Wednesday, 18 June 2008


The long awaited debut album from the heavyweight mc unit that is RHYME ASYLUM is finally available, having heard a sneak peak of this a while I ago I can tell you all that its certainly worth the wait and worth picking up; the album features Diabolic, Copywrite and Reain; not only this but you're gettin an album full of sick beats courtesy of ldbb league entrant LEATHERFACE, with an extra beat and co-production coming from other league heads S-TYPE and BUDGIE (respectively) umm yeah...GO COP THAT...

Week 9 Matchups

Gettin into the last quarter of the league now!, here are the matchups for week 9.

Week 9 Matchups
Prolifik vs N!K
Sivey vs Purpose
Kelakovski vs Shears
Ceerius Productions vs Urban Midnight
DJ SnapS vs Pinnacle
Eyebs vs Mr Dick
R2ThaBeatz vs Like Mike
Budgie vs S-Type
Pataphysics vs Just Jay
Darren Paul vs Raul Supreme
Billy Bones vs Kosyne
Joe Davies vs Wizard At Will
Dockmini vs Adequate
Jon Phonics vs Jaisu
Kanzo vs Archimedes
Phocus vs Kryptonite
Jekay vs Apatight
Wizard vs Leatherface
Ed Strong vs Lotek
Terror vs Prophet

Week 8 Flops
Kid Eight (retired)
Mazzie (retired)
Richie Rukz (OUT)
Urban Midnight

Good luck to all the league entrants! and welcome newcommers, Ceerius Productions, Prophet & Jeekay!.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Reconstructing From Where??? with Skillz & DJ Source

If you don't know about Skillz' (aka Mad Skillz from back in the day) ill debut From Where??? I suggest you track it down (*cough* props to Cro!!) its from the defuct Big Beat label from back in '96. Anyway the production list was immense and in this interview Skillz & DJ Source go over the finer points, its deffo worth a read..

Earth, and Ironman, just to name a few. Yet amongst all these heavyweights, there was a worthwhile album that many overlooked. It featured a much hyped newcomer and an all star production team that featured The Beatnuts, Buckwild, Clark Kent, EZ Elpee, J Dilla, Large Professor, and Shawn J. Period.

The album was Skillz (formerly Mad Skillz) debut From Where??? Skillz, who many now associate with ghostwriting and year end wrap ups, came in with an original, varied effort that featured songs complete with memorable punch lines and hard-hitting battle raps. Despite a few misfires, the now out of print album proved to be a very strong rookie effort. Between several classic beats and creative lines like, “I came alone, draggin bags of bones, slit my own wrists, and bleedin’ out microphones”, Skillz created something TSS considered worthy of a Reconstruction...........

Read the rest here..Reconstructing From Where??? @ The Smoking Section

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Back from the madness


I think we're back again...a good indication to if the site is working is the leaderboard to your see that go down we're in trouble.ANYYYYYWAY the tech homie Douglas (lol) from Brinkster has moved the ldbb site to a different server; turns out they were having database problems that affected us but no one decided to reach out and tell us.

Should be sorted now as I had a good mess around with it last night and the things I did to it previously (check the leaderboard, old weeks beats) that caused it to fall over arent happening FINGERS CROSSED!.

Ok and now the update.

Week 6 Flops
Raul Supreme
fix up! slackin

Week 7 Matchups
N!K vs Sivey
Prolifik vs Kelakovski
Purpose vs Wizard
Shears vs DJ SnapS
Urban Midnight vs Eyebs
Terror vs R2ThaBeatz
Kid Eight vs Just Jay
Like Mike vs Mazzie
Jaisu vs Darren Paul
Budgie vs Apatight
Joe Davies vs Raul Supreme
Richie Rukz vs Dockmini
Wizard At Will vs Jon Phonics
Adequate vs Kanzo
S-Type vs Phocus
Archimedes vs Pataphysics
Kosyne vs Mr Dick
Ed Strong vs Leatherface
Billy Bones vs Pinnacle
Kryptonite vs Lotek

Week 6 beats are live so head over to the site to commence voting, keys are hmmm still available; guess im weary in case anything breaks but eff it...yeah holla at us on the forum.

Video is in Kelas hands and on the way!.


Monday, 2 June 2008

Glitch In the Matrix...

Aite, so I havent got a clue on whats going on with the league site.

At first I thought it was a database issue with too many records in the points table, every time someone hits the "Submit Scores" button, we store that entry in the database and currently we're at 3645 records (which isnt that much)..but it looks like the problem is deeper than that..

Anyway we've got the techincal support guys at the web host on it and im told they'll be sorting it this morning (american morning for what its worth)..

In the background im still uploading beats and samples for week 6/7 so hopefully we can roll over today still..

more news as it happens.