Thursday, 25 August 2011

Louis Den Homework 89 Video Blog

Hopefully we'll be getting into the pattern of posting these each week explaining the goal of week's homework, makes it a lot easier for heads who dont want to read the wall of text that is a homework blog, plus should help get some new faces involved!!

Here's me in the lab w/ Sonnyjim breaking down the goal of this weeks homework (due 4th September!), props to Redbeard handling filming duties....Share / Repost / Tweet and all that good stuff! (direct link to video -

Louisden Homework 89 Video Blog

Download Headsplit Acapella here:

good luck!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Homework 89 - The Psychonaut Headsplit Remix

NEW HOMEWORRRRRRRRRRRRRRK! rejoyce!! aite so I've been mad busy with a gang of life ish for the past few months; tried my best to keep the ldbb blog updated with various bits but for the most part I've had to take a bit of a backseat.

Yes the league is still happening; We'll hopefully be ready for dope ass beat 3 to fall around the same time as it did back for the 2009-2010 league so get cooking in the lab!! before all that though We'll ease back into LDBB runnings with some homeworks! lets goo!.

Homework 89 - The Psychonaut Headsplit Remix

EATGOOD Records artist Sonnyjim has recetly dropped his ill "Psychonaut LP" which features production from M-Phazes, Illmind, Dag Nabit and Louis Den's Kelakovski, Pete Cannon and Eyebs; plus gang of others. The album is a joint release from EG and Australian label Obese (orchestrated from Sonny's tour out in Australia a couple years back) plus theres features/production coming from a few Oz artists.

To peep the LP head over to Sonnyjim's Bandcamp page and also take a look at the videos for the tracks "The Psychonaut" (prod DJ IQ) and "Flying To The Moon" (prod Kelakovski).

To celebrate the release of the album we've managed to prize an acapella off the project to let you guys give the remix treatment to. The original track "The Headsplit" is produced by Illmind and similar to our "Trading Standards Remixes" homework from a while back the best remix (picked by Sonnyjim in the stream) will get released via EATGOOD on an upcoming project, not bad eh?

If youd like to get busy with a remix then download the remix kit here (right click and save), included is the Acapella and a snippet of the original track so you can hear how the vocals are supposed to fit.

The track itself is 91.99 BPM, remember if you are new to remixing then do your homework with lining the vocals up!! the goal of a remix is to make your beat fit the vocals rather than the other way round; we'd only expect you to mess with the vox themselves if you are gonna draw from some dub/glitch influences but essensially if it's a straight up blap then get the BPM right!!

Its useful if your software/hardware would allow you to freely move the vox around your beat to line it up; if it doesnt you could always bounce out the beat into a multitrack editor and get it right that time!! but dont let an out of time Acca cost you the chance of winning!!

To remix the Sonnyjim track "The Headsplit", no restrictions or limitations just download the Vox and get it in!! however you are expected to turn in an original beat and not blend it with someone elses material.

This is a two week challenge to ease back into the homeworks! turn in the beat by 17:00 on 4th September, email your entries to ; please attach the mp3 to the email message rather than a download makes things a lot easier for us this way!!.

We'll be streaming at to hear the entries and pick a winner!! good luck!

Hear/Buy the Psychonaut LP
Listen to the full track of "The Headsplit"
Download the Acapella and snippet of "The Headsplit" in a ZIP

Myke Forte - Beat Making Series ep 1

Den regular and King Of The Beats champion Myke Forte has decided to launch his own beat making video series on Youtube, I ain't mad at that!! peep game how he gets down with a chopped sample on his MP2500 and extra sprinkles on his Microkorg XL

Myke Forte - Beat Making Series ep 1

Be sure to checkout Mykes new Youtube channel as he's added a few other beat related videos from his archive! good stuff, get em Myke.

Holla at Myke Forte
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Peep Myke's sounds on Soundcloud

Pete Cannon guest mix on Nts Radio

Louis Den family; production beast and all round good egg Pete Cannon swung by NTS Radio in London early last week and dropped an hour long mix of all his own material; looks like dude as been busy with it!!

The mix bends plenty of genre's as only Pete knows how and includes a gang of material with some heavy hitters like Guilty Simpson, Tony Yayo, Nutso, Stig Of The Dump, Dr Syntax and a whole host of others! tracklist is below. (Petes material
starts 56 minutes in)

Pete Cannon NTS guest Mix 15/08/2011

1. Pete Cannon - Huntington Riddim
2. Pete Cannon - Jah Ting
3. Pete Cannon - Wobble head Skank
4. Pete Cannon & Jim Raygun - exclusive
5. Pete Cannon - Eggshell
6. Pete Cannon - Flower Stretch riddim
7. Pete Cannon - Foot Stomper
8. Pete Cannon - breakcore do more
9. Pete Cannon - Dang
10. Pete Cannon - A big bag of Crips
11. Pete Cannon - We love dj easygroove
12. Pete Cannon - Wub rub sauce
13. Pete Cannon - Demon Dan
14. Pete Cannon - Rave in a pet shop
15. Pete Cannon - More rave than you can throw a tick at
16. Pete Cannon - Feeling Nookie, oh er
17. Pete Cannon - Amen to the old skool
18. Pete Cannon - Bun Charly, Bun.
19. Hip hop Section
20. Pete Cannon and Deadline - How the Sytem goes ft Serocee and Yogi
21. Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon - Best friends
22. Nutso ft Tony Yayo and Mainso - Pocket on swole (prod Pete Cannon)
23. Yogi ft Youngman - She loves me (prod Pete Cannon)
24. Guilty Simpon - We aint playing with them this year (prod Pete Cannon) NTS WORLD EXCLUSIVE
25. Stig of the Dump - Bitches (prod Pete Cannon)
26. Pete Cannon - Like that way you doin it
27. Jazzy jeff and the Fresh Prince - Summertime (Pete Cannon’s very Northern mix)
28. Pete Cannon - Off your face
29. Lilly Allen ft Ll cool J and Pete Cannon - Ldn Town (Blackpool remix)
30. Naive Machine - Robot Ramification ep (Pete cannon’s Gammon remix) (hit and hope records)

You’ll soon know w/ Tim Parker & Special Guest Pete Cannon 16.08.2011

please note at the time this blog was posted soundcloud were experiencing issues; should be working soon

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Eric Lau - This Is For You (Beat Video)

Former Beat Cypher guest Eric Lau has dropped a little studio vid showing the breakdown of a beat he's made entitled "This Is For You", video shows Eric gettin busy with his Mac setup alongside Logic and his collection of MP's a MPC2500 and an MPC3000 (jelly!!).

Eric Lau - This Is For You

The track is up for free download on Eric's bandcamp if you want to scoop it for yourself!

SA Beats - New Era Vol 1

A newer regular to the last few homeworks and a frequent 22tracks playlister; SA Beats (from the Netherlands) has been smashing up our last few challenges and alongside the Hypedog Blog (whatup HD!!) he's dropped his New Era Vol 1 Beat Tape.

Some ill selections on here and you can definitely see why SA is gonna be one to watch! the beat tape can be copped for the measly price of 1 euro or streamed from his bandcamp if you are strapped for cash!!

1.Fresh Daily- Video Gamin' (SABeats Remix)
3.Living on mars
6.All night loving
7.Back in the days
8.Swag 2
10.Drop it

LINK: bandcamp

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