Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wizard - Dutty Gash Face Music

Wizard keeps on showing the "one beat every three months" crowd why its time to hang it up!! (thats me at the moment btw haaa!)

He's just unleashed a new collection of beats entitled "Dutty Gash Face Music" , if you don't know what that is well ummm ask Wiz or go hit up urbandictionary! Short story even shorter; think the polar opposite to Wiz's super smooth Chill Pill series of beat tapes.

So what we got here are straight up bangers; screw face wild out getyourselflockedup music! remember this isn't a formal project; its more beats from the lab that match a certain theme; some are available and some are sold so make sure you hit up Wiz and get in touch if you want to use any of them!.

Wizard - Dutty Gash Face Music [2011]

* Cover is a bit too hot for TV lol, check Wiz's bandcamp for the full ver!

1.Air Bag
2.Flippin' Ridiculous
3.Fresh Out The Box (Remix)
4.Dirty Drainz
5.Big Bamboo
7.Huge Backhand
8.Stand Up
9.Get The Fuck Back
10.Pow! (Remix)
11.You Don't Listen
12.Happy Birthday
14.Silly Billy
15.Triple Beam Dreaming
16.Otis (Ski Mask Edition)
17.Night Time
18.4 Flats
20.Slow Down

DOWNLOAD: Pay what you want @bandcamp

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Tommy Black - Interludes Of Life EP

I discovered Tommy Black from Sweeden the other day and was gassed enough at the material to share with you guys. I got hip to Tommy via searching out the production credits for Kendrick Lamar's awesome #Section80 (album of the year so far for me!!) he produced the interlude track "Chapter Six", at first I was convinced that with the onpoint snares, bubble bass it was a Nottz joint but after seeing Tommy's name crop up I did some homework.

Tommy Black

Dude is NIIIIICE, got a real soulful sound; he definitely a nice ear for twisting samples and working in spacey backdrops and synths. As well as producing for west coast artists like Kendrick, Ab-Soul, Butch Cassidy and Schoolboy Q he's also put out a free EP back in February entitled Interludes Of Lift. Check out this profile on him over at which contains some links to individual tracks as well as his free EP.

Tommy Black - Interludes Of Life EP

01) Interludes Of Life (The Undawater Boogie)
02) Street Breeze
03) No Need For Discussion
04) Star Traveler
05) Computer Gir


If you like what you hear; stay tuned as he's working on a mixtape entitled Medikit, also follow the dude on Twitter @TommyBlackML.

New heat from Jon Phonics & Jaisu - Garfunkled

Our boy Jon Phonics has given his soundcloud the once over and added a few new treats; one of which is a collab with fellow Den head Jaisu, check the track out below.

Jon Phonics & Jaisu - Garfunkled by jonphonics

Be sure to give the other jawns fron Phonz a spin too over at his soundcloud page, careful theres dangerous fonk levels out there!

Follow the boys on the Tweets @Jaisu @JonPhonicsand let em know whats good!

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Apatight 2011 Beat Reel (beats for sale!)

Huddersfield native; Louis Den fam and star of Behind Closed Doors Vol 2 Apatight has let loose 30 minutes worth of snippets from his 2011 beat tape batches, snippets are available on his bandcamp page to bump and they're sounding mighty healthy.

Apatight 2011 Beat Reel

As always get in touch and work something out if you want to connect with Ap and use beats for a project; don't set yourself up for a gargantuan faill by lacing them and then ooming back with the classic "Im tryin to promote you", listen and appreciate/geek out or dig in your wallet and make something happen!

Connect with Apatight
  • Hit dude up on dee Gmail over at if you like what you hear
  • Follow @Apatight on Twitter
  • Listen to even more dope ish and downloads (like the Ayepee beat library trilogy) over at Ap's bandcamp

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    Monday, 17 October 2011

    Pete Cannon with Commodore 64, Max MSP and Abelton Live

    Louisden's resident synth king Pete Cannon has added a new bit of gear to the Cannon lab, a Commodore 64!! yep the smash hit 80's home computer! with the aid of the Max MSP package and the MIDI box cartridge he's able to make use of the ill SID Chips inside the machine and control it via Abelton Live and the modelling software Max/MSP.

    Pete's excited...and we are too; looking forward to peeping new material that makes use of it!!, get em P.

    Commodore 64, Ableton, Max msp and an excited Pete Cannon AS

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    Naive Machine - Robot Ramification & (Pete Cannon + Jon Phonics Remixes)