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I'm not going to front like I don't know this guy, because I do and let me tell you I have seen him cooking up something special in the lab over the last couple of months. Something similar to Frankenstein's monster, something akin to Norman Bates' mother in Psycho, basically you get the picture, he's been simmering up a monster.

Glasgow's S-Type is a regular here at Louis Den. He's been contributing to challenges for eons, performed twice at Louis Den Beat Cyphers and won the renowned Louis Den beatmaking league in 2008! Anyways, Glasgow blog/label Phuturelabs have snapped him up for the labels third release in only a matter of months! crazy.

So, to the details. S-Type's "Medusa" EP will be out on Wednesday 1st December for FREE download over at the Phuturelabs blog but until then... to whet y'alls appetites head over to XLR8R for the first exclusive from the EP and download it right nowwww!!

Let S-Type know what you think over at his tweets

For now, peace. AB


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Louis Den Beat Cypher 12 Spotlight - Pete Cannon

Finally in what reads like one of the most informative spotlight joints I've done is the larger than life Pete Cannon!, Mr Dick (as a lot of us Den people still call him) was one of the first producers ever to lace the Beat Cypher; back when we had a tight venue and even tighter budget and ZERO rep, Pete was down to ride just for the experience..

Well it paid off seeing as 2 years we're still able to do it, come to think of it I'm pretty sure the only cypher pete has ever missed was one when he got stuck in a traffic Jam with Tactical Thinking (thats going back a year now) so despite hittin up almost every joint and providing plenty Open Beats and Bucks Fizz battle antics he's had a gang of placements and even a name change since his debut on the production showcase so it's about time Pete hit the cypher again!

1) Hey!! Please introduce yourself to everybody; let us know who you are what you do and how long you've been doing it!
Mate, my name is Pete, Pete Cannon, ladies like to call me Barry big spuds and guys like to call me their mate as. I have been a human for 20 odd years now and making music since I was 5, yeah I said it 5. Well technically I started playing the piano at 5 but I got my first synth which was a DX7 at the age of 11 from cash converters Blackpool for Christmas, Christmas stats.. Before going through puberty I was manipulating fm synthesis through the joy that is algorhythm. At this point I loved old skool hardcore, which was basically sped up hip hop breaks and samples and collected rave tapes on the regs.

So the next Christmas I blagged a set of dex and started record collecting big time. Buying every record that any crack head would sell in blackpool meant that the collection grew quickly and I was getting into collecting breaks by 15. At this time I rocked an Amiga with 8bit sampling and midi capabilities with a boss dr5 drum machine. Anyway everything developed over the years and after studying a B.T.E.C, H.N.D and a B.A degree in music production it just meant my obsession grew stronger to the point where all I do is speak about bloody music all day. Now days I collect synths and make wonk/hop/tech/step/drumcore/folk bass, on the real though I've got my 70s drum kit set up and planning on taking this no sample shit to the next level, making music that can evoke emotion. You'll see what I mean with some of the new shit that's coming out. I could go on for a million years but now I'm going to stop.

2) Was there a defining moment (event / hearing a record etc) that led you into making beats / becoming a producer?
Well, daddy Cannon used to play the Beatles to me all the blooming time when I was real young and tell you what he still does today. He tells me he gave me a record player when I was 4 or so for my room. It had 78rpm on it which plays normal records really fast as it was intended for 78 old records. He gave me a load of his old records and left them in my room, he said he came back to me playing Jimmy Hendrix on 78rpm so it was fast as fuck.

He told me "No peter, its not meant to be played at that speed" so he changed it back to 33. The min he went out of the room, I put it back to 78, from then he just let me play them all at 78 speed. The point is, it was in my mind to make horrible banging noise from a young age, these days I just try and make that same horrible banging noise with my beats, I rarely make smooth shiz. I just knew from then I loved this stuff and wanted to be involved with making music.

3) What was your first peice of equipment and what were those beats like? Any interesting stories about things were doing to begin with / finding your feet?
Yeah man, when I got the boss dr5 drum machine/sound module when I was 12, I linked it with midi to the DX7. The boss had 4 tracks on it, drums, bass, lead and extra. I could layer and record shit in little parts into its patterns.

