Thursday, 31 July 2008


This came to my attention through DJ SNUFF and LDBB producer ED STRONG, DJ Dark was a resident DJ of the legendary hiphop night SPEAKERS CORNER that took place on the first thursday of each month over at JAMM in Brixton having been fortunate enough to be down with the movement (myself and SONNYJIM were able to perform there a few times as well as serve as hosts for few of the events) I should shed light on whats been going on!.

*swiped from DJ SNUFF's BLOG*

Dark along with 8 other members of the DPM Graff crew have all been convicted on charges of criminal damage & also for the first time in the history of Graffiti culture a charge of conspiracy to criminal damage. 3 have been sentenced to 18 months, One member "NEAS" faces 2 years, one faces 15 months and the remaining 4 were given suspended sentences with community service.

This is an attempt by the courts to make an example of these artist to deter artist in the future.. It wont work. Graffiti will not stop, it is a culture with a strong heritage This sentencing will only serve to bring further notoriety to the artist that make up the DPM crew. Our thoughts are with them, we will support them fully through their time inside. This is an injustice, a waste of public sector money & will not serve as a deterrent. It will in fact be counter productive from that in which the court hopes to achieve. This will not deter artist it will only give them new martyrs. So saying this, well done DPM on your success, galleries await, press await, the biography, TV appearances etc.. the system is flawed and we shall exploit it until people see sense.

Our recommended alternative: Use all of this money (or even a fraction of it) already currently being thrown at the BTP (British Transport Police), Buffering (Cleaning paint of trains), Court charges, Legal Fee's and any other cash being wasted on their little cat & mouse game right now and put it into commissioning the worlds leading artist to paint masterpieces for these trains. The standard will be immense. The art can reflect the varying taste of the artist and the city. Artist and the "Privatized" train companies can even profit together via sponsorship deals incorporating the artist work. (We are already staring at advertising all day every day, why not utilize the talents around us?).. Seeing art of such a standard will also have an effect on the developing artist, they will have inspiration, and with inspiration the art form will improve. Graffiti is here to stay, Jailing artist is no solution, Graffiti doesn't even necessarily need to be a problem, there are issue's that need to be addressed but locking up artist and branding them as vandals is no way to address these issues.

The campaign starts now.


We need full press support on this one, we have already secured an exhibition in a leading NYC gallery space, gathered statements of support from South Bank Art Curators (Including Tate Modern & Queen Elizabeth Hall) & various Art publications. We are just beginning. Graffiti is not a crime and Jail Time is not a deterrent.

This is the first case in the history of Graffiti that an entire crew have been trailed on conspiracy charges. On the same day they face trail the Tate Modern are showcasing an international Graffiti exhibition and laws to preserve the work of Banksy have been passed in Bristol city. There are mixed signals in these actions. What is Art? What is Vandalism? and when does Vandalism become accepted as Art?

Those convicted for Conspiracy are:
1 Jack Binnie, 25, from Lewisham
2 Andrew Gillman, 25, from Battersea
3 Ziggy Grudzinskas, 25, from Blackheath
4 Alex McClelland, 24, from Dulwich
5 Matthew Pease, 24, from Lewisham
6 Paul Andrew Stewart, 26, from Lewisham
7 Matthew Tanti, 23, from Streatham
8 James Teasdale, 21, from Dulwich
9 Slav Zinoviev, 25, from Battersea

Also convicted:
10 Mark Goss, 22, from Sidcup (Criminal Damage) tag- "RUST/TURES"

Tags used included:

Check here for the British Transport Police view on this:

Even though this sentencing is meant to serve as a deterrent the crew have already secured lasting exhibitions in New York City as a consequence and are continuing to gain public support, including support from with in the art establishment. Sentencing took place Friday July 11th

PS. FAO anyone who were regular at Speakers Corner Brixton. One of the defendants Paul Stewart "DARK" has been a resident DJ with us from the beginnings and is a foundation member of what we do here at Speakers, so this case has extra concern for us. Dark is a creative, and thats what art is, we encourage people to be creative artistically, lyrically and in general. Dark nor no member of DPM pose a threat to the public. Jail is not the answer.

DPM get love in NYC while they rot in jail in the UK - FREE DPM NOW!!

