Monday, 27 June 2011

Wizard - Chill Pill 3 (Free / Donate DL)

Producer Wizard is doing his best to carry on his rep as one of the Den's hardest working beatsmiths with his latest release; the third instalment of the "Chill Pill" series which see's Wiz dropping head nodding laid back instrumentals perfect for riding out too or zoning out on a late night tip!

This time round he's done it a little differently and in a sly nod to the throwback "Tag Team" homework Wiz has collabed with a lot of Louis Den's finest to bring some joint productions to the table.

On the project are Den prodcers Kelakovski, Myke Forte, Dockmini, S-TYPE, Pete Cannon, Apatight, Evil Needle, Budgie, Jeeks (Jeekay), Shears and Sivey...oh and me!! (as well as collabs with Jack Flash and longtime OSB'z rhyme partner/producer Scizzahs) To ge the collabs poppin' Wizard bounced track stems back and forth allowing the other producers to bounce ideas to form some very flamey blaps!

Check Wizards bandcamp for the "Pay what you want" download and get some heat!! Great beats all round from Wiz and the rest of the den boys!

Wizard - Chill Pill 3

1.I'm Hooked (Featuring Jack Flash)
2.Big Shades
3.Help Me (Featuring Kelakovski)
4.Diamond (Featuring S-Type)
5.I'm A Fool
6.June (Featuring Pete Cannon)
8.Uh!...Bounce (Featuring Apatight)
9.Southern Man (Featuring Evil Needle)
11.Fresh Prince Nod (Featuring Kosyne)
12.Round & Round (Featuring Scizzahz)
13.Groove Joint
14.Billy (Featuring Myke Forte)
15.Dance (Featuring Budgie)
16.Hammock Shit (Featuring Shears)
17.Pimp Slap (Featuring Jeeks)
18.Take It Off (Featuring Sivey)
20.Spacecraft (Featuring Dockmini)

DOWNLOAD: bandcamp

Get em Wiz!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

RIP Michael Jackson

Dang, 2 years since the King Of Pop passed, Rest In Peace Michael and thank you for the great music!

Figure I'd post a Louis Den throwback and something from our extended fam to mark the event.

First off is the audio reel from Louis Den Homework #24 which was our Michael Jackson challenge, this was one of the toughest homeworks to date as it required producers to dig through Michaels solo catlog and raid it for every single sound available to flip into a beat (thats EVERY sound...drums/basses/synths you name it).

Some ill beats got turned in but a bit of a sleepy studio session meant that there was the traditional lab video to back it up with (that we used to put out weekly back then)..

Anyway, short of a month its great to look back at a 3 year old homework!

Louis Den Homework 24 Audio

Remember, this is a retrospective look back! most if not all the producers here have improved incredibly in 3 years and some may have floated into Louis Den obscurity!!

A requirement of the homework was to break down the process; although some didn't; read below for the process of those that did (I filled in the gaps where I could), this is copied and pasted from the original blog entry on the louisden myspace.

I only used "Off The Wall" and "Thriller" as I refuse to own anything with "Dirty Diana" on it! When I started, all I had was a 7" of "Rock With You" so chopped some of the drums and some vocal stabs from there, and eventually layered them into the obvious kick and snare from everyone's fav, "Billie Jean". Once I had the drums rocking, I chopped up some bass notes from "Baby Be Mine" before adding a touch of guitar from "The Girl Is Mine". There's some additional vocal flavour sliced and diced from "It's The Falling In Love".

sample = lady in my life (thriller)
bass = billie jean kick drum looped
synth = billie jean kick drum looped
kick = billie jean kick processed/ eqed to shit
percussion = workin day and night (off the wall)
snare = workin day and night or something else on off the wall
random hiccups/ breaths = throughout off the wall and thriller

CHEMO aka DJ BUM HANDS (lol) (
Sounds like Liberian Girl from Bad formed the main part of the beat up im guessin the drum hits must have been from Thriller or Bad as they seem to be an 808 kit. (kos)

Sounds like "I Cant Help It" formed the main part of this beat. (kos)

Drums - from Beat It
Samples - from The Lady In My Life

I got the hi-hat from billie jean..layered kicks from rock with you..a snare from rock with you layered with a snare from billie jean..bass is from leave me alone..and main melodic sample is from rock with you.

