Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Homework 80 - Bigger Than Hiphop

New homework! thanks for holdin out for the week break;

Homework 80 - Bigger Than Hiphop

This week is all about branching out; theres no theme to beat except we want you to display your beat skills outside of a traditional "blap" not to say anyone is generic in the least! but more that this week is your carte blanche to step out and hand in literally whatever you like for your it jazz, soul, drum & bass or ghettotech!

Show us what you can do when we free the walls! this is a non genre specific homework but it would be nice if you cooked something up specially rather than that 2 year old dubstep beat you had laying around!

Beats are due Sunday 19th December, email to

Friday, 10 December 2010

Jaisu - Prelude To The MPC EP + Promo Vid

Jaisu is finally hitting his blap hungry followers off with a release!, "Straight Out The MPC" is a collection 30 beats spanning his explosive Youtube beat tape series as well as sneaky new treats that have been crafted inbetween.

Before you can get your hands on that though he's dropped the "Prelude To The MPC" EP which features instrumental versions of released joints Jaisu has produced as well as a few sneaky vocal tracks, this and the "Straight Out The MPC" Beat Tape can be obtained from his bandcamp page linked below.

Visual accompaniment to these new releases comes courtesy of the Den's AB0181 who went in to provide a crazy costume changing sequence of Jai in the lab, peep!

Jaisu - Prelude To The MPC Promo Vid by AB0181

I think you can agree that they're both killin it!! Go bag them treats now! launched + LEO beat tape!

Mykes emerged from the lab with a new beat tape and shiny website to show us, you may have noticed him in our BFF links to the left but for those who dont know you can now get the lowdown on everything Myke Forte and Audiopixel related at his new digital outlet, he's got his discography, up to date news, blogs and more!

To celebrate the launch he's dropped the latest instalment of the Zodiak Beat Tape series in the form of Leo! go bag and be sure to check out the site!

A quick word from Myke about the release
"This one was quite tricky to finish as I didn't have a theme for this so I decided to try and interpret sounds by mood, and the fact that the Leo star sign is in the summer I wanted feel good beats, but not all of them came out that way. Give it a listen after the download, pass it on and send feedback. Peace.

Myke Forte - Zodiak::Leo

01 WarmUp (Sun Spirit)
02 SummerBreak (Zesteemed)
03 2Halves (VainConfidence)
04 Opalfruits (PassionAte)
05 illvillain (Domination)
06 NoJokes (Commandeer)
07 CruiseControl (Confidence)
08 OnaipChops (Cre-action)
09 Alionate (Self-Centered)
10 NeonBlack (Enlightened)
11 SoulAfrica (LionPride)
12 BeginingEnds (Presentfuture)
13 TalkingFlowers (Social Butterflies)

DOWNLOAD: bandcamp | megaupload

So remember thats, hit dude up on Twitter @MykeForte if you wanna stay up to date!.

S-TYPE - Medusa EP free download

Den badman, league 08 winner and Tartan Bully S-TYPE has recently dropped the Medusa EP on the Phuture Labs label; dont let the title fool you bumping it wont turn your ears to stone but your neck may feel like it after the crazy head nods it'll generate!. The 3 track EP is genre crossing fusing elements of Electronica, Hiphop, Future Beats and more but rather than trying to pigeonhole you'd be better off bumping it (LOUD) and letting your ears form their own opinion

S-TYPE - Medusa EP (Phuture Labs 2010)

1. Terry Nutkins
2. Mr Lizard
3. Medusa

DOWLOAD: MP3's @ Phuture Labs | Wavs @ Soundcloud

Be sure to follow @S_TypeBeats on Twitter, "Like" him on his official Facebook page and check his Bandcamp if you wanna hear more heat!.

Jon Phonics Goodies - Run For Cover x TBear EP

I love it when I've got a backlog of stuff to blog for no other reason that it means are boys are really on this ting! Next up is Jon Phonics who seems to have ditched sleep in favor of delivering more slabs of future funk.

Run For Cover & A.M
Jon has a 7 inch single dropping early next year with the Chakra Sounds label to serve as a warm up he's put the tracks Run For Cover and A.M out to get y'all ready, you can bag those at the Chakra Sounds Bandcamp page, download and digest!! as bonus he makes his music video directoral debut in the promo vid for Run For Cover which you can peep below!.

Jon Phonics - Run For Cover Promo Video

JP x TB = EP
A couple weeks back Phonics and T'Bear (star of beat cypher 11) decided to put together a selection previously released works and stuff they had in the vaults to form a free EP entitled ‘TB aka TBear V’s Jon Phonics’ EP, so you got bangin beats from JP and dope bars courtesy of the charasmatic TB all for free, go grab it!

Local Hero Presents ‘TB aka TBear V’s Jon Phonics’ EP

01. Intro
02. Sex On Drugs
03. Reach For The Top
04. Celebrate
05. Free At Last
06. Deeper Underground
07. More Forward (Ill Rhythmikz Mix)
08. Broken Mans dreams (Feat. Mr. Drastick)
09. Changes (Feat. Yasine)
10. Remember (Feat. Sir Smurf Lil’ & Raggo Zulu Rebel)
11. More Forward (Original Version 2006)

DOWNLOAD: mediafire

Be sure to hit up @JonPhonics on Twitter if you want to stay glued to his releases/movements!

Evil Needle Beatmaking Video #2

Check the super dope fresh Evil Needle cooking up a heatrock in the lab powered by Reason and what looks like Leffe (big up)..

Evil Needle Beamaking Video #2

Nice work Needz! always bringing heat in the homeworks!, If you want to peep more blaps from him be sure to check his Bandcamp where he is archiving a lot of his louisden works.

BUG winter mix for RadioMagnetic +Quandron Remix

Hot on the heels of his last beat mix Radio Magnetic have recruited BUG to deliver an exclusive mix; head over there to peep 15 selected treats perfect to chill/zone out to as a backdrop for your wintery vibes.

1. Floating Points Ensemble – Post Suite
2. Sampha – Rainstars
3. Aaron Carl – Sky
4. Flying Lotus – Do The Astral Plane
5. Olivier Daysoul – In The Now (Duke Hugh Boassatronic Remix)
6. Afta-1 – H(eye)LAND (feat. Nikko Gray)
7. Full Crate – Cut The Barb
8. Floating Points – People’s Potential
9. Theo Parrish – Sketches (A1 / Untitled)
10. DVA – Just Vybe (feat. Fatima)
11. A Made Up Sound – Rear Window
12. Joy Orbison – Ladywell
13. Maddslinky – Further Away (feat. Tawiah)
14. Stac – Head On Me (Part Time Heroes Remix)
15. Quadron – Average Fruit (BUG’s Punch-Up)

The mix also closes with his recent illy remix of Quadrons Average Fruit if you want to listen to that outside of the mix he's got it up on his SoundCloud page to stream peep below.

Quadron - Average Fruit (BUG's Punch-Up) by BUGMusic