Thursday, 24 September 2009

Louis Den @ Jazz Cafe this Friday!

Redbeards launch was dope last night, shouts to Beard, Kos, Raul, Kela, Myke, Docmini, SK, Sonny, Sammy Stealth, Percy, Malicious, Bambino, Bass6, Lewis, Taharka, Spatz, Mr FX and everyone who came out, Beards voice was gone by the end of the night.

Any London heads who've been slacking and not made it to a Louis Den Beat Cypher yet have no excuses as we make the trip down for the Orphans Of Cush Launch. The 4 selected producers are all going to be playing beats straight out of their chosen equipment and the line up is sick....Mr Thing, Apollo, Jaisu and Kela with performances from Orphans of Cush and DJ's Sarah Love, Konny Kon and Roast hosted by Jehst it's going to be a big night! See you there

Monday, 21 September 2009

League Week 3 Rollover

Okay, currently uploading samples/beats and stuff so we can make a week 3 rollover happen for Tuesday morning, this is your last chance to vote/submit.

Phenomz, *Hannibal King, *Villa, Radd, MDOTDASUPAPRODUCER, Ayem, Mazzie, Jaisu, Figaro, *Mr Boss, Bles

* denotes they'll be OUT of the league if no beat is received by rollover

JJ Malone, Mazzie, Ayem, Jehfree, Villa, Phenomz, Radd, Eccentric, Taharka, Hannibal King, Mr Boss

alright get on it..dont long up the rollover now!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Louis Den League Underway!!

Yes people, been a minute just a quick heads up to let you know the Louis Den League poppin with the week 1 beats. If youd like to vote on proceedings or just check/bump the beats from a distance then head over to the league site located at we currently have Week 1 beats (60+ entrants) out in the open for you to bump be sure to check em out!.

If youd like a voting key then holla at us on the LDBB forum and request one in the LEAGUE 2009 subforum, it'll grant you access to the logged in features of the site that'll allow you to message producers and post comments on battles and obviously vote on the battles which will contribute to the leaderboard and wins/losses of each beatmaker!.

Anyway, producer entry is closed so please dont ask to get in! you had months to show interest!!, we may fill up spaces of producers who flop and duck out, so far the following producers are on 1 strike.

JJ Malone, Mr Boss, Villa

But if they're back on the beats their spaces are safe.

^ Alright im out, quick one tho any Louisden heads in the US with the Fuze channel could do me an amazing favour and DVD-R the Red Bull Big Tune joint thats on tonight 10pm/Central hoo that would be amazing..hit me up


Sunday, 6 September 2009


Whoops looks like a bug slipped through the net and as no-one managed to twig I was unaware until some random testing today.
Ok listen up this is important..IF YOU SUBMITTED YOUR BEAT YOU MAY HAVE OVERWRITTEN YOUR OPPONENTS LINK and VICE VERSA, you need to check ALL your links NOW and resubmit if you have the UPLOAD MY BEAT link in the dashboard and make sure your link is correct many apologies for this....eek my bad..I'll make sure that all of the beats get played and no one gets mistakenly marked as flopping!.



Saturday, 5 September 2009

Louis Den League 2009 Business!

Alright people so if you didnt know the Louis Den League 2009 launched last week and producers have been busy prepping their week 1 beats!, to get in on the action check it all out at we currently have 70+ producers competing and is gonna be a hot 3 months of banging blaps!.

If you've been hiding under a rock for the past month or so heres a quick recap, We're back with the the league for 2009 following on from last years season which S-TYPE won! he's back to defend the title this year with a new and improved league which is now division based based on the pre-league homework "Dope Ass Beat 2" which producers scored to figure out placings, this time round the site (which I developed!!) has more of a social networking feel allowing voters/producers to interact with each other and the battles outside of just simply voting.

We're not accepting new producers in the league as its been a long drawn out process getting everything together and ready BUT voters are allowed at any stage to get down on the weekly beat action and decide the fate of the producers!, so for now the beat battles are gonna be on hold until the season finishes but the Sunday sessions are still very much alive!! each week we'll still be linking up to play the beats received and give you guys a sneak peek into what will become the forthcoming week's voting!!.

