Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Homework 79 - Space Week

Ok caving into chatroom pressure here, yeah of course its a dope idea but we weren't sure when to drop it and the ldbb heads have spoken so here it is!

Homework 79 - Space Week

This week we want you guys to flip samples from anything pertaining to Japanese culture; so composers, artists, groups, TV shows, anything originating from the country; we'll accept anything from Japanese War Drum flips right down to J-Pop to anime (if you can pull it off hahaha), so go nuts!!; obviously this is a sample based challenge so synth happy producers need to dig in the crates!

This week we want you to turn in beats that can fall into the theme of "Space", you can go the sci-fi route by flipping TV/Movie themes from sci-fi shows/films or you can turn in some futuristic synthed out space age funk, either or but its got to sound out of this world!

Beats by 5th December please!! as usual email them to homework@louisden.com, and yes the league is coming but we took a hit with my laptop going caput the other day; going to take a while for me to get back on my feet so please be patient, if you can't wait then just jump on the homeworks to sharpen up!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Louis Den Winter Beat Battle 16th December Birmingham, UK

Louis Den Beat Cypher is back for the last event of 2010, our last beat cypher had producers Pete Cannon, Gifted Music, Mazzie and Ed Strong; we were joined with PA's from Sonnyjim & Kelakovski, Stig Of The Dump and The IRS. Our usual round by round / PA Beat Cyphers are done for 2010 and this time we're closing the year out with a very special Winter Beat Battle!

Louis Den Winter Beat Battle will pit 16 producers up against each other to show and prove who has the best bangers in the vaults and determine who will walk away with the £100 and £50 respective first and second place cash prizes we're putting up alongside dope threads courtesy of iller clothing (www.iller.cc)

To make sure only the heatmakers get through we've assembled an all star judging panel to take care of scrutinising the nights beats, deciding who go through on each round are..

Mr Thing (Extended Players/GMB)
A vet in the game Mr Thing is a DMC Team Champion, part of the Extended Players outfit (along side DJ MK, Shortie Blitz and Harry Love) as well as an interntional DJ in his own right and producer. He dropped the classic Grown Man Business album with Yungun a few years back and has lent scratches/production duties to whole host of artists as well a string of dope mixes. Thing knows what sort of records will go off with a bang!

Sarah Love (BBC/MTV)
Sarah knows her music, having headed up the 4 hour 1xtra M1x Show for her term in office at the BBC and her preseting duties at MTV topped with her various international DJ spots, she knows what will move a crowd and what could essensially become a dope song!.

Disorda (Suspect Packages)
The hardest working man in UK Hiphop, Disorda heads up the online store Suspect Packages (in operation for almost 15 years!) and hosts the popular Suspect Radio as well as his monthly live events in London. He hasn't kept his online record store going by luck; having an intricate ear for music and knowing what will shift tied in with his DJ duties; Disorda can spot a banger from a dud easy!

Cipher Jewelz (MD7/Seven Entertainment)
Cipher is a cornerstone of the Birmingham hiphop scene and has paved the way for a lot of artists doing their thing today. MC and producer for the brum outfit Moorish Delta 7, they've dropped 2 classic albums (The Power & The Glory, Life In The City); they've supported the likes of DJ Whoo Kid - G Unit, Wu Tang, Dilated Peoples, Mobb Deep, Foxy Brown, Big Daddy Kane, Beatnuts, Erick Sermon and DMX and many more as well as heading up their own label Seven Entertainment handling everything from art, music production, distriubtion and marketing. Cipher is a head in the know when it comes to music and will spot heat from a distance!

Soweto Kinch (Soweto Kinch Productions)
World renouned Jazz musician, composer, emcee and producer Soweto kicked off the beat cypher over 2 years ago back in October 2008 (along side Kelakovski, Mr Dick and Jehst). More recently he's not long launched his 3rd full length album "New Emancipation" on his own imprint and would have just come off tour to join the judging panel, with bangers in stock Soweto could himself enter this!! but he's been gracious enough to join the judging lineup to help decide the winners!.

