Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Week 5 Video / Week 6 Matchups

Blogged a little late!!, but we are into week 6, the week 5 round up video is already on the ldbb myspace so go check it out!

WEEK 5 RECAP VIDEO [ldbb myspace blog]

and now for Week 6

Week 5 Flops
Richie Rukz
Figaro (retired)
DJ Snips (OUT)

Week 6 Matchups
Mazzie vs N!K
Darren Paul vs Wizard
Budgie vs Raul Supreme
R2ThaBeatz vs Pataphysics
Dockmini vs DJ SnapS
Jon Phonics vs Kosyne
Archimedes vs Kelakovski
Phocus vs Sivey
Kryptonite vs Prolifik
Kanzo vs Just Jay
S-Type vs Shears
Adequate vs Urban Midnight
Wizard At Will vs Terror
Richie Rukz vs Kid Eight
?????? vs Like Mike
Ed Strong vs Jaisu
Mr Dick vs Billy Bones
Apatight vs Purpose
Leatherface vs Pinnacle
Eyebs vs Lotek

Newcomers! - Jon Phonics & Adequate
With AB, Figaro and DJ Snips falling out we've got 2 replacements ready to go!, Jon Phonics outta London and Adequate from the US.

Possible place in the league?
As you can see from like mikes matchup theres a place free from the 3 drop outs we had last week we're waiting to hear back from the person next in line to take the place but otherwise theres a chance you can get in IF YOUR ARE COMMITTED...if you think you'll get bored after a couple weeks then dont bother; its too much work getting a new person placed into the league, so if you are interested IF the place doesnt get taken then sign up to the forums on and holla at us in the LEAGUE forum.

watch the vid and stay locked to & the forums!!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Week 5 Matchups!

Welcome to week 5 people; the league hits keep on going up and up; pay attention to the ads on the blog here and the ones on the league site; a lot of em should be beats/production related; if anything spots your eye then do click em (randomly clicking wont help us!! the ad banner/service is pretty clever!).

Week 5 is with us; before I get into the matchups here are the flops from last week..SHAAAME ON YOUUUUUU!

Week 4 Flops
AB (Yellow Card)
DJ Snips (Yellow Card)
Jimmy Riff (Early retirement)

One more flop from the carded producers and they're OUTTA HERE!!! (3 strike rule!), Jimmy Riff has decided to drop out of the league due to outside commitments! but he's been replaced already with new blood.

New Producers as Of Week 5

Kyrptonite (UK)
Pinnacle (UK)
Lotek (AUS)
Pataphysics (AUS)
Just Jay (UK)


Week 5 Matchups
N!K vs Phocus
Kanzo vs Kryptonite
Raul Supreme vs Archimedes
Dockmini vs S-Type
Mazzie vs Figaro
Budgie vs Leatherface
Darren Paul vs Richie Rukz
DJ Snips vs AB
Billy Bones vs Ed Strong
Wizard vs Jaisu
Eyebs vs Like Mike
DJ SnapS vs Kid Eight
Kosyne vs Terror
R2ThaBeatz vs Urban Midnight
Sivey vs Kelakovski
Prolifik vs Purpose
Shears vs Mr Dick
Apatight vs Wizard At Will
Just Jay vs Lotek
Pinnacle vs Pataphysics

wanna vote?? get on the louisden forum and ask for a key!.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Get The IRS on stage in the Isle Of Wight!

Fresh from receiving their indie music award.. (big up fellas), Ed Strong's group The IRS are also in with a chance of performing in the Isle Of Wight Festival 2008, if the guys can rock it there then it'd not only be a good look for them and their music but some decent exposure for sick hiphop from these shores

It only takes a second so get on with it and stop the URBAN category and then The IRS...for this one give em a 5 hahaha!!.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

HiphopDX: Producer's Corner: Jake One

Jake One is a rare case for contemporary Hip Hop. He works with nearly everybody, and still gets paid. The Emerald City beatmaker has been earning his keep as one of the underground’s most consistent forces for years now, crafting bangers that always made you wonder who it was: De La Soul’s “Rock Co.Kane Flow” and “Days Of Our Lives,” Strange Fruit Project’s “Soul Clap,” and MF DOOM’s “Hoe Cakes” come to mind. Having paid his dues already, making highlights from Interscope Jackson’s Curtis album, G-Unit’s releases, Freeway’s latest, and even John Cena are welcome additions to his catalog.