Take a minute to sign the petition. Free DPM.
This WILL help the case for an appeal

Download track below FREE!!
Free Them [DPM]
Ed Strong [The IRS] & cOmplex
A track recorded in dedication to DPM
Lyrics written and performed by Ed Strong from The IRS
Beat produced & arranged by cOmplex

Please pass this track on to any DJ/Radio DJs, Press ect.. We need this
played to help publicize the issue, lets keep this out there..

When you do get the chance sign the petition!!.

Purpose scores production credit for Bronze Nazareth

LDBB beatsmith Purpose from way of Boston US has scored production on the new Almighty album. Almighty, the Wu-Tang affiliated supergroup consists of Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, C-Rayz Walz, Son One, M-Eighty, 5-Star and more, offer their debut collaborative effort: “Original S.I.N. (Strength in Numbers).”

Purposes' offering comes in the form of the fourth track on the LP "Come To Life
Faster" which features Bronze Nazareth; its a good look for Purp...stay tuned!!.

His solo mixtape "The Soul Purpose" is also in stores now!!..go peep for even more LDBB production in the form of Archimedes, Kelakovski and Wizard!.

Read more about the release
Purpose Myspace

CHWOOOIIIIT, Wizard Blaps For Sale

LDBB resident WIZARD has knocked up a fresh batch of beats for sale, if you're interested then holla at the kid for rates.


dont forget theres a new LDBB homework due sunday!!, check the myspace!.

Wizard New Beat Reel
Wizards Myspace

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

LDBB 24 - Michael Jackson Sounds Blog UP!!


No video this week, just audio to listen back to, all explained in the blog.

LDBB 24 BEATS BLOG (myspace)

new homework coming later today!.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

New album from 9th Wonder & Murs - "Sweet Lord"

Here it is the follow up to Murrays Revenge, (which is follow up to) Murs 3:16, both dope albums..and now a third; we were already talking about this in the forum as they've leaked about 4 tracks over the last week or so but now the whole thing is out.

Its up for free to dowload at ,you can even donate if you feel the need to do so (grrrr id happily pay the going rate for wax, they should do some limited steez before them european bootleggers do!), anyway..GO GET!!, after a few listens you can chop it up in the forum about it.

*homemade cover swiped from KINGGS on the okayplayer boards

Monday, 21 July 2008

Beat Tape Monday

Just a quick heads up, some nice instrumental goodness to download courtesy of two ill beat makers, Birminghams RAUL SUPREME and ELIPHINO hailing from Leeds.

Both guys are mad talented so go pick up some free music.


1. Swing Em
2. You Are
3. Sagum Soul
4. Soulific
5. R2D2
6. Boom
7. Day And Night
8. Choo Choo
9. Midnight Soul
10. Expressive Soul
11. How You Know
12. I Love



01. Rain
02. I Like It Yo
03. 26_02_85
04. Media
05. Number 22
06. Break Up
07. Go To Lucy's
08. MPC Intelligence
09. Spirit
10. Spring


* Rauls offering is more of a beats for sale kinda jump off whilst eliphino's is a straight free EP for DL...either way theres some illy beats for you to check, support these talented dudes.

Challenge still open!!, some signups from previous LDBB heads, league dudes and some new faces too! should be dope, read the latest blog for details of the challenge; deadline is this sunday 17:00.

LDBB homework 24 blog

Friday, 18 July 2008 ldbb homework.

Keep the congrats for S-Type flowing....but we on to the next, new homework on the ldbb myspace GO PEEP IT!.


Louis Den Beat Battles Myspace Blog


Thursday, 17 July 2008

LDBB League OVER!!....Winners announced!

*swiped from the ldbb forum.

Congratulations to S-Type for winning the first Louis Den Beat Battles league, it was a fierce battle between him and Kelakovski for 1st place (10 wins), he actually sealed the deal with a 1 point lead!.

*remeber the overall winner of ldbb was the beatmaker who had WON the most battles, however we'll also show you who performed the best beatwise.


