varied array of music from Hip Hop to House & Electro to Broken beat & downtempo child out stuff (I like alot of music genres).

    2) Was there a defining moment (event / hearing a record etc) that led you into making beats / becoming a producer?.
    My defining moment was in school, i really wanted to do Art as a GSCE but due to me being a class clown i wasn't able to choose it as a subject ( I was a little wild at school ).

    As an alternative i was given the option to do Music GCSE and the rest is history as they say.

    3) What was your first peice of equipment and what were those beats like?, any interesting stories about things were doing to begin with / finding your feet?
    My first piece of equipment I owned was an AKAI S2000 sampler and an ATARI ST 1040 Running Cubase. Man I love samples, I REALLY LOVE SAMPLES! so having the sampler was amazing.

    The Music I made back then was mad due to the fact that I loved experimenting with samples, recording either from CDs or From vinyl. I wish I still had some of them beats.

    4) Whats the one bit of advice youd give to anyone starting out today?
    My advice I would give to any one who is a producer or is looking to start making music is......... Listen Listen Listen..... what I mean is listen to music not just for samples or ideas just top expand your musical vocabulary.

    If you don’t listen and learn to appreciate other musical genres, other than the one your into, can make you a closed minded musician. music is all about expression what ever the genre so its important to see how and appreciate this.
    For example. when i started making music i only made Drum & Bass, 5 years ago i started listening to so many other times of music not only to get samples and cool sounds but to also to educate myself. Now i Listen to Rock, Soul, Metal ( YES METAL, check out a band called "Skin Dread" Very cool Metal band), House...... And the list goes on.

    5) What can heads expect from you at LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER?
    Hopefully good music!

    Monday, 14 June 2010

    Homework 63 - Wrastlin'

    Ok, well after a weeks break we're back with a new challenge; this one is going to involve some digging in order for you to get something suitable to fit with the theme.

    Kela came up with this idea after South Park week which incidently didnt turn up many entries!! maybe it was down to a lack of source material (which hopefully we'll make up for with this challenge).

    OK enough talk, here it is.

    Homework 63 - Wrastlin' Week

    This week we want you guys to flip classic wrestling themes into brand new beats, now obviously theres lots of federations and generations of wrestlers as time has gone by; but when you do say wrestling to most people it conjours up the classic WWF roster (back when it was called that), so that'll be what we're looking for you to flip.

    Of course you can take more recent themes but the classic ones are gonna be ones most of us recognise (and will probably make better beats!)

    Make a beat using wrestling theme music (golden era WWF preferred!), use the net/diggin or whatever methods you can to track down some theme music and hit the lab to make a fresh beat!

    Beats must reach us by Sunday 20th June 2010, stream will start between 18:00 and 19:00, try to get your beats in before then to make it! email entries to (directly attached please no sendspace links...dont be lazy!)

    A little googling found some useful links, detailed in the text file below.

    * vids for other sessions are coming!! be patient..theres lots going on at ldbb at the minute

    be sure to check the beat cypher this week if you are in and around the Birmingham area UK!, its gonna be dope!
  • Myke Forte - Audio Pixel / Beatmaking Vid

    Shouts to Den producer Myke Forte who has decided to start sharing his beatmaking talents via the medium of video!

    Its a treat for beatheads/nerds all over who have been following his Zodiak beat tape series as you'll get to see a bit of the process that goes into a typical Myke Forte production!.

    In this the "Audio Pixel" series which is Myke's outlet for beats+visuals (stay tuned he's got big plans for it) Myke breaks down beat as you get to see him lay down the chops, construct his drum work and then top it off with a smooth bassline, he also lets the beat ride out from the exported beat at the end if you are feindin for a Hi Fidelity fix! vid editing/titles all by Myke also!! props!

    Myke Forte // Audio Pixel // Beatmaking

    BONUS DL! - Myke Forte - Zodiak :: Gemini Beat Tape

    Be sure to get the latest installment of the Zodiak Beat Tape series from Myke, currently at Gemini (megaupload)

    Apatight - The Aye Pee Beat Library Vol 1

    More excellent freeness, this time from Huddersfield native Apatight. Those who are familiar with Apz will know him from his appearences in the Louis Den League (both the 08/09 Seasons), a spectular peformance at Louis Den Beat Cypher 07 and of course his day in the life feature in Behind Closed Doors Vol 2, you may also know him for his production work for artists such as Jack Flash, Jehst, Micall Parknsun, Asaviour and more..

