Tuesday, 31 March 2009

New Louis Den Homework - "DETOX SUBMISSIONS"

A bit of roleplay here where we ask ldbb producers to play the part of Aftermath in house producers lol its a bit of fun in an effort to encourage some EPIC BEATS!, check the blog out for more details.

Louis Den Homework 46 - "Detox Submissions"

The GET YOURS challenge!!

Last week Prolifik aka AB0181 dropped this little promo for our Behind Closed Doors project..


and yesterday Polish beat head skeet007 dropped a response on youtube.


haha truly excellent!!, so with skeet007 leading, we encourage all other BCD heads to rep with their copy of Behind Closed Doors backed with one of their beats!! see how many responses we can get!!.

you can see who else has bagged a copy of the project by checking the BCD Tracking Google map...take a look!.

Behind Closed Doors Copy Tracking Google Map

Ed Strong am Legend

Check out ldbb resident and producer for his badman crew THE IRS in the stronghold lab building a beat!, good to see a beatmaking video from him finally!! keep it up menng!.

Oh and guess what, Ed features on our BEHIND CLOSED DOORS HIPHOP PRODUCTION DVD/CD VOL 1, he's in the Q&A section and has x2 blaps on the exclusive Beat CD...check it oooot.

Jaisu the man the myth..

BAAAAANG...a sick beatmaking video from courtesy of our man Jaisu, check him out as he re-flips a Dilla sample making use of alternative parts of the track, also look out for 5:30 in where he's gettin the kick drum placed just right super spidey hads rockin the stop/play/undo at MP crashin speed!!.


best to ever do it AB0181 on the CAM/editing.

PLUG PLUG..to hear x2 exclusive Jaisu bliddaps check out the BEHIND CLOSED DOORS project...copies ARE going!! get one or miss out!.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Louis Den Beat Cypher 04 - April 16th 2009, NEW VENUE!

Normally the beat cypher announcement should have gone up a good couple weeks ago but we've been secretly having a venue beef story thats longer than the star wars saga.. :-[

Basically our old spot Rootys @ the Custard Factory has closed and is waiting to be sold, after almost calling it off and finding another place (which looked promising) we kinda left us hangin; and had one more chance to either flop or find another place, luckily we made it happen!.

All this and the BEHIND CLOSED DOORS DVD/CD that had to be ready for launch meant its been hectic to say the least SO THERES 3 WEEKS to the beat cypher... ;) LETS GET EM

This beat cypher is the official launch party for PROLIFIK (aka AB0181) and KOSYNE's DVD project BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, its a hiphop production magazine DVD/CD and features exclusive interviews, Q&A slots, beats from the lab and a diggin feature from producers The Last Skeptik, S-Type, Eyebs, Kelakovski, Darren Paul, Figaro, Ed Strong & Budgie and also comes bundled with an album length beat CD showcasing raw beats out the lab from our featured producers...at BEAT CYPHER 04 you'll be able to (hopefully) see some of the DVD and have the opportunity to bag yourself one of the limited edition of 300 first pressing!.

Under 18's DMC champ and Jehsts former tour dj, DJ IQ having just dropped his A-LOOP THEORY album he'll have plenty of fresh blaps to play us, he came by on beat cypher 01 with Jehst and was keen to hit us up to showcase his production. RANX DIGGLA from the mighty MSI & ASYLUM is also in the building...one of the resident beatmakers for the legendary Brum crew he's hungry to show us his beats; an important member of brums hiphop scene he's been up on the beat cypher from last oct (and was one of the cats I first hollered at when sketching the BCD project)...he's told me Beat Cypher movement got him his fulltime beat making mojo back so lets see.

Also joining the producers are LDBB residents SIVEY, producer for Lowkey, Stylah, Doc Brown, Nino Bless and more! and MYKE FORTE...down with us from the first beat cypher he's been up on the homeworks and many a lab session and has patiently waited for spot since then!!..the wait is over.

On the Mic backed by the talened producers we have ASAVIOUR!, OG YNR head now spearheadding his own label Saving Grace and promting his current release THE A-LOOP THEORY produced by DJ IQ (see what we did there??). Birmingham legends MSI & ASYLUM, coming thru to show support for the Beat Cypher and their producer RANX are bound to tear the mic apart!, and finally Londons RAMSON BADBONEZ promting his new Mix CD mixed by Harry Love and London's SALVO promoting his new 7 inch single "The Info" which features KASHMERE and CHESTER P..out on the KING KONG HOLDING COMPANY label.

We also got the usual OPEN BEATS round to play your beats out to the crowd..be sure to sign up early..places are even more limited than ever before now as we have to wrap up a little earlier (we have to kickstart proceedings a lot earlier so dont sleep..arrive late and you may miss out.

ANDDDDD following on from last time the totally pimped out extravagant BUCKS FIZZ BEAT BATTLE which was won by SHEARS, we've got the got head to head with the other battle entrants for EAT GOOD / LOUIS DEN / SAVING GRACE / BEHIND CLOSED DOORS goodies, sign up at http://www.louisden.com/beatcypher.

Of course all handled by our trusty resident DJ, DJ CRO!, spinning beats/instrumentals and hiphop treats before we kick the night off!.



im spent..just CAAAME OUTTTT!!


full size flyer back

full size flyer front

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Behind Closed Doors +Feedback!

What up, its been a very hectic couple of weeks and I still havent written a little peice on the "Behind Closed Doors" project; I'll probably post a little bit on my myspace its just one thing after another at the moment tho!! as im on the beat cypher grizzle too!

But yeahhh! THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone who ordered a copy, we appreciate ANY sort of feedback so if you got a minute do join in on the Behind Closed Doors Vol 1 thread over at the louisden forum and let us know your thoughts, Myself and Pro already have ideas swirling in our heads re: Volume 2 but really we gotta push our product fall back and take all the feedback onboard before we get rolling with it!.

SO!! if you havent already ordered a copy I suggest you do!! head over to http://www.louisden.com/bcd and click BUY!.

Ok...back on it!!, BEAT CYPHER 04 blog coming...NEW HOMEWORK..MONDAY!.


Monday, 23 March 2009


Yes, we've told you a hundred times over the last little while, but it is now official. BEHIND CLOSED DOORS IS AVAILABLE TO BUY!
good times! After a year of filming between Glasgow, Birmingham and London the final product is signed, sealed and can be delivered! Head over to http://www.louisden.com/bcd to get your copy now! Especially since we have only pressed up a limited first run of 300 (all hand-numbered).

So...Volume One is done and dusted (complete with exclusive beat CD) and we are already looking forward to Volume Two. Support the movement people, 2009 is shaping up to be a big year already! in the words of diddy LETS GO!!!!


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

New Louis Den Homework - "QUEENSBRIDGE WEEK"

New blog over at the LDBB myspace!, this week we're after dark moody dungeon beats similar to Mobb Deeps early material; in "Queensbridge" week!.

Check the myspace blog for more details.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

S-Type & Jaisu are The Tartan Bullieeeeees


Check it out, a new video blog series from S-Type & Jaisu under the name Tartan Bullies; rather than a straight beat making vid the guys are filming these themselves bringing you beats and BS....banter, jokes and plenty more; feels like some spin off steez think of it as the CSI:Miami or Frasier to the Making Beats / Beat Tape series...BULLLIEEEEEEEEEEES.

TBTV Episode 1