Some hot battles are due as these are the week 1 matchups, as you can see from the entrants we've got a mix of Louis Den regulars and some new names so its great having a mix of producers of all abilities gettin down and geekin/competing!

Division 1 Matches
Kelakovski vs Jeekay
Sivey vs Mr Dick
Kosyne vs Myke Forte
JJ Malone vs magOwl
BoomBaptist vs Figaro
Dockmini vs Pushing Buttons
S-TYPE vs Hal 9000
Jaisu vs Evil Needle
Ed Strong vs Raul Supreme
Apatight vs Budgie
Shears vs Ratatoulle Da Recept

Division 2 Matches
Wizard vs Ayem
MYKEE vs Smith
EvB vs Itchy Digits
Jehfree vs Mazzie
Purpose vs Clay Davis
Zircon vs abstraKt Beats
Levi vs Cyril Snare
Terror vs BiLL Breaks
DJ Kyrptonite vs bhardbeatz

Division 3 Matches
Eyebs vs Thorn
Radd vs Ill Clinton
See Money vs Wizard At Will
Mr Boss vs First Aid
Potencia Incisive vs JUT
ABCENTS vs Unknown
The Strange Neighbour vs Archaeologist
SnapS vs Vice
Eccentric vs MISTA MOZART
Phenom vs Skipperbeat
J-Trees vs Yeah Right
Prolifik vs Peaks
BUG vs Hannibal King

So LEAGUE PRODUCERS!, your first beats are due tomorrow! dont forget to submit them using the producer dashboard on the homepage by 17:30 GMT!!, dont leave it till the last minute as the little ol league site probably cant take a hammering of ALL of you guys trying to submit at the same time and we wont have time to chase forum pms/emails/myspace messages if you are trying to use those as a fallback!.

LEAGUE VOTERS, hold tight!, voting will open up at the beginning of next week to grade the beats and get some blap discussion underway.

LOUIS DEN/BEAT HEADS if you wanna get in on the voting/interacting with the site..all you have to do is request a login from us at the louisden forum, see the link below..hit the League2009 sub forum and post in the thread (with your email addy and name) and we'll hook it up as soon as we can.

and finally, hungry producers wanting in??..NAHHHHHHHHHHH sorry your time has passed...we did a final search for producers even after the division standings had been drawn up as there were some legitmate late commers but if you hollered before the forum went down and didnt get in touch via the blog posts I made you were either too late because we were full or missed the deadline...THAT IS IT.

Ok so see you Sunday for the live stream..where we'll be playing the matches we've received so far!.

see you then


Free Myke Forte Beat Tapes

More work in from the Louis' Den famalam, Myke has recently been going through the vaults to put out a series of free beat tapes for heads to vibe to, I've been told this isnt just it and theres more on the way so look out for them, they will appear here so dont worry about missing them!.

If you still need an introduction into the world of Myke Forte, then check the SPOTLIGHT BLOG back from Beat Cypher 04 in April for more info on the man!, oh and for those who slept Myke's alter emcee ego Myke Leforde dropped the PAY DUES EP digitally about a month ago so zup zup pick that up! (see the links).

ok enough bigging him um I've gotta clash Myke this sunday in the league GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR GAME FACE lol..

Wizard LP - Ear To The Beat OUT NOW!

Mann when I get to bloggin news about our Louis Den fam I've always got loads to write when it comes round to Wizard, its a testament to how hard working dude is, well now his dope new LP "Ear To The Beat" NOW at Suspect Packages, Wiz has been putting in work on the boards for the last couple years releasing a slew of free music OZB's, Wizard & Tai, Wizard mixtapes, Sausage Factory LP the list goes on, plus production work for Weatherproof (a whole LP), Verbal Kent and more..

So yeah now its time to dig in your wallets and support his studio produced album "EAR TO THE BEAT", released independendly Wiz has been on the grind and pulled out a full LP which features Sonnyjim, Farma G of Taskforce, Tragic Allies, Micall Parknsun, J Black, Verb T, Conflix and more!.

DL the snippets to see for yourself and check the links below and support our boy!...BANGERS ALL DAY MATE.

