Saturday, 9 July 2011

New Raul Supreme Joints!

Louis Den producer Raul Supreme has been busy in the lab cooking up new treats; noticed him post a few bits on facebook so I figure I'd post em here and share them.

First up is a cheeky Youtube beat reel of new joints he's cooked up on FL Studio, looks like its straight out the iphone4 steez here so dont watch the guerilla editing as its the beats you need to be paying attention to! all crazy; especially the Candi Station flip..gheeeeeeeez!

Raul Supreme New Beat Mix

As well as the beatmix he's also been sprucing up the Soundcloud page with some new joints; check em out below.

Latest tracks by Raul Supreme

As always; beats for sale, rappers/vocalists; get your business/etiquette game up and holla.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Behind Closed Doors 3 Trailer

Ok so me and Andy linked up last week and officially finished all filming for BCD3. To mark the occassion (and light a little fire underneath us to wrap everything up!) we've uploaded the trailer to the third instalment of the BCD series!

Behind Closed Doors Vol 3 Trailer

Here you can get a taste of the visuals we caught when we hit Berlin (in January), NYC/LA/NC (in February) and the last bits of footage from Birmingham and London.

BCD 3 will drop late summer 2011 and we both can't wait to put this out! full roll call will be announced officially with release date until then we're sure you can work out a few names!!

Stay tuned.

AB & Kos

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Monday, 4 July 2011

Beat Butcha - Raw and Uncut (Instrumental Beat Tape)

Former Beat Cypher guest and star of BCD2 Beat Butcha has recently dropped his instrumental project "Raw and Uncut", the project is a compilation of instrumentals from previously released Beat Butcha tracks. For those who dont know Butcha has produced for some of the illest artists from out here the UK, The Netherlands and further afield all out in the US (Xzibit, Danny Brown, Havoc, Tony Yayo, M9, Brad Strut, Ciph Barker) the list goes on.

Butcha is currently grindin out in NYC trying to further his craft; from what I can gather he's stayin mad busy and working hard! his tweets seem to reveal more and more ill stateside collabs as the days go by!


Anyway support Butcha as theres some real heat rocks on the tape; I guarantee you'll be pulling all sorts of screw faces!

Be sure to follow Beat Butcha on Twitter via @BeatButcha to stay up to date on his latest musical movements!

Kosyne & Kelakovski & Yungun - Mozart Unwrapped

Mozart Unwrapped is a project myself and Kelakovski got involved with a couple months ago; the aim of the project is to shed some light onto the works of the famous composer Mozart in an effort to bring his work to new audiences.

Me and Kelz took on the challenge and were given three recordings of Mozart pieces which we were told to chop, twist and blend the samples anyway we saw fit and transform the selections into a blap.

I started the beat and passed the project files onto Kela who worked it some more, finally inhouse EATGOOD mix/engineer Taharka added a few sprinkles and got the beat sounding even nicer. To top it off the hiphop artist (and previous beat cypher guest) Yungun added vocals to the track to make it the main theme of the project!

Yungun (aka ESSA) on Kelakovski x Kosyne x Taharka - The Mozart Joint by Kings Place

Mozart Unwrapped Promo Spot

The project gets real interesting in these final stages where participants are encouraged to remix the tracks and create their own versions of the song with their vocals added. Our instrumental is one of the many tracks by other commissioned artists you can lace and submit back to the Kings Palace in order to be in the runnings for some ill prizes.

Details on the RJDJ remixer widget (which you can use on your dekstop or iOS/Android phone/tablet) are here, check it out and get busy!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

araabMUZIK:Burn (Documentary)

Here's a short film about producer Aarab Muzik put together by Burn Energy Drink (A Coca-Cola Brand). I'll be the first to admit I wasn't "sold" on dude straight away; sure his live MPC drumming puts him in the higher bracket of those who do it but his various Youtube vids seemed to be more in-studio footage of heads being gassed at "seeing it for the first time" more than some actual beat construction.

However; between his last in studio video (which got posted in the den forums) and his recent "Electronic Dream" album (that I've had in rotation heavily the last couple weeks), I'm definitely warming to the Aarab steez.

This documentary has been put together by the Burn energy drink (a coca cola product) so theres obviously a healthy budget behind this but its a great watch.

araabMUZIK:Burn (Documentary)

Apparently the doc is going to be re-released later on in the year with all the "Burn" branding over it..