I then figured you could put all the patterns together to make a sequence, that blew my mind. My dad also had a four track so I could layer dx7 sounds over the sequenced dr5, well that was it, I was off making tunes every min I could. Funny thing is, ive still got these tunes, they are shit but it was all so exciting finding shit out then. I mean when you first "clock" midi when your that young and no one has ever told you about it, it was like shit your pants good, "So that sound can be played on this keyboard but it records in there....boooom" Anyway I got the Amiga and then I could sample my records in 8 bit and separate its 4 channels into the 4 track. This all continued till I got a pc and learned Cubase 5 at college (the old one, yeah Jon the old one) which I still use today. From there I kept going and I suppose here I am.

4) Whats the one bit of advice youd give to anyone starting out today?
Wow its all a wee bit different now, ha ha that makes me sound old. The whole process of how we learn and advance has sped up with the introduction of the web, which I didn't have when I started so I guess I would just say to get obsessed with music. Learn about all aspects from instrumentation, harmony, rhythm, arrangement, recording techniques, engineering techniques, research the crap out your fav music and get into stripping tracks down to figure out how they made them. I don't want to preach as I know I'm always going to be learning, I guess I could say never be scared to experiment, people might not like what you first do but as long as you want to do it and progress with it, it will happen if you stick it out. If not just ring Sivey and ask him for his mastering settings

5) What can heads expect from you at LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER
A pissed northern boy who's surname should have been Pan. However I have been practicing my air producing in the mirror at night and with just a bit more practice, well, I may just be able to air produce the crap out of this next cypher BRAAAAAAAAAAP.

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    Pete Cannon Youtube Exclusives
    Jam Baxta | Stig Of The Dump
  • Pete Plays Synths Video
  • Rustie - Neko (Pete Cannon is half Scottish remix)
  • MC Northern - Summertime (Petes ldbb entry for 'Summertime Beats' homework)
  • Louis Den Beat Cypher 12 Spotlight - Ed Strong

    Next up is Mr Ed Strong from the mighty IRS crew. Ed too has been Louis Den fam since we first started out is a frequent contributor to the weekly homework challenges, even back in the day when turn outs weren't as big Ed was always reppin with the banter and fresh joints.

    He also took part in our massive Louisden meets EOW beat clash back in Feb '09 and has been itching to get on the boards in Brum since the cypher started out; so we got him and the crew onboard!, find out some more info below.

    1) Hey!! Please introduce yourself to everybody; let us know who you are what you do and how long you've been doing it!
    Yes yes y'all, i'm ed strong, i'm an mc/beatmaker from south london. I've been doing the music with my crew IRS since 1998 so i'm feeling pretty old right about now.
    As a beatmaker i've done a bag of work for other people, the likes of skandal, sonnyjim, manage and few wasteman that can't pull there finger out n put their tracks out, you know how it goes... uk hip hop isn't a very productive genre.

    2) Was there a defining moment (event / hearing a record etc) that led you into making beats / becoming a producer?
    I've always been into music. I played piano n drums as a kid. My mum was pretty pushy and into music herself so she made sure i was making noise from early. My older brother is my main inspiration for actually making beats though. He bought an AKAI s1100 sampler when i was about 13/14 and showed me the ropes. Luckily I was already schooled on sampling and hip hop, my brother also shared all his music with me so i got exposed to de la soul and tribe before i'd even reached double figures haha

    3) What was your first piece of equipment and what were those beats like? Any interesting stories about things were doing to begin with / finding your feet?
    The Akai 1100 was my first bit of kit i used regularly. I had a bernard perdie drum record that got rinsed out, bare of my beats had the same drum loops in them. As far as music samples, I didn't really know where to start. This is pre internet blogspot and dinner money times so i used to raid older family member's record collections and hit up the charity shops for whatever i could find on the cheap. I remember finding Manuel 'music of the mountains' and other instrumental stuff and going mad for it... I went through a serious latin stage in my late teens, pretty much any record with spanish guitar or a foxy latino girl on the cover got bought haha

    Since then and now i've been trying different bits of hardware and software as technology has got better. Fruity loops, acid pro, reason, cubase etc... I had an mpc2000 for alittle while but then I got my hands on a mac g4 and logic with the ex24 and I haven't really changed up since then. I use logic 8 and some hardware processors and FX these days.