As if this wasn't enough we're also letting guest DJ's SARAH LOVE (BBC 1Xtra, MTV) and MR THING (Extended Playes, DMC Champ) bless the decks with exclusive sets, Sarah will be hitting us off with the latest hiphop bangers whilst Mr Thing will drop an exclusive breaks mix filled with plenty of secret treats!

The EATGOOD team will also be showing off some of their Q4 2010 / 2011 material so expect a few new tracks from Sonnyjim, Redbeard and RTKal.

Head over to http://louisden.com/battle to register for the battle; if there are more than 16 sign ups this DOES NOT guarantee you a place in the event as if there are more than 16 producers we will have to names out of a hat on the night to determine who will be in place for the battle.

Battle Format
Producers will need to come to the event with their beat CD's ready; have at least 10 tracks covering a range of styles (within the hiphop genre) which you'll play x2 of per opponent (in a knockout format), winning beats will be decided by our allstar judging panel consisting of MR THING, SARAH LOVE, DISORDA, CIPHER JEWELS and SOWETO KINCH.

* Beats must come on CDR (no phones/usb/ipods)
* Beats CANNOT be played on your behalf; If you register you must turn up on the night to be in with a chance * Producers will be drawn at around 10PM on the night of the event, if you fail to acknowledge your presence we will move on and draw another name!

The nights action will be hosted by Kosyne, Redbeard & Sonnyjim with DJ CRO as the resident DJ providing music other than our guest DJ's

We look forward to seeing you there and close this years louis den action with a BANG!.

Louis Den Winter Beat Battle w/ Guest DJ's Mr Thing & Sarah Love
Thursday 16th December 2010
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Homework 78 - Big In Japan

We've just come off a short 1 week break, so apologies to anyone who was fiending for their Sunday stream fix; we've had a few things to sort for the upcoming Louis Den event in Birmingham so we had to get those worked out!!

We mentioned this idea in the last stream and was something that came up in the forum's homework suggestions thread so we figured we'd give it a go!.

Homework 78 - Big In Japan

This week we want you guys to flip samples from anything pertaining to Japanese culture; so composers, artists, groups, TV shows, anything originating from the country; we'll accept anything from Japanese War Drum flips right down to J-Pop to anime (if you can pull it off hahaha), so go nuts!!; obviously this is a sample based challenge so synth happy producers need to dig in the crates!

We want beats made utilising Japanese samples; whether its the intruments, influence or artists themselves.

Beats are due via email to homework@louisden.com by 18:00 GMT on 28th November 2010, good luck!....PS the league is coming soon, more details on that this week!.

Friday, 19 November 2010

New BUG Beat Mix for jus like music

BUG's cooked up another dope beatmix for JuslikeMusic, some illy selections from the likes of Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Eric Lau, FS Green and some ldbb fam in the form of Apatight, Budgie and BUG himself.

Hit up BUG if you're feeling the mix!

Wizard - Chill Pill 2 [Free Download]

One the Den's busiest Wizard is back with the second instalment to his "Chill Pill" instrumental series, the original Chill Pill saw wizard digging through the vaults and letting some fresh stuff go to form a compilation of chill, deep and soulful beats; he's back again on a similar vibe (with a few up tempo joints too) for your listening pleasure.

Many of these joints are available for purcahse if you wanna hit up Wiz on his contact details below.

01.You Gotta Light? 02:50
02.Take It Easy 02:26
03.Pumpkins 02:01
04.Top Down 02:14
05.All That I Want 02:47
06.Got My Mind 02:19
07.You & Me 02:19
08.Surrender 01:46
09.Ice Cream 02:13
10.Summer 02:39
11.GM Music 02:42
12.Ready 02:24
13.Love Is 02:34
14.120 (Let Me Down) 01:30
15.Hamilton 02:44
16.Ya See Baby 02:08
17.Keep You Close 02:28
18.Sunny 02:43
19.That's All We Do 02:18
20.Slow Train 03:38

*All tracks produced by Wizard. Keys by Kelakovski for tracks 1, 5 and 20.M

DOWNLOAD/STREAM: http://wizardbeats.bandcamp.com/
BACKUP DOWNLOAD LINK: http://usershare.net/6jyumbwdjkib

Hit up Wizard on the social networks!
  • Twitter @WizardBeats |
  • Myspace |
  • Reverbnation |
  • Youtube |
  • Ozb's Bandcamp |
  • Facebook

  • Wizard's new production LP titled "That Work" is dropping later this month!

