Sunday, 16 May 2010

The New School: Day Six - Inphy

* the following post is a summary/swipe of "THE NEW SCHOOL" series penned by LuigiBo87 and posted at hiphophypedog, Louis Den are covering the articles as LDBB fam are also featured!.

Inphy - Jay Z 99 Problems Remix (Instrumental)

This guy is the best kept secret out of everyone on this list; banging out all the way from the Czech Republic we have Inphy.

With a great ear for samples and drums you're sure to love his sound! Inphy is most definitely a graduate from the school of Pete Rock and is definitely going to be one of the torch carriers for the "classic boom-bap" sound in Hip-Hop.

His remix of Little Brother's "Life Of the Party" sounds like it easily could have been the original. From the drums, to the samples, all the elements hit the mark and it compliments the accapella perfectly in my opinion! At the young age of 19, Inphy is only going to get better from here! Get familiiar now!

The New School: Day Five - Jaisu

Jaisu - Kosmos (f)/(st)ans will recognise it from his opening blap in beat cypher 2!

Aite well continuing on LuigiBo's New School series (which he is running over at hiphop hypedog and we're dual posting here). Its the first of a few Louis Den residents that made the list in the form of Edinburgh heatmaker JAISU!. Lets see what they had to say about dude! - kos.

* the following post is a summary/swipe of "THE NEW SCHOOL" series penned by LuigiBo87 and posted at hiphophypedog, Louis Den are covering the articles as LDBB fam are also featured!.

This time we head across the pond to Edinburgh, Scotland to hear Louis Den regular Jaisu. If you're like me, you were lucky enough to randomly run across Jaisu's beat tape series on Youtube. If this is your first time hearing of him you're in for a treat!

Jaisu's deft, creative chopping skills, neck breaking drums and deep warm basslines combine to give his beats a unique, captivating feel which will appeal to both boom bap purists and fans of a more modern, forward looking, sample based hip hop sound equally.

The shooter and editor of Jaisu's beat tape series, ab0181, and the founder of Louis Den, Kosyne, featured him on their production DVD magazines: BCD 1 & 2. These DVDs, along with his production work for Sha Stimuli, Marvwon, Punchline, General Steele and on his fellow Beat Fanatic member Slopfunkdust's 'Smoker's Choice' project, are great starting points while you wait for his forthcoming, highly anticipated, beat tape to be released.

The New School: Day Four - Nameless

* the following post is a summary/swipe of "THE NEW SCHOOL" series penned by LuigiBo87 and posted at hiphophypedog, Louis Den are covering the articles as LDBB fam are also featured!.

Nameless - Emerald Dreams

Nameless comes from Flint, Michigan. Nameless is an extremely versatile and talented producer who gives another reason for me to believe that there really is something in the water in Michigan.

Nameless can do it all, from soul samples, video game samples, and originals that bang! Nameless even is dope in the fields of art and graphic design. I strongly suggest that you go to his Bandcamp site and just download everything. He has tons of bangers on all of his beat tapes, you won't be disappointed!

Also, be on the lookout for his new tribute project "Don't Hurt Em Teddy P" dropping this Summer! On top of that he also has, "CORDLESS" [B. Corder + NAMELESS], and "16-Bit: Bonus Stages" and "HellCassell" planned for this sumer also.

The New School: Day Three - J.Bizness

* the following post is a summary/swipe of "THE NEW SCHOOL" series penned by LuigiBo87 and posted at hiphophypedog, Louis Den are covering the articles as LDBB fam are also featured!.

J. Bizness - Why

Championing a West Coast vibe; Ontario, CA's own J. Bizness is finally getting the shine he deserves.

J. Bizness has been making beats for 13 years and has scored placments with Trek Life, Little Brother, Buff 1, and Jimetta Rose. If you're looking for beats to just vibe out to, look no further than J.Bizness.

You may have heard some of Biz's productions recently thanks to his 3P series with FWMJ.

<a href="">On The Regular feat. Mr. Sobers aka Maestro Montana by J.Bizness</a>

Thursday, 13 May 2010

BUG has won the Louis Den League 2009

After deciding to enter the league last minute and being placed in division 3, he worked his way up to the Divsion 1 and managed to battle his way to the stop spot only taking 1 L along the way, during his race to the top BUG squared off against Prolifik, Cyril Snare
Mazzie, Ed Strong, Dockmini, Ill Clinton, J-Trees and Half Baked. Big up BUG for taking the win and delivering some amazing beats!, shouts
to Sivey and S-TYPE (league 08 winner) for coming in a respectable 2nd and 3rd in a very heated tournament with some very talented producers.

Big up to Boombaptist, Ed Strong and Itchy Digits for coming first in the second division.

Finally congrats to, J-Soul , Smith The Mister and Lucina Playmobile take 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively in Division 3.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the league as either a producer or a regular voter; all the heads who turned up to the live stream/chat room and contributed samples, we'll be back later on this year with the 2010 league (hosting has already been copped!!) so expect more beatmaking madness and once again, big up BUG for coming through and taking the top spot, apologies for taking so long
to wrap up the league! but theres nothing like closure eh?, we're done.

LOUIS DEN LEAGUE 2009 IS OVER....PEACE!, we'll be back sooner than you think!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Jon Phonics - Half Past Calm 2 (free download)

Half Past Calm 2 is finally here and boy is it serious!. The blurb follows but lemme give you my input!!.

Half Past Calm 2 is the follow up to Jon's free LP he dropped a couple years back. For those who havent heard the free projects he's dropped since are in for treat as you'll hear how Jon's sound has evolved over the past couple; still maintaining the dirt,dust and grit found in his original LP theres the addition of his future funk elements as he encorporates more synth work and space age bounce into his signature sound found in his league heaters over last autumn and the free winter beat tape Jonathans Beats & Peices.

