Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Homework 68 - Sell Out Week

Back with another homework (gotta keep it moving), remember if you want to hear the beats first then make sure you tune into the Louis Den live stream (http://louisden.com/live) where we archive all our streams!, the audio players will return to the blogs soon so in the meantime make sure you check the streams or archives.

This weeks challenge is more a theme than a traditional sample/sample set homework but hopefully we should have some interesting results, read below and try to enter a beat if you can!

Homework 68 - Sell Out Week

Selling out is a weird thing, its often the first thing heads jump at when you are on to a money maker or even trying something out a bit more pop centered, thats not what we are here to debate!! we reckon a good producer can tow the line between making accessible material and staying to a core rugged hiphop sound (Primo / Cristina anyone??).

Even then theres still nothing wrong with "branching out" and thats what this homework is all about (pardon the tongue and cheek title).

So this week we want you guys to make that "Sell Out" beat, that one blap that'll catapult you into "super producer stardom", cue the fast cars & women, tax evasion and substance abuse...

We're after that beat that'd "get you discovered" and latch you on to that pop dough, lets see what you can come up with, you've got a few routes you can try some pop ish, some R&B stuff or the radio friendly hiphop banger....remember we aren't after you to do an impression we want you to still sound like you! just think of it as going for that broader sound!!

This week you have to craft a beat aimed at the commercial market; something youd expect to hear on the radio, you're allowed to cross genres into r&b/pop if you need to but try and keep the bounce!, sample or none sampled beats are all good, make something for the challenge though! (thats where the fun is) dont just send something you got laying about!! submit beats to homework@louisden.com

Beats must reach us by Sunday 29th August to make the stream/beats player.

good luck....sell outs!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Homework 67 - DMX Week

Bit of a crossover homework in an effort to appeal across the board, alright so for those who dont know the Oberheim DMX was an 80's digital drum machine which rivalled the Linn Drum (see homework 47), it contained 24 sounds (that could all be individually pitched) and had 8 note polyphony.

Famous users include RUN DMC, Mike Oldfield, Phil Collins and more!!.

This weeks battle is to make a beat using the stock sounds that came bundled with the DMX, you can download the soundpack here - http://www.sendspace.com/file/i6pkgy

Ok and now for the crossover, the former Def Jam rapper DMX was actually a beatboxer before choosing to become a rapper and named himself after the above machine (probably to let heads know he was as good as a drum machine heh) so for a bit of crossover for this weeks beat you can either turn a sample free synth joint (using the DMX drums) or you have dig through and reflip a sample used in any of DMX's catalogue, heres some starting points.

the breaks | whosampled.com

go get em!!.

Download the DMX drum machine samples and craft either a sample free synth beat or a beat that shares the same sample as a song from the rapper DMX's catalogue, email entries to homework@louisden.com please DONT myspace us a link we wont look for it there! if you sample a used DMX sample it is cool to add any extra VST's / synth sounds.

Beats are due Sunday 22nd August 2010 exact deadline is 18:00 live stream from the lab will be soon after broadcasting from our new Ustream - http://louisden.com/live

just in case you are confused we are looking for you to turn in either

a) a synth beat with the Oberhiem DMX drums


b) a beat using a DMX re-flipped sample also with the DMX drums

good luck..

Friday, 13 August 2010

Purpose - Better Than Your Album

Purpose has been really busy and got loads of the other Den regulars on production duties (Archimedes, Bug, Kela and Wizard), obviously the man has taste!

Check the sampler here

Now head over to www.tragicallies.com for your FREE DOWNLOAD and don't forget to get the Track Of The Week Mixtape while your at it for your weekend listening pleasure

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Homework 66 - Sega Week

Homework 66 - Sega Week

Sega made some of the illest video games back in the day!!, we figured lets redo the video games theme we explored many moons ago (its been a minute, we got new louisden producers plus the theme is slightly different).

This week we want you to flip music from classic Sega games, obscure joints all good but the idea to link them all together is that they are Sega games or Sega franchises! ideas??