    Well Apz is emerging outta the lab and into your speakers in the form of his 3 part "Beat Library" series, its great to see Apz drop something in this new producer driven DIY self promotion and hustle; the quality of the work here will keep him head and shoulders above his counterparts! hopefully this get Apz's name and signature sound out and about!! and being ldbb fam its only right he gets pushed from here too!!.

    Here it is...enjoy the soulful sounds, knocking drums and of course the obscure samples/breaks hiding inside many of these joints!!..GO GET EM APZ!

    Apatight - Aye Pee Beat Library Vol 1 [2010]

    01 Anksure
    02 Lilbits
    03 Headband
    04 Hastlehoff
    05 Munrow
    06 Black Rush
    07 Le Mont
    08 Mwyte
    09 Mondays
    10 Play
    11 Switch
    12 Morish
    13 Top Floor
    14 Beatamax

    DOWNLOAD: mediafire | bandcamp

    Those interested in working with Apatight should hit him up on the networks below.

    Friday, 11 June 2010

    Boombaptist - Beat Tape

    I first got hip to Boombaptist under his emcee alias Thesaurus Rex, he's a few tracks under the belt with Kelakovski and a couple bits with his fellow beatsmith Elaquent, he's been hip to the louisden movmement for minute now and came first in the second division.

    Annyway a short while ago Boombaptist dropped his free beat tape, serving as well polished introduction to his production talents and a perfect calling card for selling joints (these are for sale). I slept on these for a bit (simply because of all the dope free stuff backlog) but Bap does not disappoint!!.

    Head over to his bandcamp now for a freedownload, and be sure to hit dude up if you are feeling the material, I'll leave you with his own words!

    Peace I'm BoomBaptist, I'm a Beat Fanatic member and have released a beat tape. I really just want people to hear my music.

    I have been making music for 13 years, am from Austin, Texas and love producing on the MPC/writing. I have worked with Nike on commercials and such artists as Large Pro, Termanology, Blackalicious, and more.

    I would appreciate it greatly if you could help me out! Here is a link to the beat tape, my cover art, and myspace. Thank you so much in advance. Spread it around!

    Boombaptist - Beat Tape (2009)

    DOWNLOAD: mediafire | bandcamp

    Thursday, 3 June 2010

    Louis Den Beat Cypher 10 - 17th June 2010

    April saw the first louisden event of 2010, we were back with a bang as producers ERIC LAU, BEATBUTCHA, METABEATS and JEEKAY delivered their crazy production over unPLUG's booming PA, performances came from JEHST and the ASSOCIATED MINDS label based in Cardiff.

    For the louisden write up see our blog post here ( and for a great picture set head over to COMABEATS' flickr stream (


    Reppin with the beats this time we've got mix of producers who have all been making noise on the circuit and (unplanned) 2 producer, MC's who'll be performing both sides of the stage!...this one'll be interesting no doubt!.

    CAPPO - A cornerstone of the Nottingham scene MC/Producer Cappo has been putting out releases since '99 with his early EPs, his debut LP - "Spazz The World" (released in 2003) received great reviews across the board and cemeted Capz place as one of the countries premier MC's (Grand Finale - / Learn To Be Strong -, more recently he's dropped EP's with fellow Notts producers ENDEMIC and frequent collaborator STYLY CEE in the form of the Needledrop and H Bomb EPs.

    While this may read like an MC's CV Cappo also puts in solid work behind the boards having produced the RESILLIENCE EP on Main Rock which featured a whole host of Nottingham emcees including MR 45, SCORZAYZEE and more; earlier this year his follow up LP GHENGIS which was entirely self produced, banging drums and a hard hitting style is what we'll be blessed with at the Den, no doubt Capz will tear it up! -

    BUG - Louis Den regular BUG has been making waves with his debut release "Cosmic Lab" b/w "20 Winks" (downloadable here -, the release has been getting national radio burn courtesy of tastemakers such as Benji B and Giles Peterson and favourable quotes from the likes of Ty, Kidkanevil and Ohmega Watts.

    Shortly before his debut release BUG had also worked is way through the 12 week duel that was the LOUIS DEN BEAT BATTLES LEAGUE 2009 beating over 70 producers to come out ontop of our sample based tournament (listen to BUG's league beats here -, expect headcrack soul and lush soundscapes! -

    TRANQILL - Is a reclusive South London producer and MC who tells brutal tales of street life with rare wit and panache. It’s like the first time you heard the Wu-Tang: raw, spontaneous, urgent paranoia that’s instantly compelling, his most recent release "The Hidden Treasures EP" on Onehanded Music serves as a perfect introduction having selected 3 tracks from the vault to bless listeners ears.

