Thursday, 30 September 2010

Kelakovski - BeatMix 2010

Kelz is in the lab doing what he does best; churning out fresh beats, he recently dropped a 2010 beat reel for heads to get a sneak preview on what he's been working on, and to let em know that theres more of the same if heads wanna get in touch and purchase material (think of it as a audio business card), some belters here!

Kelakovski - BeatMix 2010

While we're on the selling beats tip, heres a £50 joint Kela threw up earlier last week, first come first serve!.

Kelakovski - £50 Beat

Holla at @Kelakovski on Twitter or via

Jon Phonics - Do It Phonz! [free download]

Jon dropped this free gem the other week on his soundcloud, the beat entitled "Do It" went down a storm at August's beat cypher and now he's giving it away to good people! be sure to check the future bounce!! he had heads goin nuts with this one!.

Pretty sure I demanded a pull up!.

Do It Phonz by jonphonics

Holla at @JonPhonics on Twitter.

Raul Supreme - Beat Bonanza [free download]

Louis Den resident Raul Supreme has been busy at it again, he's put together a free short beat collection entitled "Beat Bonanza" as he hasn't given this a formal title/artwork I'd treat it as more 'beats from the lab' rather than a project..either way dude has been busy and theres some nice joints here, including the recent 22tracks addition "Space-Lo-Tek", GET EM RAUL!.

Raul Supreme - Beat Bonanza
42nd Street
Bubble Blip
Cady Club
Chinatown Express
Dela Roose
Sex Am

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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Homework 72 - Sesame Street Week

Lets cut to the chase with this one!, homework is due SUNDAY 3rd October and suggested in the chatroom in the last session; cant remember who exactly was responsible but its a dope idea so lets run with it!!.

Homework 72 - Sesame Street Week

This week the goal is to make a beat using music samples from the kids show "Seasme Street" which you should all know!! this can be any of the educational skits, the theme songs or music from any of the albums or merchandise tie ins they've put out, here are some dope examples Swiff D | Alchemist. Usual Louis Dren rules apply; so use your own sounds/drums/synths but try to stay close to the sample.

Beats are due Sunday 3rd October, email entries to by 18:00 and tune in at within the hour of closing for the session to start!!.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

No Louis Den Session Tonight!

Just a quick note to you guys to let you know theres not homework playbacks for the Expendables homework tonight; unfortunately we cant all get to the lab so we've called it off for another week so consider this an extension!!, If you've already submitted a beat then feel free to send in another beat (label it clearly) and we'll play that next week!


Monday, 13 September 2010

Homework 70 - Expendables Week

The "Simply Red Week" came out kinda nice! props to everyone who entered a beat; was quite a consistent week for beats as you guys didnt disappoint!.

Something a little more regular this week, we're revisiting an old theme of action movie stars (remember Arnie week?) but given a recent film release we figure its a nice tie in and quite an open challenge which'll hopefully attract some heads that have been sleeping back into the homeworks, you should use these as a perfect exercise to sharpen up, afterall the league is coming!...

Homework 71 - Expendables Week

This week we want you to flip samples from soundtracks that comprimise the filmographies of the actors in the new flick "The Expendables", the cast is stupidly large and consists of some of Hollywoods Action Star vets..for a full listing head off to the idmb entry in the links but off the top you've got Dolph Lundgren, Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jet Li and the list goes on!.

Similar to Arnie week you've got an open license to go flip anything from sountracks of any of the actors previous efforts (so if you think Sly you've got the Rambo series, Cobra, Rocky, Demolition Man etc...the list goes on) and the others have mighty healty resumes too so you really are spoilt for choice!.

This week the goal is to make a beat using soundtracks (or movie scores) from any film containing a cast member of the new movie "The Expendables", standard louisden rules apply you can use your own drum sounds,vst's, instrumentation; just as long as the body of the beat is from the sample, email your finished beats to please dont send us download links; we dont wanna be waiting on downloads and entering captcha codes when we're itching to start the session!! attach them in the message so we can DL em straight away!!

Hit the lab and bring something to us by Sunday 19th September, we'll be streaming from the lab around 18:30 @

If you're stuck for material, hit the louisden forums at for some help!, the imdb page for the expendables is over here -

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Homework 70 - Simply Red Week

No its not a joke, kela suggested it; those of you who hung around in the stream might have had the heads up, I said let it be on his head...he said fine hahaha uff it lets give it a go, its a bit of fun and plenty of samplable joints I guess!.

Homework 70 - Simply Red Joints

Im not sure how the discussion came about but we were in the lab and ended up talking about dudes music, Kela seemed well up for using the bands music for this weeks challenge insisting there was heat in there so lets see!.

Samples this week need to come from my man Mick and his band, seriously.... Standard ldbb rules do what you have to do to make heat but get the sample source from the discography!.

Beats are due Sunday 12th September and as usual email the entries (with your producer name if it isnt obvious) to, Im determined to rally the gang and get in the lab for a decent time this week so tune in to the stream at from 18:30 and we'll kick things off, hopefully have some bangers to play you!.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Homework 69 - KPM Joints

Nice turn out for the sell out beats; after talking over the theme in the lab with Myke and Kelz we came to the conclusion that the "Sell Out" title might have been a bit misleading "Commercial Week" might have been better!.

Anyway there were some smashers so make sure you hit our ustream page over at to listen to the submitted beats and YES the divshare player will be coming back with all the previous homeworks so dont fret!

On with the new homework!

Homework 69 - KPM Joints

This week we want you guys to flip music from the kpm library records series (; partly inspired by watching some Ren & Stimpy the other week it came to my attention that most of the background music came from particular volumes in the series which dont scream "sample me" by most standards; its all familiar bed music that you would have come across in the past in one way or antoher so thats what we're using here.

If you've already got a hold the ones in question then even better; if not we'll link you to a page where you can peep them below; we figure after having a few themed/kit weeks we get back to a traditional sample flip so get busy!

This week you have to make a beat using a sample (or samples) from the following KPM releases.

KPM 81 - Archives 1 - Light Activity -
KPM 82 - Archives 2 - Drama -
KPM 83 - Archives 3 - Showbiz / Romance -
KPM 84 - Archives 4 - Newsreel / Sport -

Standard louisden rules apply, use samples from the releases specified although your own drums/vst's/synths are all cool as long as they dont draw away from how you've used the sounds in the archives.

Submit beats to for 18:00 on 5th September and follow @louisden on twitter to find out when we'll start streaming (hopefully by 19:00 latest)