Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Jaisu H33T featured in top drawer Parkour video

In February this year Jaisu was busy connecting the dots with music stuff out in L.A and it's fair to say he came back more inspired than ever! Since then Jai has been in his lab creating new heat, bringing in more creative ways of working with the MPC and samples.

I've been up at the Jai lab recently to film some stuff and there's a new video coming on the AB0181 channel, until then have a look at the homie Tim Shieff's latest visual documentation on one of his Parkour friends Phil Doyle using all new, exclusive Jaisu heat throughout as a soundtrack.

Them dudes are doing something crazy with their free-running skills and I wish I could swing around trees like that..haha.

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Give Tim a shout @Timothyshieff or watch more crazyness on his YouTube.

This dope video was produced by Visive Productions.

Until next time, peace!