Streets Of Rage, Super Hang On, Alex Kidd, Wonderboy, Altered Beast, Sonic The Hedgehog....the list goes on!, think of all the consoles too Megadrive / Genesis, Game Gear, Master System, Dreamcast, 32x, Sega/Mega CD etc...

Theres years and years worth of dope music to sift through!! so get crackin


To make a beat sampling (or interpolating) Sega music in their video games, extra stuff (vst's/sounds etc) are all good but try to stay true to your sample source, submit your beats to homework@louisden.com please DONT myspace us a link we wont look for it there!


Beats are due Sunday 15th August 2010 exact deadline is 18:00 live stream from the lab will be soon after broadcasting from - http://louisden.com/live (url not live at the moment but will be on sunday....gonna try Ustream out this week!!)

Friday, 6 August 2010

Louis Den Beat Cypher 11 - 26th August 2010

June saw the second beat cypher of the 2010 season with producer/keyboard player BUG, Birmingham's up and coming SMITH THE MISTER and emcee/producers CAPPO, TRANQILL with Brum vet MALIK also sharing mic duties; although the beats banged all night we noticed a few faces missing from the usual Beat Cypher crowd (where you at??!) well with the football out the way hopefully you'll surface for this next instalment (you want us to keep doing this right??).

Ok so we're back; news would have come a little earlier but we were holding out for a special guest who eventually couldn't commit no problems, the line up is still strong as ever and here it is.

MUNESHINE - Producer/Emcee/Engineer hailing from Toronto Canada Muneshine has put in work in all 3 fields amongst the various crews he's affiliated with and with his own material as a soloist; his album Opporunity Knocks LP had features and production from the likes of DJ SPINNA, PETE ROCK, ILLMIND, M-PHAZES and guest verses from SUPASTITION, ODDISEE, KEN STARR and EMILIO ROJAs, with worldwide appeal Mune has managed to scan over 30,000 units just in Japan territory alone causing for a few exclusive releases for that region. Our third international guest at a beat cypher we're honored to have Mune grace the boards!.

THE TARTAN BULLIES (S-TYPE & Jaisu) - You already know the names and the stomping beats!, S-TYPE and Jaisu are collectively the Tartan Bullies; given that its been the best part of 2 years since these boys graced the beat cypher stages we figured we get them back together to let us know whats been going on since they appeared at Beat Cypher 02 back in Dec 08. S-TYPE has been going from strength to strength with production work for Tek's (of Bootcamp Clik / Tek and Steele) lead single from his solo LP, Up and coming J.U.S.T.I.C.E League (Rick Ross, Toni Braxton, Mary J Blige) artist LAWS and Hall Of Justus (Little Brother) artist JOE SCUDDA, with more and more credits appearing and inevitable solo work S-TYPE has NOT been slouching!. Same applies to Jaisu whos been on the grind providing material for the likes of Detroits MARV ONE, MICALL PARKNSUN, SHA STIMULI, PUNCHLINE, PRINCE PO and more! still not forgetting the Beat Tape trend he started with AB0181 he's also been dropping frequent volumes of his sought after BEAT TAPE series on Youtube (now on Vol 7 - http://tinyurl.com/jaisuvol7) and featured in a dope Q&A/Instructional portion of the latest Behind Closed Doors Hiphop Production Magazine DVD (http://louisden.com/bcd)

JON PHONICS - Another familiar Louis Den face, Phonics is back simply because dude has been extra prolific in the 18 months since he appeared at Beat Cypher 03, Phonics has put out a myriad of releases in that time including the BEATS & PIECES beat tape which dropped last Xmas for free download and his sophmore LP "HALF PAST CALM 2" (http://jonphonics.bandcamp.com/album/half-past-calm-2) which had strong name checks such as KOSYNE (sorry hehe), JEHST, CYRUS MALAKAI, SONNYJIM, M9, VERB T, OBBA SUPA to name just a few not content with stopping there he's got 2 EP's dropping in the form a collab project (with other Louis Den producers) another collab effort with fellow producer from the Ill Rythmikz camp and Louis Den JEEKAY. Although the sounds have evolved but the funk is still present Jon will have plenty of treats in store!.

