Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Wizard Wednesday

Alright and one more blog to add to todays posting frenzy!, I bring you duh duh duh durrrrrrr!!.. "Wizard Wednesday"...

First off is the Seaside Symptoms EP from Brighton emcee Tai whose down with the Genius Squad; this EP is all produced by Wizard and also features Wiz on the odd verse dotted throughout the project; some illy free music!.

Second up we've got Wizard and Scizzahz who are collectively known as Osb'z (Original Scumbagz) they both provide the vocals and beats for they're ventures (which sometimes feature guest production),here for free is their Dirtbox Taktix mixtape which is the follow up to their first album Lowering The Tone.

Enjoy the beats and free music!.

Wizard & Tai - Seaside Symptoms

01. Intro
02. All Good
03. Shut Shit Down
04. As Time Passes
05. My Kind
06. These Girls
07. Get 'Em
08. Back Down
09. Days Off
10. Shut Shit Down Remix


OZB's (Wizard & Scizzahz) - Dirtbox Taktix Mixtape

01. Intro.mp3
02. In Ya House Again.mp3
03. Peddalin Tripe.mp3
04. Dirtbox Taktix.mp3
05. Wuddup (Feat. Enlish AKA Big Dave).mp3
06. Brotherz Of Scum.mp3
07. Gold Barz.mp3
08. Get The Fuck Out Of Here.mp3
09. 2 Headz R Betta Than 1.mp3
10. Warning!.mp3
11. Brimmin Over With Skill.mp3
12. Who U R.mp3
13. Hayslay Interview.mp3
14. Live On Horseface FM.mp3
15. Any Kinda Slutz (Feat. Enlish AKA Shane Laden)
16. Chwoit!.mp3
17. Skit.mp3
18. Back 4 More.mp3
19. Clap Track.mp3
20. Ridiculouz (Remix).mp3
21. Desperadoes (Feat. Pace Won & Tai).mp3
22. Runnin The South.mp3
23. Me & My Fiesta.mp3
24. Murda Ya Click (Feat. Influx).mp3
25. Yaharr
26. Time Bomb
27. Outro



Blaps for sale (holla at Wizard)
Bonus Wizard joint!!, KFC (Produced by Raul Supreme)

New Illa J - We Here / Yancey Boys Project

On August 25th Delicious Vinyl will release the debut single by Illa J: "We Here" b/w "R U Listenin". Both tracks are produced by the legendary late producer Jay Dee (aka J Dilla), Illa J's older brother.

"We Here" is all sizzle and gleam as Illa J ad-libs his mission statement: "Yancey Boys from Detroit, Michigan...comin' for that number one spot...'bout to rock the world!" Over the previously unheard Dilla track (from a cache of Jay Dee beats held in safety for a decade by Delicious Vinyl founder Michael Ross) Illa J's soulful tenor delivers the hook: "We poppin' bottles like it's first day of the year." Illa J confirms the feeling: "Somebody could be in a hoopty but the Jay Dee beat sound so good it make them feel like they riding in a Phantom."

^ hmm, sounds good; looks like Micheal Ross must have the rights to these Dilla blaps that we're held back, a decade old would make them 98 / 99, circa another batch so we're in for a glad despite his So called "Management's Stance"; Dilla's real folks can put out his beats and work on new projects.

Download the track "We Here" (mp3).
Read more about it at Delicious Vinyl.

Isaac Hayes Homeworks / Hair Band Blaps

Alright, I've been slacking on the blog; been doin nuff other ish; including adding a shop to the Eat Good Records site (pimp pimp)(props to Comabeat crew for the ill design) and umm gettin myself ready for another illy Hiphop Kemp, but im back on my blog ish (for today anyway)..

LDBB 27 - Isaac Hayes Sample Flips
Check the LDBB Myspace to listen to the Isaac Hayes sample flip beats we received and the watch the vid and see our reactions to the beats; pretty much a nice turn out which made a good ldbb session; all comments in the blog are appreciated!; and of course RIP Isaac Hayes!!.

