Monday, 31 March 2008

The Full Dilla Dustbusters joint..

Theres an infamous 6 part audio interview of Dilla talking beats, production and releases from around 2003 just before the Jaylib project launched, Stonesthrow have recently put a shortened version of video out on their latest DVD In Living The True Gods but the entire interview can now be seen..


Props to the Dustbusters lot for the inspiring interview..

Oh and a quick note ldbb wise...2 vids coming this week; sorry for the slackness we been busy!!, and remember its the tag team challenge this week!!; get on with it and parnter up if you havent got anybody!...oh and JOIN THE FORUMS!!.


Tuesday, 25 March 2008

LDBB Blog Live!!

Gyeahhh, we in the blog universe now sonnn!, dont get it confused though! for now this is just gonna serve as a front page for news concerning the site and ldbb in general; figured the best way to keep it up to date would be using a blog spot page, stay tuned!.