    Jon Phonics - Stop Frame Beat Vid + raw ingredients

    New future funk from Jon Phonics here in the form of a stop motion beat making video which is a sly nod and wink to producer Ryan Leslie's beatvideos which are normally filled with suit donned dance steps and majestic air producing. I'm unsure what Jon is up to at the moment but judging from the video he's cooking up a storm in the lab!

    Jon Phonics Making A Beat Stop Frame

    Speaking of which if you still havent got yourself a copy of Jon Phonics last album "Half Past Calm 2" all I can say is #slippin, fix up and bag it from http://jonphonics.bandcamp.com immediately! as a bonus here is the new video for the track "Raw Ingredients" taken from the album which features Cyrus Malachi and Jehst!

    Raw Ingredients f/ Cyrus Malachi & Jehst

    Praise - Still Loading Beat Tape

    Check out the short but firey beat tape from producer Washington DC Producer Praise, I heard of dude via the ughh producer boards I post at/peep from time to time, but after checking the Behind The Beats interview with him (see bottom of post) I was intrigued to hear some heat which I got courtesy of his bandcamp; I posted this on the boards a few weeks back but after hearing it again it's more than front page worthy so im putting you on to some ill ish! peep!!

    Praise - Still Loading Beat Tape

    Praise - Behind The Beats Interview

    Wednesday, 10 November 2010

    Homework 77 - Moms Playlist

    Homework 77 - Moms Playlist

    This week the homework is entitled "Mom's Playlist", this week we want you guys to dig for samples from songs typically found in "Mom Crates", okay now this is a bit tricky as its up open for interpretation; see YOUR mom's crates might be kinda deep; especially if what your parents played to you shaped your interest in music and the obvious stuff that would stand out to make beats from we aren't really looking for.

    Typically your average "Mom crates" would have cheesy easy listening, light modern pop, 80's stuff, crooners that sorta thing, the cheesier the better although like we said its open for interpretation but really though we want you to get busy with the type of stuff your mom/parents would bump.

    Ok so this week you have to make a beat utilizing samples from music youd find in your mom's record collection; if nothing springs to mind we're thinking the typical sort of stuff a mom would cop (pop/crooners,80's etc) try find some mom themed compilations for name checks!, obviously twisting your own sounds into your beat is allowed but the body has to come from whatever you've sampled..

    Beats are due Sunday 14th November, get busy! as usual submit to homework@louisden.com

    Monday, 1 November 2010

    Homework 76 - Reggae Week

    Homework 76 - Reggae Week

    This week you guys have to dig through your Reggae crates and flip a banger from em for Sundays session; If you actually want to turn in a Reggae flavoured beat then thats all good; but dont feel you have to all thats important is the source material, let the sample ride out at the start (or let us know what you sampled) so we can get a feel for the work you did, standard louisden rules apply and nothing more is required!

    Create a Reggae themed beat or simply flip a beat making use of a Reggae sample/artist.

    Beats are due Sunday 7th November! session start 18:30 GMT at http://louisden.com/live, email entries to homework@louisden.com you know the deal by now!

    good luck, looking forward to getting the beats!

    Lab Session 75 - Louis Den Unplugged

    Props to all the chatroom heads and people who sent in beats for yesterdays session; we had a chilled one with Kos, Kelz and Myke Forte as we went through the entries for unplugged week, the idea being beats made without electrical instruments; some nice beats indeed check the stream below!.

    Lab Session 75 - Louisden Unplugged

    Remember if you miss the live streams you can always watch them back at http://louisden.com/live. New challenege up next!.