  • Download album snippets!
  • Buy the LP now on Suspect Packages
  • Wizards Myspace
  • Follow Wizard on Twitter

    oh and as a bonus heres some beat battle footage of Wizard & Scizzahz Beat Battle @ Loopclash In Brighton a couple weeks back.
  • Wizard & Scizzahz - South Toast Radio Podcast

    Just getting my blog on before catching up with more league business, just wanted to shed some light on the very dope SOUTH TOAST RADIO PODCAST thats put together by longtime Louis Den solider Wizard and his OSB'z partner Scizzahs, each week for almost the last 2 months they been getting busy with an hours worth of banter, dope US/UK hiphop, special guests, news and "Gun punch of the week" heh, umm so yeah check them out.

    Gonna step my blog game up and get each volume up here but in case you miss any links Wiz circulates or dont catch it here they also broadcast on hhbradio every Tuesday from 6-7..make sure you check em out..I slept on it at first because I could never find the time to download em but guess what genuis!! theres usually a zshare link for each one so you can play em instantly!!

    Alright so cool heres the back catalog!

    South Toast Radio Podcast Vol 3
    South Toast Radio Podcast Vol 2
    South Toast Radio Podcast Vol 1



    Hudson Mohawke - Butter LP Sampler

    Can't lie im kinda geeked for this release, Warp released news about the album almost a month ago and leaked the ultra dope jay-z face making Rising 5 <-- click to DL, and now it being a bit closer to the release have now let a sampler go. Been a fan of Hudsons work since the Heralds Of Change ish and Hudsons Heaters (which still gets burn!) so yeah check it out..I've just bumped it and a bit stuck to explain it hahaa bump it for yourself, it's some vintage futuristic bruce lee hands steez.

  • Download the sampler HERE
  • Warp's Press Release (tour dates/more artwork)
  • Hudson Mowhawke Myspace

  • KOS.

    Thursday, 3 September 2009


    Ok we back!!, check the banner to enter the forum.

    IF YOU REGISTERED AFTER APRIL 2009 YOU WILL NEED TO RE-REGISTER, all details regarding the server crash are located there...give it a read then holla at me if you are having any problems.

    lets get it.


    Need League Login? / Forums

    Ok, thanks for bearing with us, the boards WILL BE BACK TODAY!, re-installed everything and found a backup from a few months back so im most likely going to just restore the members and pour a little 7up out for the lost threads no point in puttin up old news so I think its a case of destroying and rebuilding but hopefully if you registered for the boards before april your logins should be intact.

    Finally if you are struggling with the league site as you cant find your password then first check your spam folders...I did send out mails to each and everyone of you during dope ass beat 2 voting week but if you still cant find it dont panic, hit me up


    and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    NEW VOTING KEY REQUEST WILL HAVE TO WAIT TILL THE BOARD IS BACK, producer entry is CLOSSSSSSSED, If I said you were in then you are fast running out of time to holla at me (those who did I chased back up) and im unsure you can actually turn a beat in for Sunday now and its plenty work doing the matchups so im leaving it here..



    Tuesday, 1 September 2009

    Back but not quite :(

    Ok so we out the otherside and it turns out there was a server fault over at our hosting company, no worries for the most part the shop is back and the league images should be working as well and be accessible just like before BUT...what makes this one a bit more interesting is the fact they DONT backup any data on our particular hosting plan.

    Which means we've lost the forum!!...I can get it back again and im working on it right now but we will only have up to when I last backed up (which was a minute ago!!).

    Best case scenario
    I can get us back running to our last backup, heads who joined the forum less than 2 months ago will have to register.

    Worst case scenario
    Well lets not go there just yet eh?..

    hold tight..



    bang.. down!!

    What up world, dont be alarmed I've been told by our webhosts FREEOLA that they are experiencing difficulty with one of their webservers and as luck would have it, its the cluser is hosted on.

    Its a bad look as it means its taken out the shop, parts of the league, the forum and more obviously the actual front page. I've been told they're looking into it so please remain patient and keep it locked to see when we come back up.

    Till then our blog is still accessible (you're reading it now heh...)

    LEAGUE NEWBIES, hold tight soon as we're back I'll get you your details so you can collect your samples!.