    Tranq's style is gritty rhymes over raw loops, straight to the point and no nonsense!!; enough to catch the ears of DJ Mary Anne Hoobs who threw the Paul White Dub of "Payroll" onto her Wild Angels compilation last year, next from Tranqill is a full length LP entirely produced from former beat cypher guest ODDISEE (Diamond District, The UN, J-Live and more) -

    SMITH THE MISTER - Birmingham based producer Smith The Mister first came to our attention via Louis Den's own MYKE FORTE, Smith's got a wide range producing a mix of Electro, Down Tempo and Broken Beat. Its work in these fields that got the attention of Dave from the legendary DE LA SOUL who recruited Smith into his collective of music/art/fashion creative's SODA BOYS (which also includes louisden affiliate BUDGIE), Smith produced their debut single "EVERY BODY CHA CHA" which dropped towards the end of '08 /

    More recently Smith also took part in the Louis Den League 2009 and despite entering the contest over a third the way in still managed to chart within the top 3 producers of his division ( Smiths bangin beats prove the second city got heat, expect him to do more than keep up the pace at the beat cypher! -


    Birmingham legend Malik is a member of Brum based hiphop collective MD7 who have released the albums "The Power And The Glory" and "Life In The City" much to critical acclaim thanks to well received singles such as silent screams ( and The Rain (, as a soloist Malik has made moves with his own singles "Something Real" ( and "Blues Ground" (

    Malik has performed along side artist such as Fabolous, Amy Winehouse , Immortal Technique, Jay-Z, Heartless Crew ,Mark Ronson, Skinnyman, A-Alikes, Rodney P, Yogi, Mike GLC Black Twang and Foxy Brown to mention a few, he's also worked with producers such as Baby J, Urban Monk,Cipher and Mark Ronson. As a regular guest on radio shows such as the Tim Westwood show on Radio 1, Choice FM's DJ 279 show and 1-Extras Ras Kwame and Rodney P.

    Quite the resume!!, at the Beat Cypher Malik will be performing over the backdrops provided by the nights producers as well as some newer treats!.

    Also performing will be CAPPO and TRANQILL who are also MC's as well as beatmakers!! a first for a Louis Den beat cypher as the producers take to the mic as well as being behind the boards!.

    we've got the usual OPEN BEATS where producers of all levels are encouraged to bring some material to test the crowd reaction (3 beats max) and those feeling like they want to take something home can compete in the legendary BUCKS FIZZ BEAT BATTLE where names dawn out of a hat can compete for a bottle of bubbly and bragging rites as the Louis Den Bucks Fizz Beat Battle Winner!!...this time round prizes kindly come courtesy of BASEMENT SESSIONS and finally it wouldn't be a beat cypher with our very own DJ CRO providing the backdrop of hip-hop beats, breaks and treats inbetween the nights action.


    * NO MP3 PLAYERS/PHONES/ DATA CD's FOR OPEN BEATS/BATTLE, sorry but its an ache to get all this sorted and the cables/pc's are for the showcased producers only...bring an audio CD or most likely its not happening!!.

    Ok Now you know all the details we'll see you there!!

    Louis Den BeatCypher 10
    Live Hiphop Production Showcase & Beat Jam
    +open beats/beat battle/DJ CRO
    hosted by Redbeard, Sonnyjim & Kosyne

    17th June 2010
    Downstairs @unPlug Digbeth
    79 Digbeth High St
    B5 6DY
    9PM - LATE
    £4.00 ENTRY BEFORE 10PM £5.00 AFTER

    Louis Den Beat Cypher is supported by arts council england grant for the arts.

    Homework 62 - Music From South Park

    Back with another challenge, we've done a couple of the 2 week joints so hopefully you're back into the swing of things and can deliver beats in the usual 4-5 day time frame we set the challenges on!.

    Fat shout to everyone who tuned in for the streaming of 120bpm beats, some interesting numbers no doubt! the videos for that and the little brother session are on the way (slight computer hitch held up proceedings) but be patient!! I've set time aside to play catchup!.