1ST PLACE - S-TYPE 1473 pts (WON 10, LOST 0, DRAW 1)

2ND PLACE - KOSYNE 1433.5 pts (WON 10, LOST 1, DRAW 0)

3RD PLACE - SIVEY 1481.5 pts (WON 9, LOST 1, DRAW 1)

5TH PLACE - NIK 1359.5 pts (WON 9, LOST 2, DRAW 0)
6TH PLACE - JAISU 1290 pts (WON 8, LOST 2, DRAW 0)
7TH PLACE - WIZARD 1375 pts (WON 7, LOST 3, DRAW 1)
8TH PLACE - DARREN PAUL 1321 pts (WON 7, LOST 4, DRAW 0)
9TH PLACE - ARCHIMEDES 1314.5 pts (WON 7, LOST 4, DRAW 0)
10TH PLACE - PURPOSE 1282 pts (WON 7, LOST 4, DRAW 0)


1ST PLACE - KELAKOVSKI 1514.5 pts (WON 9, LOST 2, DRAW 0)

2ND PLACE - SIVEY 1481.5 pts (WON 9, LOST 1, DRAW 1)

3RD PLACE - S-TYPE 1473 pts (WON 10, LOST 0, DRAW 1)

4TH PLACE - KOSYNE 1433.5 pts (WON 10, LOST 1, DRAW 0)
5TH PLACE - WIZARD 1375 pts (WON 7, LOST 3, DRAW 1)
6TH PLACE - NIK 1359.5 pts (WON 9, LOST 2, DRAW 0)
7TH PLACE - DARREN PAUL 1321 pts (WON 7, LOST 4, DRAW 0)
8TH PLACE- JAISU 1290 pts (WON 8, LOST 2, DRAW 0)
9TH PLACE - ARCHIMEDES 1314.5 pts (WON 7, LOST 4, DRAW 0)
10TH PLACE - BUDGIE 1284.5 pts (WON 4, LOST 7, DRAW 0)

So as a side note; congratulations to Kelakovski for being the strongest beatmaker of the league and (from the stats)...Sivey for being the (what id take as) best overall performer (3rd place for battles...2nd for beats) ..

Finally id like to thank ALL OF YOU (AB,Adequate,Apatight,Archimedes,Billy Bones,Budgie,Darren Paul,DJ SnapS,DJ Snips,Dockmini,Ed Strong,Eyebs,Figaro,Harry Kronnik Jr,Jaisu,Jeekay,Jimmy Riff,Joe Davies,Jon Phonics,Just Jay,Kanzo,Kelakovski,Kid Eight,Kosyne,Kryptonite,Leatherface,Like Mike,Lotek,Mazzie,Mr Dick,N!K,Pataphysics,Phocus,Pinnacle,Prolifik,Prophet,Purpose,R2ThaBeatz,Raul Supreme,Richie Rukz,Shears,Sivey,S-Type,Talos,Terror,Urban Midnight,Wizard,Wizard At Will)

for being a part of the league; whether you came and went after a beat or two; or didnt even have the courtesy to show full stop hahaha..we all learned a lot from the league process and im sure its going to be 100000 times better next time round; but that being said I've had a damn stressful but dope 3 months or so of geeking out to beats and kicking it back and forth..

So with that....the league is OFFICIALLY OVER!!!..

and then there was LOUIS DEN BEAT BATTLES....*cough*...THE NEW!! LOUIS DEN BEAT BATTLES!.

draw your attention back to the myspace and use the forums for banter.

new challenge coming FRIDAY!!.

PEACE BEATMAKERS...its been emotional.


Wednesday, 16 July 2008

League Wrap Up / New LDBB Challenge

League Wrap Up
Alright folks, the day of reckoning is here!, midnight GMT today voting closes for Season 1 of the LDBB League!, its been a great ride full of bangers, beefs and much more!...annyway its just a heads up to all you voting key holders to come out of the woodwork; this is the last time you'll be able to vote on this competition and the race for 1st place is quite the head to head between S-Type and Kelakovski, only a few points seperate them so your scores could make the difference.

Scorecards & Top Beats
If you havent noticed then a couple days back I also added some new features to the league those being the SCORE CARDS and the TOP BEATS, the score cards is a neat little screen where you can review each producers beats over the league and see how they did against their opponent without having to track them down on the matchups screen and look at it week by week, you can also bounce quickly to each battle to hear what the other producer had to offer and check the scores out.

TOP BEATS lets you see the bangers of the league week by week; a bit similar to the existing top 10's function except its across the board and considers everyones votes.

AND THATS IT...............................FOR NOW.

new louis den challenge coming before the weekend!!.

stay tuned..

Monday, 7 July 2008

Jam Band, Cover Session aka "Where The Henny At?"

Aite, so you all remember the original 6 Way Jam Video from a couple months back, well we're fresh from a weekend chillin with the gang again and gettin some illy DVD footage edited; and of course we had to jam again, this time round we decided to do some cover versions, see what you think.

As always ill editing/footage sorted by man like Prolifik aka AB0181 (dont want you floppin on that).