    4) Whats the one bit of advice youd give to anyone starting out today?
    1] Don't go out and buy an mpc for early kool herc points. They cost alot and in the early stages you will probably get better results using software.
    2] Don't get caught up in the 'this is real hip hop, only use samples' BS. If a track bangs, it bangs regardless of what/who/how it was made. Just have fun with it until you find your feet
    3] once points 1 and 2 are covered and your getting some nice beats on the go, learn to mix [especially drums] it can make or break a track.

    5) What can heads expect from you at LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER?
    From me.... I've got some heat for this I hope, we'll have to wait and see how it goes down. There's some strong beatmakers doing this with me so it could be crazy. From my team IRS... we got a bag of new material and anyone that's seen us knows we don't do live shows by half... I'm very much looking forward to it.

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  • Louis Den Beat Cypher 12 Spotlight - Mazzie

    Next up on Beat Cypher 12's lineup is young Mazzie aka Mazworth, Mazzie is longtime LouisDen fam, he's been a participant in both Louis Den Leagues (08/09) as well as numerous homeworks and even made the mission from Devon to link up for our Dilla Tribute session back in Feb '08. He's also part of the production duo "Mazzaro" alongside Den staple Figaro.

    Anyway pay your dues and you'll get your shot; Mazzies has and here he is! enjoy his spotlight blog (was all typed up on a blackberry apparently lolz)

    1)Hey!!, please introduce yourself to everybody; let us know who you are what you do and how long you've been doing it!.
    Sup all my names Mazzie aka Mazworth, I'm a beat maker from the Southwest now residing in Manchester. I've been producing for around 5 or so years, I'm currently studying a BA in 'Music Production' so I'm now getting to grips with the whole recording and engineering side of things

    2) Was there a defining moment (event / hearing a record etc) that led you into making beats / becoming a producer?.
    When I was younger I was mainly into Drum and Bass, I used to buy all the Heltah Skeltah and One Nation cassette tapes, it was a big influence for me at the time, but on the Hip Hop side of things hearing Dre and Dillas stuff set the ball rolling for me and spured me on to trying my own hand at beat making. As well as influential producers and artists, close friends and a lot of the den heads are the reason why I picked up on beat making.

    3) What was your first peice of equipment and what were those beats like?, any interesting stories about things were doing to begin with / finding your feet?
    At the beginning I didn't really own any hardware, I just wanted to get my hands on any piece of music programme software. A friend gave me Reason 2.5, which is what I repped for a while, the beats I made on Reason were pretty swag, I wasn't feeling the whole reason refills...this is when I copped a Mac and switched to Logic!

    4) Whats the one bit of advice youd give to anyone starting out today?
    Keep grinding away don't give up, you will find you're own creative sound, devlop it and see where it takes you. Network with other artists they will spur you on and inspire you.

    5) What can heads expect from you at LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER?
    You will hear a range of styles, from synth bangers to chilled boom-bap beats! Keep your ears open and enjoy!

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  • Louis Den Beat Cypher 12 Spotlight - GiftedMusic

    Back from a short hiatus of these joints (dont think we did them for Cypher 11), we're hittin you with a batch of Spotlight blogs in preperation for tomorrow's beat cypher, first up is Gifted Music a dope producer from Birmingham (also the home of Louis Den) who came to our attention back in Beat Cypher 8 (Dec 2009), he blessed the open beats round with some bangers and stayed in touch since then.

    Get the low down on him right here.