    Onwards and upwards with a new challenge, continuing with a theme rather than a set sample flip; we figured it'd be cool to visit a TV theme again, this time being one from a show that a lot of Den heads dig! (and is notorious for its great songs throughout its seasons/films)

    Homework 62 - Music From "South Park"

    Ok so this weeks challenge is to flip South Park music, that is music that has come from the show either from its soundtracks (bigger longer and uncut / chef aid / mr hankeys xmas classics) or the unique songs that have come from many of the episodes throughout its 14 (and counting) seasons.

    To create a fresh new beat using some music from South Park (either an epsisode or movie/soundtrack) as the base. The beat should contain elements of the original track manipulated to form your new beat, a random beat with some South Park voices/sounds is not enough!! try harder!

    Beats are due no later than 18:00 6th June, beats should be emailed to please dont send us download links; create an email and attach the beat in question to it!.

    We'll be stremaing live from the lab (or Kos HQ) shortly after the deadline at stay glued to the @louisden tweets to find out whats going on!.

    You've had enough of a break now!! lets get these blaps going!!.



    The New School Beat Tape Compiled By LuigiBo87

    * the following post is a summary/swipe of "THE NEW SCHOOL" series penned by LuigiBo87 and posted at hiphophypedog, Louis Den are covering the articles as LDBB fam are also featured!.

    After two weeks of build up it's finally here! The New School beat tape consists of all ten beats that were included in the blog posts as well as another ten beats (one extra from each producer)! Out of the twenty beats included in this project, a whopping 14 of them are new/unreleased instrumentals that you won't find anywhere else! I hope you guys enjoy this compilation, it was a blast to put together!

    Major shoutouts to all the producers involved, OJ (Jaisu & S-Types manager), Arkayne for hooking up the artwork, and last but not least Hypedog!

    01 The New School (Bonus) - Inphy
    02 Wait & See (Day 1) - Xperiment
    03 The ComeUp [Hunger] (Day 8) - Myke Forte
    04 Jay Z 99 Problems [remix] (Day 6) - Inphy
    05 Emerald Dreams (Day 4) - Nameless
    06 FizziPop (Bonus) - Myke Forte
    07 Why (Day 3) - J. Bizness
    08 From This Day (Bonus) - S-Type
    09 Sativa (Bonus) - BUG
    10 First In Line [Do Doo] (Bonus) - Nameless
    11 Death (Bonus) - Jaisu
    12 Everytime A Bell Rings (Bonus) - Xperiment
    13 Pump (Day 10) - Jon Phonics
    14 Indica (Day 9) - BUG
    15 Hurt Hurt Go Away (Day 2) B. Lewis
    16 Award Winning (Day 7) - S-Type
    17 Kosmos (Day 5) - Jaisu
    18 Slick (Bonus) - J. Bizness
    19 Reach For The Top (Bonus) - Jon Phonics
    20 What It Do Donkey (Bonus) - B. lewis


    Wednesday, 2 June 2010

    The New School: Day Ten - Jon Phonics

    Last up on the New School (and by no means least) is another member of the Den familia Jon "Ill Clinton" Phonics. I first got put onto Jon back in '07 ,he had worked with a buddy of mine English and was up for collabin, after the postman stole the first copy I was hit up with a beat tape (which sounded more like a dope instrumental album) and after a few false starts (1) with joints getting scooped up (2) before I could claim them (3) we eventually managed to lay a track down (4)!! (and hopefully more in the future!!), anyway if you dont know then get to know, but following Louis Den I got no idea how you've slept on the kid! onwards with Luigi's write up/

    * the following post is a summary/swipe of "THE NEW SCHOOL" series penned by LuigiBo87 and posted at hiphophypedog, Louis Den are covering the articles as LDBB fam are also featured!.

    Pump - Jon Phonics (THE NEW SCHOOL: DAY 10)

    Since the release of 2008's Half Past Calm 1, 23 year old London based Producer, Jon Phonics has progressed into one of the most versatile talents from across the pond.

    His latest release on YNR Productions 'Half Past Calm 2' is a showcase of his production work ranging from rugged boom-bap beats, smooth,melodic soulful records to progressive electronic heaters and featuring some of the UK's most notorious rappers. More of which can be heard on his 2009 instrumental release 'Jonathan's Beats & Piece's'.

    Although having released 2 full length LP's, in less than 6 months, be on thelookout for more projects from Jon Phonics in 2010. Including productions with fellow Louis Den heads Jeekay, Beat Butcha, and Jaisu, and an LP with YNR label mate, Jyager. Jon also has productions on future releases from Jehst, Skandal, Black The Ripper, Verb T & hungarian rapper 'Speak', to name just a few.