Sounds like "I Cant Help It" forming the main chop/loop. (kos)

The kick drums are layered they came from "Get On The Floor" and "Billie Jean"; I stuck a low pass filter on the "Billie Jean" kick to bring it out a little and used another one normally; the hihat came from "Billie Jean" as did the snare which I also layered with a rim from "Liberian Girl".

Theres a hipass filter on some pitched down vocals I took from "Lady In My Life" and I took the synth keys from the start of "Just Good Friends" and finally I made my bassline by taking a snip of the "Billie Jean" kick setting loop points (so it repeats) and adding a filter/bass boost.

Chopped "Human Nature".

Kickdrum 1: Billie Jean (Thriller)
Kickdrum 2: P.Y.T. (Thriller)
Snare: Billie Jean (Thriller)
HiHat 1: Billie Jean (Thriller)
HiHat 2: Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Thriller)
HiHat 3: Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (Off The Wall)
Main Sample: Off The Wall (Off The Wall)
Hits, short parts etc.: All hits and little parts and something else like thats cames from mj's "Off The Wall"!

So you really got all I did with the beat...of course there is a lot of equalizing and compression work for drums, the main sample and its hits and little parts!

Seemed to take a lot of bits from various tracks, I reckon I can hear the "Billy Jean" drums, elements of "Rock With You" and "Smooth Criminal" but theres much more in there! (kos).

Sounds like "Human Nature" forming the main chop (kos)

Used the drums from "Billie Jean" and chopped up part of "Lady In My Life"

Finally, P.L.O from Associated Minds (Den heads my recognise him from Wrapped Up 2009 and Wrapped Up 2010) decided to remake "Beat It" from scratch; right down to the very intricate Eddie Van Halen guitar solo....incredible!! check it out and shouts to the AM camp!.

P.L.O of Associated Minds - Beat It Instrumental Remake

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Get Em Pete! - Pete Cannon Beat Making Vid

Something fresh and brand new, one of the dens finest "Pete Cannon" drops a beatmaking video for heads to see one of his many approaches.

True school approach here as he digs for a sample and the drums and stitches it all together in what looks like Abelteezy and his trademark sneaky synth stylings....magnificent, get em P!!

Pete Cannon makes a quick hardcore beat

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Young RJ Beat Series Episodes 1 & 2

Spotted at nahright.

Here's Young RJ (formerly of B.R Gunna w/ Black Milk) and Barrak Records mainstay breaking down the beat he made which became "Morning Rize" for De La Soul. Nice to see the lab setup (customized MPC3000, Pro Tools and an SP1200 for good measure!).

Young RJ - Beat Series EP 2 "Morning Rize"

Nice beat and a great sample although #geekyobservation...I think S1 might have just edged his flip of the same sample.

I was a bit slow on the jump and didn't realise I missed the first episode of the series which also showed the break down of another track from the same De La Soul x Nike Mixtape - Are You In; the joint "Forever", this ones also nice as he breaks down structuring sequences on the MP and using inbetween BPM's for swing.

Young RJ - Beat Series EP 1 "Forever"

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Day In The Life Of Alchemist

Always great seein ALC in the lab! heres a quick interview with him telling you about his typical day and its also a sneaky segue into his brand new Soul Assassins clothing line which is coming soon!

Day In The Life Of Alchemist

Kela Got That Crack 2011 Batch

Ok so the homeworks maybe MIA (we'll be back stay tuned) but Kelz has still been busy cooking up that good good, check his latest batch of beats below on his newly setup Soundcloud account. These joints are for sale, holla on his official website for more info.

Kela Got That Crack 2011 by Kelakovski

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Check Kelz online at

Dockmini June Batch (beats for sale!)

LouisDen Alumni Dockmini has unleashed another great batch of beats for artists to check through and purchase if they hear anything which takes their liking. Needless to say its a dope tape with a mix of soulful and grimy beats, plus a few double time joints for good measure!

Rappers/Singers alike holla at dock and get in touch if you like what you hear!

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