Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Remaining August Beat Cypher 06 Lineup!

What up people, thanks to everyone who tuned into the live stream last night, we've got a new homework dropping later today and a full post about beat cypher 06, but just to hold you down till let me drop the names of the remaining producers for beat 06!.

  • Joining FS GREEN will be fellow Amsterdam producer SIR OJ, they've both collabed in the past dropping the State Beat Tapes together and their dope "Remixing" project. OJ is part of the dope collective Slumgullion who also had a project out a while back called Disko; dudes crazy with the beats and should make the beat cypher even more ill (as if it wasnt already!!!).

  • Finally, some Birminigham support in the form of URBAN MONK. Monk's put in time behind the boards producing for the likes of MD7, MALIK, ESTELLE, AKALA and more; no stranger to the beat cyphers he's turned out many a open beats session and will no doubt have bangers to drop!.

    Also the PA's for beat cypher 6 will come from SEROCEE & J-LEEN, CHIMA ANYA and Eatgood records own TAHARKA!!, gonna be one hell of a night!!.

    So yeahhhh there it is, start spreading the word!, facebook events, myspace spammage and all that good stuff will commence from now!!.

    tell a friend to tell a friend!!.
  • Tuesday, 14 July 2009

    Homework 55 - "Percy Filth Reflips"

    We're BAAAAAACK on the homeworks!!, get over to the LDBB myspace blog to read the latest challenge which is Percy Filth reflips!!, to celebrate the recent release from LouisDen FAM Member Percy Filth, you've got the chance to revisit some of the samples he flipped for his first release a couple years back!.

    Details over here at the myspace blog

    Sunday, 12 July 2009

    “Procrastinat(K)ing” free release from Truth

    Check out the free release from the homie Truth!, “Procrastinat(K)ing”. For those unfamiliar with dude he's a producer/emcee from Ipswich (and actually a one time louisden entrant lol see homework #4 'king midas') ANNNNNNNYWAY we've been buildin for time as we've blessed his Rapsloitation nights a couple of times plus traded bars back and forth on various Rapsloitation/Eat Good material and he's finally dropped a little suttin' for heads to digest.

    Procrastinat(K)ing”, a 9-track EP/Mixtape/Album (circle appropiate one) and features Sonnyjim, Kosyne, Grimlok & Conflix aswell as production from Archimendes, Charlie Mac, Hoaxman, Sivey, Mr Laws, Mazzie, Prolifik & myself.
    Artwork by Kimbo – www.thatboykimbo.com
    It’s available for free download from : http://www.sendspace.com/file/juh6m2
    Please let us know what you think of it!
    You can even sample all the tunes @ http://www.myspace.com/reggierhythm if you’re hard-struck for hardrive space.

    Track list :
    01. Ironman [Prod. Prolifik]
    02. Wannadoo ft. Grimlok [Prod. Charlie Mac]
    03. Rap by Numbers [Prod. Hoaxman]
    04. Gotta Say [Prod. Mr Laws]
    05. Pass That ft. Kosyne [Prod. Mazzie]
    06. Sideview [Prod. Jimmy Green]
    07. Picadilly (Mr Officer) [Prod. Truth]
    08. Heavyweight ft. Conflix & Sonnyjim [Prod. Archimedes]
    09. Take Time [Prod. Sivey]

    BOLD denotes production from ldbb fam!

    Anyway, dude is one of the scenes most hardworking people so do hit him back with feedback on the release if you're feelin it


    Friday, 10 July 2009

    LouisDen BeatCypher 06 - Aug 13th

    Keeping it moving (one month on, one month off) for you hungry beat heads!! BEAT CYPHER 06 is coming in AUGUST!!, the date is Aug 13th (yes a Thursday, thats beat cypher day!) as #5 was a one off to allow for a bigger spot we're back at the Sunflower Lounge (see Beat Cypher 04 with Myke / Sivey / IQ / Ranx, Msi / Asaviour etc) so yeah it'll be cosy but sick vibes as always, We'll slowly leak the names of the performers this time round (have some fun with it) but I think we've got a dope mix again and it'll be another memorable night once again!. Alright SO.....on the boards so far we'll be having.

  • Producer, DJ and remixer from Amsterdam FS GREEN, ripping up the underground out there and making waves everywhere FS will be joining the line up at Beat cypher 06, yeahhh we international now!! following on from Oddisee at Cypher05, Louis Den has the honor of being the first UK gig FS will be blessing BANNG!

  • Waiting in the wings since day dot we've got LDBB resident SHEEEEEEEARS!..producer/DJ/record collector and mojhito aficionado Shears has been killin LDBB since the homeworks its a shame we couldn't have put dude on earlier (our list of fam is just that big) but he's been waiting patiently and now its time!!, im hoping he'll have a huge stash of new crack rocks to play us!.

    So yeah 2 producers in and the bill is already super sick (who else is waiting!??!...) we'll leak perfomers/producers before the end of next week then start hittin you over the head with flyers!.

    oh and before I bounce...those wondering about the couple week hiatus!!.

    New Homeworks
    Alright so you would have noticed that as we've been busy the homeworks has suffered so once again theres a few videos waiting to appear and a new challenge could do with getting set..well the good news is you dont have to wait much longer, we'll probably have a run of a couple more homeworks before the league is full swing and use this time to generate sign ups from the myspace / other networks.

    So yeah we're still here!! as you can see theres lots going on!....stay tuned!!
  • Louis Den League 2009 Season!

    If you arent a member of the louisden forums (located here - http://www.louisden.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl) Then GET TO KNOW!, continuing with the ill summer of beatmaking we had last year We're returing with the LOUIS DEN LEAGUE 2009, if you'd like to get involved either as a beatmaker whose part of the competition or as a listener/fan who can place votes on your favourite beats then JOIN THE FORUM NOW! check for the "Louis Den Beat Battles League 2009 Season" subforum and all the information is located there!.

    S-Type won the competition last year with a 40 producer total league!, so far we're already at the that number with just heads from the forums so we're expecting that number to rise!...for now we arent going to put a limit on the amount of people that can enter and theres still plenty of time to join up (the site is still being built!) but if you DO FLOP there will be consequences!! so only jump on if you are comitted!.

    Sign up as a producer


    Sign up as a voter/fan

    *make sure you have logged in to the forum first!

    If you need reminding of how dope the league was last year then the original 2008 season is still hosted with beats to listen to!.

    Louis Den League 2008 Season.

    Behind Closed Doors 2 in Amsterdam!

    Doin the 'Dam thing..
    What up people, been a minute since some blogging / homework action on the louisden front but dont get it twisted we've been very busy!...since we dropped Behind closed Doors Vol 1 myself and AB0181 have been carefully planning the next installment off the magazine and the weekend just past saw us visit to Amsterdam to officially start work on Volume 2. We dont want to give too much away on the planned features but with what we captured over the weekend I think we're well on to making more than a worthy sequel, we'll leave you with some teaser shots from SOME of the action!.

    Oh and if you've no idea about the dope Behind Closed Doors project then scoot over to the mini site here (www.louisden.com/bcd) we're down to the last few copies so order NOW if you wanna own a peice of hiphop beatmaking cinema history lol....forreal tho if/when we do repress the project it wont be in the hand numbered DVD/Beat CD form it is now so once these are gone they are GONE!!.