These days, the self-proclaimed “Perfect Beat Writer” is prepping for the fall release of White Van Music, his Rhymesayers Entertainment debut [click to read] that features a star-studded line-up of Little Brother, Young Buck, MF DOOM, Freeway, M.O.P., Elzhi, Royce Da 5’9”, and others. In an interview with HipHopDX’s Producer’s Corner, Jake One talks about the wide spectrum of his clientele, living far away from established Hip Hop locales, and his upcoming project.

Read the rest over at HiphopDX

Week 4 Matchups

Ok people; sorry for the delay on rolling the weeks over; had a trip to London on Sunday that kinda had a knock on effect on league runnings, this also meant the video (thats on the way) was a bit shorter than usual as we could only run with the beats we had received by the early worries for voters though as all the beats are uploaded and on the players to vote on.

The standard just keeps on getting worryingly better!! and the leaderboard is starting to open up a bit too..dont watch it too much though as we aren't even half way through the league yet so a lot can happen!!

Week 3 Floppers :(
DJ Snips
Talos (OUT!)

Week 4 Matchups
DJ SnapS vs N!K
Eyebs vs Kosyne
R2ThaBeatz vs Kelakovski
S-Type vs Sivey
Mazzie vs Prolifik
Darren Paul vs Purpose
Budgie vs Shears
Raul Supreme vs Urban Midnight
Dockmini vs Terror
DJ Snips vs Wizard
Kanzo vs Like Mike
Phocus vs Jaisu
Jimmy Riff vs Ed Strong
Archimedes vs AB
Billy Bones vs Richie Rukz
Figaro vs Apatight
Mr Dick vs Kid Eight
Wizard At Will vs Leatherface

Welcome Richie Rukz into the league as he'll be the replacement for Talos.

lets goo..

Monday, 5 May 2008

Week 3 Matchups....Week 2 Voting

Ok People, Week 1 is over with!! its all about the beats from Week 2 and your matchups/homework for Week 3!!!..LETS GET EM!!

holla on the forum if your homework links are broken / snippets dont play or any problem with the week 2 beats (although ive tested them all!)

Week 2 Floppers :(
Raul Supreme

Week 3 Matchups
R2ThaBeatz vs N!K
Billy Bones vs Eyebs
Mazzie vs Wizard
Darren Paul vs Kosyne
Budgie vs Kelakovski
DJ Snips vs Sivey
Dockmini vs Prolifik
AB vs Purpose
Kanzo vs Shears
Phocus vs Urban Midnight
Jimmy Riff vs Terror
Archimedes vs Apatight
S-Type vs Like Mike
Figaro vs Jaisu
Wizard At Will vs Ed Strong
Talos vs Raul Supreme
DJ SnapS vs Mr Dick
Kid Eight vs Leatherface

aite! get busy you've got a just under a week!!..recap video coming later today!!....KEYS STILL AVALIABLE...HOLLA AT YA JANITOR!.


Saturday, 3 May 2008

LDBB League gettin hit up!!

Wow you guys are lovin you some LDBB league arent you!

4K hits on day 1, 5K hits on day 2!!

Its all good!!, apologies for the madness earlier on in the week with the voting; we belive the new 1 / 5 stars system is perfect; as well as grading the leaderboard by wins,draws,losses then points is working out for the better; after all this is supposed to be about who wins the most battles and not a cosntant beat rating!.

We've also upgraded the webhost package to deal with all the hits and changed the audio hosting service we were using so the bandwith is better for our visitors.

VOTING KEYS ARE STILL BEING GIVEN OUT!!! we've changed the voting system to only include full votes on all battles; therefore we may just keep the key requests going well on into the league!.

Remeber, if you have a voting key make sure you do use it and vote for all the battles; it only takes a few minutes to vote on each battle and you'll be entertained with ill beats while you do!!, pay attention to the grading system and the original sample to take into account your final grade....AND ALSO!! you are a producer in the league you should REALLY be voting..return the votes you've been given because otherwise you'll offset the battles (meaning some will have more votes than others).

Ok then..everyone should have picked up their samples for next week; stay tuned for monday as we roll the week over and place the new beats from this week in the league.

Yes we go to the lab sunday afternoon and yes we do one last pick up before we start the league video...BUT dont play the numbers game, remember a flop can cost you around 60 points!! you'll have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks to make that back..

and finally

No we havent sold out hahaha..but do click the ads to help us out with hosting bills and'd be much appriceated nahmeeeeeeen!!.

heres to a crazy week 1 and hopefully and ill week 2..VIDEO/ROLL OVER coming monday!!