MR FIGZ - aka Figaro is Birmingham a native thats been tearing up the 4x4 and Funky House circuit (http://www.discogs.com/Mr-Figz-Mr-Figz-EP/release/1245147) for quite sometime but dont get it twisted though! He's been down with the Louis Den Movement since we first started out (http://youtu.be/P-wuZAA6RjU) and has always been crafting headcrack soul for heads to vibe to expect the unexpected as Figz combines elements from all influences to bring you the undeniable Quinton bounce!

Muneshine & Ghettosocks form the duo “Twin Peaks” (http://twinpeaksrap.bandcamp.com), We’ve mentioned Muneshine above, his rhyme partner Ghettosocks hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada he’s been an active contributor to the Halifax scene for a few years; he’s supported the likes of NAS, AFRIKA BAMBAATAA, SPECIAL ED, GZA, BEATNUTS and KOOL HERC to name just a few. “Treat Of The Day” his latest release features EL DA SENSEI, PUMPKINHEAD, EDGAR ALLEN FLOE, MUNESHINE and more.

As Twin Peaks the pair explore themes influenced by David Lynch’s work fused with stellar production, their “Perfect Strangers EP” is out now and features production from M-PHAZES, RICH KID, SUFF DADDY and BIG BIX which serves as a prelude to their full length LP “Shaking Hands & Kissing Babies”.

A vet on the UK circuit English (http://youtu.be/Pz2MBm7rUaI) has been tearing up mics up and down the country; getting his foot in the door via the battle circuits of “Battle Scars” “Jump Off” he’s since gone on to release a strong catalog with his debut LP “Attack Of The Killer Loops” on DAT sounds to his Left Turn Radio mixtapes and the recent release “My Way” (http://www.englishleftturn.com) out on his own imprint he’s been building since 2005 Left Turn Records.

Finally completing the PA line up is the charismatic Colony affiliate T-BEAR aka TB aka Tuberculosis (http://www.myspace.com/tbworldwide). With a unmistakable voice and delivery T-BEAR has been grafting the last few years having collaborated with the likes of JON PHONICS, FARMA G, CHEMO, ENGLISH, PYRELLI, SHAMELESS, MR 2IBBS and more!, be sure to check his “The Beast From The East” Mix CD from a couple years back which was cut up by none other than DJ MK! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0KaYBeA0zE)

We've got the usual OPEN BEATS where producers of all levels are encouraged to bring some material to test the crowd reaction (3 beats max), this is a perfect opportunity to let others hear your material on a club PA and also lets knows in attendance know about the sort of talent on their doorsteps, perfect for networking, handing out beat CD’s and generally connecting with other artists.

Those feeling like they want to take something home can compete in the legendary BUCKS FIZZ BEAT BATTLE where names dawn out of a hat can compete for a bottle of bubbly and bragging rites as the Louis Den Bucks Fizz Beat Battle Winner!!...and finally it wouldn't be a beat cypher with our very own DJ CRO providing the backdrop of hip-hop beats, breaks and treats inbetween the nights action.


* NO MP3 PLAYERS/PHONES/ DATA CD's FOR OPEN BEATS/BATTLE, sorry but its an ache to get all this sorted and the cables/pc's are for the showcased producers only...bring an audio CD or most likely its not happening!!.

* THERE IS NO GUESTLIST AT THE BEAT CYPHER, please don’t try it and blag it…respect the cypher and the other heads paying, the more heads supporting the more chance of us being able to keep the movement going and bring you great line-ups of this seasons calibre!