    Keep your eyes and ears open for this man and be sure to peep his music available for free via

    The New School: Day Nine - BUG

    BUG BUG BUG, what can I say...beast on the boards, constantly evolving and winner of the 2009 league; 2010 marks the year he's out to leave a mark with his few releases surfacing!, check LuigiBo's write up..

    * the following post is a summary/swipe of "THE NEW SCHOOL" series penned by LuigiBo87 and posted at hiphophypedog, Louis Den are covering the articles as LDBB fam are also featured!.

    Indica - BUG (THE NEW SCHOOL: DAY 9)

    By keeping up with the 2010 Louis Den Online League's Beat Battles, I stumbled upon this insane producer by the name of BUG.

    BUG has definitely earned the title "Producer" in my opinion. He is able to create atmospheres with his beats as well as make something that just plain knocks! No matter what style he's displaying, he never falls short of being dope. I don't believe it was a surprise to anyone when BUG was crowned the 2009 LDBB League Champ seeing as he was consistent the whole way through.

    BUG also has recently been included in a few compilations such as "Jus Like Music Records: Oscillations" and even was kind enough to give away his debut single "Cosmic Lab/20 winks" for free on his own bandcamp. Being only 24, he'll definitely be around for a while and you will want to keep you eyes and ears open for his work.

    Tuesday, 1 June 2010

    The New School: Day Eight - Myke Forte

    Myke's a good dude!!!, he first came to our attention back in the first Beat Cypher from October 2008, what was crazy was he came to the night armed with beats and his MPC2500 just in case there was an opportunity to get down; since then he built with myself and Kela and even took a trip down to London (solo) after work (he was based in Milton Keynes at the time) just to play some beats with us a the producers event "Beat Shed".

    He quickly started being a regular in the Den sessions and is now a permanent stay in Louis Den, here's Luigi's take on his beatmaking talents!

    * the following post is a summary/swipe of "THE NEW SCHOOL" series penned by LuigiBo87 and posted at hiphophypedog, Louis Den are covering the articles as LDBB fam are also featured!.

    The ComeUp (Hunger) - Myke Forte (THE NEW SCHOOL: DAY 8)

    Unfortunately, I didn't find out about Myke Forte until the tail end of 2009 with the release of his Zodiac : Aries beat tape. Once I gave the tape a listen I was instantly blow away and found one of my new favorite producers.

    Listening to Forte's beats, you can definitely sense a strong Pete Rock influence. Myke is excellent at crafting mellow beats that sure to soothe your soul. Also being a member of the Louis Den movement, it's only a matter of time before Myke gets proper recognition.

    Be sure to catch up on his Zodiak series of beat tapes and keep a look out for future volumes as the continue to get better and show different sides of Myke.

    The New School: Day Seven - S-TYPE

    I've had the pleasure of knowing S-TYPE for a minute now and its sure as hell dope to see a whole bunch of heads all come up and begin to break in on the industry and yep S-TYPE is one of em check out LuigiBo's write up below as yet another LDBB head is featured on his New School series..

    * the following post is a summary/swipe of "THE NEW SCHOOL" series penned by LuigiBo87 and posted at hiphophypedog, Louis Den are covering the articles as LDBB fam are also featured!.

    Award Winning - S-Type (THE NEW SCHOOL: DAY 7)

    Scottish producer S-Type released his infectious jazz influenced debut hip-hop 12", 'Soul For Your Stereo' featuring highly respected Detroit rapper Finale, at the ripe age of 18. Since then the 2008 Louisden league champion's beats have developed and progressed, drawing inspiration from all coasts and genres of hip hop as well as the myriad sub genres of electronica, leading to a powerful yet musical sound constructed from perfectly chopped samples and creatively played elements.

    This has led to recognition from respected sources, such as Dart Adams'selection of S-Type as one of his 'producers to watch' and his invitation, along with fellow Louisden alumni Jaisu (also his Tartan Bully cohort), Bug and Kelakovski, to appear at Red Bull Music Academy's recent Glasgow showcase.

    S-Type's beats definitely hold a lot of replay value and, with a beat tape due out soon along with production credits for Laws, Reks, Joe Scudda, Jay Rock and the forthcoming Grind Wit Me featuring Sheek Louch on Tek's Autumn album released on Duck Down, plenty more soul for your stereo is guaranteed.