Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Homework 89 - The Psychonaut Headsplit Remix

NEW HOMEWORRRRRRRRRRRRRRK! rejoyce!! aite so I've been mad busy with a gang of life ish for the past few months; tried my best to keep the ldbb blog updated with various bits but for the most part I've had to take a bit of a backseat.

Yes the league is still happening; We'll hopefully be ready for dope ass beat 3 to fall around the same time as it did back for the 2009-2010 league so get cooking in the lab!! before all that though We'll ease back into LDBB runnings with some homeworks! lets goo!.

Homework 89 - The Psychonaut Headsplit Remix

EATGOOD Records artist Sonnyjim has recetly dropped his ill "Psychonaut LP" which features production from M-Phazes, Illmind, Dag Nabit and Louis Den's Kelakovski, Pete Cannon and Eyebs; plus gang of others. The album is a joint release from EG and Australian label Obese (orchestrated from Sonny's tour out in Australia a couple years back) plus theres features/production coming from a few Oz artists.

To peep the LP head over to Sonnyjim's Bandcamp page and also take a look at the videos for the tracks "The Psychonaut" (prod DJ IQ) and "Flying To The Moon" (prod Kelakovski).

To celebrate the release of the album we've managed to prize an acapella off the project to let you guys give the remix treatment to. The original track "The Headsplit" is produced by Illmind and similar to our "Trading Standards Remixes" homework from a while back the best remix (picked by Sonnyjim in the stream) will get released via EATGOOD on an upcoming project, not bad eh?

If youd like to get busy with a remix then download the remix kit here (right click and save), included is the Acapella and a snippet of the original track so you can hear how the vocals are supposed to fit.

The track itself is 91.99 BPM, remember if you are new to remixing then do your homework with lining the vocals up!! the goal of a remix is to make your beat fit the vocals rather than the other way round; we'd only expect you to mess with the vox themselves if you are gonna draw from some dub/glitch influences but essensially if it's a straight up blap then get the BPM right!!

Its useful if your software/hardware would allow you to freely move the vox around your beat to line it up; if it doesnt you could always bounce out the beat into a multitrack editor and get it right that time!! but dont let an out of time Acca cost you the chance of winning!!

To remix the Sonnyjim track "The Headsplit", no restrictions or limitations just download the Vox and get it in!! however you are expected to turn in an original beat and not blend it with someone elses material.

This is a two week challenge to ease back into the homeworks! turn in the beat by 17:00 on 4th September, email your entries to homework@louisden.com ; please attach the mp3 to the email message rather than a download link...it makes things a lot easier for us this way!!.

We'll be streaming at http://louisden.com/live to hear the entries and pick a winner!! good luck!

Hear/Buy the Psychonaut LP
Listen to the full track of "The Headsplit"
Download the Acapella and snippet of "The Headsplit" in a ZIP


Figment said...

Dope! Getting involved in this, I had it at 92BPM tho?

Kosyne said...

yeah it is...my bad...I think I made a mental slip as its homework 89 haha!! 91.99 (or 92)