    1) Hey!! Please introduce yourself to everybody; let us know who you are what you do and how long you've been doing it!
    Greetings! Gifted's the alias, you can call me GiftedMusic if you like! I'm a 21 year old, Birmingham born & bred Producer/Composer, Songwriter & Engineer. I've been doing this since 6th grade! It became serious about 3-4 years ago, haven't looked back since! (I don't intend to either)

    2) Was there a defining moment (event / hearing a record etc) that led you into making beats / becoming a producer?
    I'd say that "defining moment", was when i bought, "Kanye West - The College Dropout". It was pretty much a wrap after that! I just knew from then, this is what i want to do for the rest of my life.

    3) What was your first peice of equipment and what were those beats like? Any interesting stories about things were doing to begin with / finding your feet?
    My first equipment was what nearly everyone started on, a cracked version on FL Studio (LOL). The beats were influenced heavily by UK Garage/Grime, but as i started to learn my way around FL more i learnt about structure and really began making more Hip-Hop/R&B. One of the interesting things about my early producing days is that, i didn't actually know about time signatures/keeping in time or anything. I had no music knowledge at all, it was terrible. I just knew how i wanted it sound and i used to go by the grid patterns on the FL drum sequencer to gauge how it would sound, and after developing familiarity with FL - I learnt what drum loop i was creating just by how it looked. I ultimately was seeing sound.

    4) Whats the one bit of advice youd give to anyone starting out today?
    Acquire as much musical knowledge as possible, then practise everything you learn. Learn piano theory, study music and then most importantly go and study the greats (not just musical greats, any & every great) - You have to stay inspired. It can't work otherwise!

    5) What can heads expect from you at LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER?
    Eargasms galore! Nah, i just want to play great music to a crowd of great people. I'm all about the energy!

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  • Brand new Swiss (So Solid) single produced by Gifted, "Bad Boys". On all major UK radio stations/shows now
  • Homework 75 - Louisden Unplugged

    Following on from "Different Drums" a couple weeks back; we want you to explore different musical avenues with an idea thats been kicking around in the forums "Homework Suggestions" thread for a while; here it is below.

    Homework 75 - Louis Den Unplugged

    This week you guys have to turn in a beat using acoustic instruments only; to put it simply non-electrical instruments...i.e. if its got a plug on it..its a no go, much in the same vien of MTV's "Unplugged" series you may rememeber Jay-Z doing his Unplugged set backed by the Roots band, the tracks he did had their samples replayed by guitars, drums, string sections, woodwinds and more.

    So you can approach this number of ways; those feeling confident in their non sampled works can make a beat from scratch using authentic sound patches or VST's, those with access to the instruments can record themselves playing the whole joints (wow!), or those more comfortable behind an MP will have to dig out records with these sounds on and get chopping!.

    Beats are due Sunday 31st October (its a 2 weeker) email entries to, please no zshare links or stuff that'll expire; just attach the beat and hit the stream for 18:30 GMT!

    Go get em!!, and dont forget its Beat Cypher 12 this Thursday; come out and jam if you are in the area!, details are here -

    Tuesday, 12 October 2010

    Homework 74 - Disney Week

    Another post stream discussion that formed a homework (you should stick around after the beats to get involved!!), this weeks homework is to dig inside the vaults of music which is under the Disney banner!.

    Homework 74 - Disney Week

    However you can see this as a way to get creative; a little similar to sesame street week given that theres loads of soundtracks, character albums, tv shows and everything...but go deeper too if you must (video games, spin offs, merchandise) anything that may have had music attached to it thats associated with Disney characters. (dont sue us please!!)..

    The only rule we have for this is to make sure whatever you use for a sample source; make sure its DISNEY CARTOON CHARACTER based; dont get cute and try flippin some hannah montana ish; that'll get you banished from the Den!!

    To make a beat by using samples taken from Disney cartoon character, products, tv shows, movies, video games and/or anything else you can get your hands on; standard louisden rules apply in that any sounds/vst's/synths are cool but try and make the sample the main body of the beat.

    Sunday 17th October, live stream will start between 18:30 and 19:00 GMT, submit beats to, once again please attach the beats in the message, if you have to ignore us and send us a download link (lol) then at least have it on an instant start joint like sendspace/mediafire no wack countdowns please!.