Ok, here comes the official text!.

Jon Phonics - Half Past Calm 2 [2010] (YNR)
01 Intro.mp3
02 Raw Ingredients (Feat. Cyrus Malachi & Jehst).mp3
Buried Below The Ground (Feat. Micall Parknsun).mp3
04 Pump (Feat. Fliptrix, Sonnyjim, Ramson Badbonez & Verb T).mp3
05 Spirit Of The Golden Sun (Feat. 9 Planets).mp3
06 Phonetically Obba (Feat. Obba Supa & Evil Ed).mp3
07 Tug The Rope (Feat. Melanin 9).mp3
08 Wrong Way (Feat. Prophet).mp3
09 The Other Guy (Feat. Kosyne).mp3
10 I See You (Feat. Kal Sereousz).mp3
11 Dark Days (Feat. Fliptrix & Jam Baxter).mp3
12 Mind Over Matter (Feat. Verb T & Kashmere).mp3
13 Rabbit Jab (Feat. Masikah).mp3
14 Road Rage (Feat. Nasheron & Melanin 9 of Triple Darkness).mp3
15 Changes (Feat. T-Bear & Yasine).mp3

LINK 1: Sign up to the mailing list here to receive a link in your email.

The wait is over people... Jon Phonics' 'Half Past Calm 2' is finally here! Showcasing the production talents of one of the UK's finest, alongside the cream of the countries MC talent including YNR's very own Jehst, Kashmere, Verb T & Micall Parknsun, extended fam Triple Darkness, Eat Good Records' Sonnyjim & Kosyne, Ramson Badbonez, Jam Baxter & more. Jon has once again provided an eclectic audio snap-shot of what the UK scene has to offer to Hip Hop in 2010.

Sign up to our YNR Newsletter to receive your free download! That's right... FREE!!! You can also head over to our shop to cop 1 of 300 Limited Edition CD's with hand-printed 4-ply booklet and inlay/poster courtesy of Brixton Basement Press. This collectors item is guaranteed to disappear fast and is only available from YNR and Suspect Packages. So don't sleep!.

The New School: Day Two - B.Lewis

* the following post is a summary/swipe of "THE NEW SCHOOL" series penned by LuigiBo87 and posted at hiphophypedog, Louis Den are covering the articles as LDBB fam are also featured!.

Hurt Hurt Go Away - B.Lewis (THE NEW SCHOOL: DAY 2)

Lewis is a producer from San Jose, California and 1/3 of the group Alora along with RU and Insightful. Lewis started making beats about a year and a half ago and has picked up pretty fast! With a forte in sampling dreamy doo-wop and classic jazz records and his hooks that have that "Take em to Church" feeling to them.

As a heads up, Lewis' new one is dropping in a couple weeks its called Mercury Backburner.

The New School: Day One - Xperiment

* the following post is a summary/swipe of "THE NEW SCHOOL" series penned by LuigiBo87 and posted at hiphophypedog, Louis Den are covering the articles as LDBB fam are also featured!.

Xperiment - Wait & See

After moving to Colorado from San Antonio in 2000, Xperiment found a love for Hip Hop music and began to try his hand at beat making. After 9 years of hard work and self teaching, he's finally ready to take over with his unique style of beats.

Having already worked with artists such as Sunkenstate, Curren$y, Braille, and more, Xperiment is definitely one to keep your eyes and ears on!

The New School from LuigiBo87

Music head and blap aficionando LuigiBo87 has been dipping his toes into producer centred blogs/releases/compilations via the hiphophypedog blog and twitter, bringing you his Best Of Beats 2009 compilation at the top of this year to his Dust Of The NES compilation which featured 8-bit / chiptune inspired beats.

This time round (in association with hypedog) he plans to bring you 10 producers to watch for 2010, with some of the list containing Louis Den affiliates we figured we'd may as well mirror his posts here and let you know who else you should be watching out for and hopefully put you onto some new producers!.

lets goo.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Homework 61 - I Usually Rock Around 120 BPM

Ok the Little Brother sample flip challenge was dope, a lot of usual names missing from the mix (come on people!!) but still some great offerings including a full remix EP of little brother accas/samples from Evil Needle..crazy!, ok so this time round we're going to a homework suggestion and is a lot more open to interpretation and not necessarily sample based..lets do it.

Homework 61 - I Usually Rock About 120 BPM

*challenge suggested by S-TYPE

This week we figured going for something a little more different; poached form the "homework suggestions thread" over at the louisden forums S-TYPE suggested having a set BPM challenge rather than a sample theme or flip.

So why not try it out!, the rules are simple; make a beat at this particular tempo!!..theres a lot of scope for some cross genre business (thats not an invite to turn some europop or hiphouse!), just try and keep it funky, to inspire you here are some 110+ BPM hiphop joints you would have heard in the past (just a random selection

A few songs 110 BPM+ to get some ideas!!
De La Soul - A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturday
De La Soul - Me Myself and I
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - The Creator
Wu Tang - Gravel Pit
EPMD Ft LL - Rampage
Joe Budden ft Busta Rhymes - Fire


To turn in a fresh beat (samples/non sampled anythings cool) which is at 120 BPM, email entries to, ideally attach the mp3 straight we dont really want to be messing with download wait limits and captcha codes!.


23rd May 2010 (extended!), lab session will be around 18:00 we dont wanna chase links in the session!!..we'll be broadcasting live from the lab at newcomers are welcome!! just email your beats over and get in!.