Monday, 28 April 2008

Week 2 Matchups, Club Flop & Voting Guide

Week 2 Matches are launched!!...Week 1 voting is OPEN!!!

Week 2 Matchups
Dockmini vs N!K
Kanzo vs Budgie
Phocus vs Darren Paul
Jimmy Riff vs Mazzie
Archimedes vs Billy Bones
R2ThaBeatz vs Mr Dick
Figaro vs Eyebs
Wizard At Will vs DJ SnapS
Prolifik vs Kosyne
AB vs Talos
Ed Strong vs Sivey
Jaisu vs Kelakovski
Like Mike vs Apatight
Kid Eight vs Shears
Terror vs Urban Midnight
S-Type vs Wizard
Purpose vs Leatherface

We had a good load of beats in yesterday; thank you to all beatmakers for getting the league off to a sick start!!..gotta point the finger at some floppers though!, a couple of you didnt turn in beats which is a bad look!! means your opponent will only have their beat to grade against and they may have put extra touches into their beat for battling you (shouts to Wizard & Will & Jimmy Riff hahaha!! you guys killed it).

Floppers Hall Of Fame (Week 1)
DJ SnapS
Harry Kronnik Jr
Raul Supreme

They all score -2 and cant vote this week!..come on guys get on it this week..matchups and samples are all posted..

Keys still availiable till hmmm maybe end of this week!!


League re-cap video coming later today..

Well first off you need to have a voting key; (right now im still taking requests for these but that will change)....on top of this if you are also a producer in the league you will need to have NOT FLOPPED the homework for that is only open for 1 week until we roll over the next week.

Login to your league account and you'll now see the new options (cos we're after week 1)

select the week in question or choose the VOTE ON WEEK(previous week)'s MATCHES..

once in the matchup screen you'll notice a new option.

the stars tell you how many total points each beatmaker has earned and tell you if youve voted on that match or VIEW MATCH to view the match.

here is the match up screen, you see the original sample in the top right and s-types and n!ks entries the voting guide on tips on deciding what to grade in which category.

when you are happy click submit scores (you'll be prompted so you have 1 more chance to back out and change your mind).

once youve voted youll be told so and you can either go back later to to listen to the beats or go back and see how everyone else has voted.

and finally, the leaderboard will tell you who is running tings in the league...your flop points and vote points for bonuses are shown here as well.

and thats me...good luck everyone..

Friday, 25 April 2008

Say hello to the new guys!

Last minute entries joining the LDBB league!!, whooo this just got even more interesting!.


(make sure you guys pick up your voting keys and get your week 1 sample and beats've got till SUNDAY 17:00 GMT!)

and if you dont know their music

So far 3 of you have submitted beats...thats a whole lotta floppin if it says like that on sunday!!..

Monday, 21 April 2008

Voting keys have been sent out..

Alright, a little later than I wanted but all the voting keys have been sent...If you dont have it then holla at me on the forum but I know you have so stop lying!!..

Login to the ldbb league site using the button above with your voting key and (if your a producer in the league) you'll have a link to your sample for this week..You've got until 17:30 GMT on Sunday 27th!!..get goin and good luck..

Week 1 Matchups
S-Type vs N!K
Figaro vs Archimedes
Wizard At Will vs Jimmy Riff
Talos vs Phocus
AB vs Kanzo
Ed Strong vs Harry Kronnik Jr
Jaisu vs Dockmini
Like Mike vs Raul Supreme
Kid Eight vs Budgie
Terror vs Darren Paul
Urban Midnight vs Mazzie
Shears vs Billy Bones
Purpose vs R2ThaBeatz
Prolifik vs Eyebs
Sivey vs DJ SnapS
Kelakovski vs Kosyne

but ga'head and check the site for yourself!!..

lets gOooooooOO!

Dont Frett!!


as you can see theres a shiny new LDBB LEAGUE button above..Ive got the scripts tested and working and whats needed for week one seems to be working!.

but wait!?

you dont have your voting key yet do you?..

dont worry im gonna send these out first thing tomorrow..let a playa get some sleep tho its like 3:15am!! spent all night uploading mp3's and resizing pics of your mugs..

If you cant wait the non logged in version of the site will let you see this weeks matchups..

keys will be sent in the morning then you can login and collect your samples!.



Friday, 18 April 2008

Sore fingers...

What up yawl, LEAGUE COMING MONDAY!! man this is gonna be tight!; got sore fingers having almost finished typing in the 192 matchups into the league database that are gonna form the LDBB league!...oh yeah we got a custom site coming remember!.


3 months of weekly beatmaking challenges coming up!

stay tuned its gonna be a hot summer!.

PS, Tag Team video is up, go peep it on the ldbb myspace and the mo phatt' video is almost finished..*cough* KELA!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

6 Way Jam



In the lab with Budgie, Jaisu, Kelakovski, Kosyne, Leatherface & S-Type working a combination of an MPC,Microkorg, FL Studio & Reason, this was shot the day after the Louis Den club sandwich unfortunately Sivey had to bounce early in the morning so thats why he wasnt about.

Filmed by badman like Prolifik.


yes its nerdy
and yes its beautiful.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Homework 21 Video - Club Sandwich

DAMNN SONNN WE ON FIRE...didnt think it'd upload this fast, ok then continuing with todays updates..the LDBB Club sandwich video is now up, check the blogs for a very special LDBB episode directed by Prolifik aka AB0181; the goal of this challenge was to flip 3 samples into one track a little like the 3 layers of a club sandwich make 1 tasty treat hahha..more specifics in the myspace writeup.

Im beastin' with the dotcom game right now with the dual blogging..GYEHHH (maximum thuggery & nerdom!)

Louis Den Beat Battles Episode 21 - Club Sandwich

hit the blogs up to tell us your favourites..or take it to the forum if it sparks discussion!.

oh and finally..props to Prolifik..the video turned out SIIIIIIICK!!...stay tuned for our secret hush hush vid project...a teaser is already out there and more on the way...whooo the mystery!.

Homework 20 Video - George Benson Flip

Yes yes, sorry for the longness people; technical hitches meant Kela was having trouble getting the video uploaded; it had been ready for minute and he was trying last few days to get it goin..I managed to get it working so hopefully it was just a matrix glitch haha.

head over to the ldbb blog and check the episode out, your comments are always welcome..

Louis Den Beat Battles, Lab Session 20

damn, ive just realised ive blogged about the fact ive blogged elsewhere...thats pretty lame..hahaha all in an effort to keep you updated tho!.