    Why dont you hit up the forum @ in the Louis Den subforum; folks normally trade links to sample resources!! may be useful!!



    Read more:

    Friday, 8 October 2010

    Kela Got That Crack Vol.2!!!

    Kela's back! It's been a while since the first volume of Kela Got That Crack and since I'm in Birmingham for a few days, figured I'd go see what Kelz was saying for making another video.
    This is what we filmed in the Louis Den studios last night with Kosyne chillin in the back. Kela breaks down 4 beats, two brand new, one old banger and one new "kelatron" dubstep heat rocker.
    Follow Kelakovski (if you ain't already) here: and come peep more of my videos at:
    PEACE! (ab.)

    Tuesday, 5 October 2010

    Homework 73 - Different Drums

    Homework 73 - Different Drums

    This week (partly suggested by Sonnyjim) we want you guys to turn in a sampled or non sampled beat but the goal is to use different drums!, by different we mean using different types of drums and percussion sounds, ethnic drum sounds or even using some sound shaping skills to morph other sounds into usable kits.

    So no typical Kick/Snare beats, we want you to dig into new territory for your drum sounds and sounds, the scope here is stupid!!

    heres just a small list of the sort of instruments you could investigate

    "bodhrán, bongos, castanets, chimes, conga,cymbals, finger cymbals, glockenspiel, gong, guiro: kalimba, hand drums, maracas, marimba, snare drum, tambourines, timpani, triangle, vibraphone, xylophone"

    Just google or youtube any of these joints to see the sort of sounds you should look into!

    If you need some more help peep this Percussion reference article.

    Those sampling might want to draw out some records from around the world to tap into these sounds, or maybe search out some kits then find a sample to match or even a VST with patches containing sounds like these, remember its not a must you turn in say a Middle Eastern sounding beat; just more that you've dug for drum sounds other than a regular kick and snare or if you have theres a bit more going on drum wise.

    Turn in a beat (sampled or not) via email to which uses various drum sounds and percussion different to a typical kick/snare pattern.

    Turn in beats by October 10th 2010, 18:00 GMT, we'll try our best to get the stream kicked off for 18:30, good luck and keep the standard up!!.

    Lab Session 72 - Sesame Street Beats

    Last weeks session was dope!, not a great deal of beats but the quality was all there; myself and Kela were joined by the EatGoood crew Sonnyjim, Redbeard and Taharka as we played back the beats with plenty of jokes; good work guys!

    To view last weeks session or any of our recorded streams peep our ustream channel located at or for last weeks in particular its embeded below!.

    Louis Den Homework 72 - Sesame Street Joints

    new homework next!.

    Friday, 1 October 2010

    Louis Den Beat Cypher 12 - October 21st 2010

    August saw a return to form with Beat Cypher 11 playing host to the talents of S-TYPE, JAISU, JON PHONICS, MR FIGZ and MUNESHINE all the way from Toronto Canda, beats were banging and there were vibes aplenty! Check the exclusive Round One ( and jokes/outtakes ( from Louis Den’s own AB0181.

    Back again for whats going to be the last Louis Den (BEAT CYPHER) of this year!, shed... a tear!! This season has gone quick!, they’ll be some goodness coming your way in Winter but it’ll be a little different from what your used to, but rather than wishing away the rest of 2010 heres whats in store for our next joint!.

    PETE CANNON - Back for the second time round, he did the first ever cipher back in October 2008 under the name MR DICK (which now just strictly raps); new name change; new grind since then he’s laid down beats for TORAE, SWAY, MILLION DAN, DR SYNTAX, STIG OF THE DUMP and more! another go at the cypher will really let him show heads where he's at!