LDBB28 - Hair Band Blaps
The next challenge we got going is for you lot to flip pop metal samples; theres plenty links in the blog and a detailed description of whats gotta be done; the timelimit for this one is the 31st August so you've got a minute!. (hair band blaps homework).

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Yeahhh!!, The LDBB myspace has just been updated with Sundays beats / video, as well as a new challenge..

Go check it out and comment please!!.

Louis Den Beat Battles Myspace.

Music / Beats Tuesday

Alright, so while the latest LDBB episode is uploading to myspace...(seems to be taking forever) I figured id update the blog with some goodies..

First off is a beat tape from a cat called Devon; I found his page through Okayplayer and he's got a little download up on his page entitled "2088 Archives", anyway; dude seems to be on that good check it out, in his own words..

"download it, enjoy it, tell ya moms to download it, tell her to enjoy it.

this is a collection of older/quasi-new beats and songs. im currently working on an album that i'll drop this fall. this was just some shit i wanted to share so people could rock music away from the page. if you know me, you probably have these tracks already. haha.

enjoy and read the info please."

Devon - 2088 Archives Beat Tape

Devons MySpace

* the time of writing this zshare was all kinds of messin up...but im guessing it'll be okay soon enough.

Ok, next up we got Torae, if you dont know bout Torae then slap yourself him and Skyzoo put out that dope 12 with Primo last year "Click b/w Get It Done" and he followed that up with the Daily Conversation mixtape....anyway he's just dropped a little free ting called "Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself", which is collabos, freestyles and unreleased beats,judging from the tracklist the guests appearences look pretty tasty and the production resume is off the meat rizzy too (Khrysis, 9th Wonder, Madlib, Marco Polo, Illmind and more!!)...GO GET!.

Torae - "Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself"

01. Heard It All Before w/ Emilio Rojas (Prod by Khrysis)
02. Merchant Of Dreams w/ Skyzoo & The Embassy (Prod by 9th Wonder)
03. The Takeover ft. Kil Ripkin (Prod by COS)
04. Uncomfortable (Prod by 9th Wonder)
05. Shake It Off w/ Tanya Morgan & Kam Moye (Prod by Brizzo)
06. Crash (Prod by Khrysis)
07. No Where No More w/ Eternia & Ms. Davis (Prod by 9th Wonder)
08. Higher Learning (Unreleased) (Prod by COS)
09. Told You That w/ Chaundon (Prod by Khrysis)
10. I Dont Care w/ Nefew
11. T.I.M.E. (Prod by Vega & Suede)
12. 3 Kings w/ Skyzoo & Chaundon (Prod by Analogic)
13. Lick The Balls
14. Best Out w/ Skyzoo & Draftpick
15. Good God (Prod by Marco Polo)
16. New Blood w/ Emilio Rojas, Skyzoo & Fresh Daily (Prod by Illmind)
17. Broken Dreamz ft. KoMika (Unreleased) (Prod by Vega & Suede)
18. Rise Up (Unreleased) (Prod by COS)
19. The People w/ ESSO
20. Hip Hop w/ Punchline & Stick (Prod by Madlib)
21. Getting Money w/ Magnif of Lawless Element (Prod by Magnif)
22. Promises w/ Kil Ripkin (Prod by Vega & Suede)
23. Its All Over w/ Supastition, Dan Jons & Finale (Prod by DR)


M-Phazes / Emilio Rojas Videos
If you check the forums out you'll know a lot of us are a bit nutty for aussie beatsmith M-Phazes, S-Type posted this up which is worth a look, its M-Phazes at the 2nd Annual "Beasts Of The Beats" showcase...Pete Rock was there to give feedback and seems rightfully blown away by what he's hearing...shouts to Pheezy's rep givin it the "air production" hahaha.

And to keep the M-Phazes link there he's putting a joint project out with frequent collaborator Emilio Rojas (aka Raks One), the project is to be titled "Phaze One" (see what they did there eh eh eh??), heres the first video from the project.

Emilio Rojas - That Time (prod by M-Phazes)

Aite...back in a, digest enjoy..