Louis Den BeatCypher 11
Live Hiphop Production Showcase & Beat Jam
+open beats/beat battle/DJ CRO

26th August 2010
Downstairs @unPlug Digbeth
79 Digbeth High St
B5 6DY
Spread The Word!, Tweet/RT, Blog and invite your people to the facebook event!
Facebook event link: http://bit.ly/amuJDY
louisden.com blog link: http://bit.ly/bAeVPA
flyer front : http://bit.ly/997L2Z
flyer back : http://bit.ly/93KXef
Twitter links: @louisden @Muneshine @S_TypeBeats @Jaisu @JonPhonics @Mr_Figz @GhettoSocks @EnglishLeftTurn @DJCro @RedBeard00 @Kosyne @SONNYJIM01 @EatGoodRecords
Louis Den Beat Cypher is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

New Kelz & Evil Needle over @22tracks

Quick heads up, some new material from Kelakovski and Evil Needle over on 22tracks.com not the first time these two have made it onto FS Green and Full Crates monthly selections and both are monsters, Kelz offering is a an exclusive entitled "22 Hats" whilst Evil Needle hits the pair off with his summer blap from the last Den challenge!.

get em!

Willo Wispa - The Lollipop Lady's Favourite produced by Metabeats

Shouts to our Associated Minds family, they stay showin yawls how to do it with the work ethic and constant high quality control. Okay so next up from them boys (as well as the EatGood collab LP "HighBall" coming soon!!) is the crazy Willo Wispa with his new single "The Lollipop Lady's Favourite" produced by our extended fam Metabeats!!, check for the cameos!

Cop the single now!: Direct from Associated Minds | iTunes

Spine TV x BUG - Stolen Moments

SpineTV sat down with our boy BUG to discuss music and influences! a nice chilled interview with dope little skits/visuals, takes a hot minute to load so dont click and start thinking suttins broken!.

Props to the heads at Spine for getting the much needed spotlight on our peoples! (now open up and watch them BCD's me and AB0181 hooked you up with heh..)

Stig Of The Dump - I Got Game produced by Pete Cannon

Shouts to my peoples Stig Of The Dump we've been pals/rolling in similar music circles for a few years now and he's recently dropped his single for his debut LP "Mood Swings" entitled "I Got Game" which feautres a very familiar Louis Den Beat Battles Blap from Episode 39 to be exact from Jan '09..

Anwyay Pete Cannon (Mr Dick) smashed up the session with his entry which has now become this the lead single accompanyed by Stigs booming/battle led vox I think you can all agree its very much an audible treat!...check it out!!

Cop The Single!
iTunes | Bandcamp

The LP Mood Swings drops in Sepetmeber on Lewis Recordings...go get em Stig!

magOwl in the mix

Den producer magOwl recently hit the forum off with some real nice Itaio Disco, Jazz and Soul mixes that he's been putting together for his involvement in the C70 site; they'll be plenty more added in the future, these are a great listen so peep! tracklists are on the sites themselves!

Oh check his bandcamp page out for some lil remix EP's as well! lots to digest

musiccityliving - A Journey Through Dilla's Rock Crate

Caught this the other week over at the Music City Living podcast, Bowls has put together a super dope selection of the Rock joints Dilla drew ideas from to create many of the later joints from his discography (2005) and unreleased beat tape gems. The mix clocks in at almost 40 minutes and has got plenty "ahhhhh" moments once you catch the break!

Shouts to Bowls, now Go peep!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sonnyjim Trading Standards Remixes Out Now!

Brand new material from Eatgood Records front man Sonnyjim as he revisits the material from his smash Mix CD "Trading Standards" with a shortened remix version of a select few tracks from the original but this time reworked by the likes of M-Phazes, Kelakovski, Jon Phonics, Sivey, Shears, Wizards, 184 oh and me.

Loaded with smashers this is one to check, the limited edition CD can copped direct from Eatgood Records, Suspect Packages or Mp3's from all the online retailers.

If you wanna check some snippets out backed with trippy Muto visuals, peep below.

Skandal w/ Jon Phonics and Sivey Production

Check out some brand new material by rapper Skandal featuring production from Jon Phonics with his latest single "Everyday" which features Black The Ripper and a brand new Sivey produced banger "GO" which will surface on his next release "Hunger Pains 2" in October...good work fellas!

Skandal - Everyday ft Black The Ripper (produced by Jon Phonics)

Cop the single from: iTunes | Amazon | 7Digital | HMV | Play.com |

Skandal - Go (produced by Sivey)
LISTEN HERE (only a couple days left on BBC stream, 1hr 9min in)