    GIFTED MUSIC - A very talented and humble cat; we first met Gifted at the December Beat Cypher last year, since then he's always shown love reppin with the open beats and playing plenty of bangers, Gifted has quite the resume having worked with WRETCH32, GIGGS, YOUNG MONEY and frequent collabs with SO SOLID CREW including the brand new comeback single for rapper SWISS, he'll have some fresh sounds no doubt.
    Gifted Music on Facebook

    ED STRONG of the mighty IRS CREW, Ed has been Louis Den fam since we started our online battles back in 2007; a longtime coming Ed is reaching this cypher to play some gems out of the catalogue, production highlights include the bulk of the IRS releases, SONNYJIM, SKANDAL and more!

    MAZZIE - King of the "busted beat cd's" for the open beats; Mazzie (originally from Devon but now in Manchester) has been down with the fam for long time, bit of a sleeping giant as he's never in the forefront with his beats but has always been keepin up with the big boys!! nows his chance to show you whats poppin, production credits include UK's Truth and P.SO (formerly P.Casso) outta New York.

    Stig Of The Dump, x2 World EOW champ, Battle Vet and drinker!!, You may know Stig from his infamous Jump Off battles, you may know him from his x2 EOW world titles, or you may have read his rantings in various magazines, at the core of this though is one of the countries top tier emcees!! Stig's debut album "Mood Swings" drops 11th October and he'll be blessing Birmingham give a sneak peek at some of his new material collaborator Pete Cannon (he produced 5 joints on there) is also in the building so expect fun!, Stig will be backed by Brighton vet and Dont Flop battler Enlish.

    THE I.R.S, On the verge of dropping their sophmore album "Speaks Volumes" and staedily leaking their free "Offcuts" LP the gang of strong rhymers will be performing (with their producer/mc Ed Strong taking the produciton line up), Indie group of the year winners for 2008 and larger than life mic characters Ed Strong, King Kaiow, Superb and DV will be in the building laying down some South London funk.

    SONNYJIM & Kelakovski, these two have been busy cooking up an EP of treats that'll surface in the near future on Eat Good Records, both are keen to let the cypher hear some of the new material so seperate to the other performers they'll be previewing some new bits for the beat cypher crowd (no Kelz isnt rapping!)

    Finally, as usual we'll have our very own DJ CRO providing the backdrop of hip-hop beats, breaks and treats inbetween the nights action.


    * NO MP3 PLAYERS/PHONES/ DATA CD's FOR OPEN BEATS, sorry but its an ache to get all this sorted and the cables/pc's are for the showcased producers only...bring an audio CD or most likely its not happening!!.

    * THERE IS NO GUESTLIST AT THE BEAT CYPHER, please don’t try it and blag it…respect the cypher and the other heads paying, the more heads supporting the more chance of us being able to keep the movement going, please dont be shy and dig in them pockets!.

    Louis Den BeatCypher 12
    Live Hiphop Production Showcase & Beat Jam


    +open beats/DJ CRO
    hosted by Kosyne, Redbeard & Sonnyjim

    Thursday 21st October 2010
    Downstairs @unPlug Digbeth
    79 Digbeth High St
    B5 6DY
    9PM - LATE
    £4.00 ENTRY BEFORE 10PM £5.00 AFTER
    Spread The Word!, Tweet/RT, Blog and invite your people to the facebook event!
    Facebook event link:
    flyer front :
    flyer back :
    Twitter links: @louisden @petecannonbeats @gifted_music @mazworth @theirscrew @stigofthedumpuk @sonnyjim01 @kelakovski @redbeard00 @eatgoodrecords @djcro
    Louis Den Beat Cypher is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

    Louis Den Beat Cypher 11 - ROUND ONE!

    Here is the very dope opening round from Augusts Beat Cypher which featured Jaisu, S-TYPE, Jon Phonics, Mr Figz and Canada's Muneshine.

    AB0181 on Camera duties as always (you rockin with the best!), ill beats all night and it was a blast; expect a bit more footage from the night to surface and big up to everyone who made it out!.

    Louis Den Beat Cypher 11 - Round ONE

    Also heres some random Pete Cannon heavy footage from the night; just to show we all have a great deal of jokes at these joints!!

    Bonus Outtake Footage

    Louis Den Beat Cypher 11 - Snip Reel - More footage coming! from Andy Brown on Vimeo.