Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Apatight 2011 Beat Reel (beats for sale!)

Huddersfield native; Louis Den fam and star of Behind Closed Doors Vol 2 Apatight has let loose 30 minutes worth of snippets from his 2011 beat tape batches, snippets are available on his bandcamp page to bump and they're sounding mighty healthy.

Apatight 2011 Beat Reel

As always get in touch and work something out if you want to connect with Ap and use beats for a project; don't set yourself up for a gargantuan faill by lacing them and then ooming back with the classic "Im tryin to promote you", listen and appreciate/geek out or dig in your wallet and make something happen!

Connect with Apatight
  • Hit dude up on dee Gmail over at if you like what you hear
  • Follow @Apatight on Twitter
  • Listen to even more dope ish and downloads (like the Ayepee beat library trilogy) over at Ap's bandcamp

  • Last time on LouisDen #apatight
    Wizard - Chill Pill 3 (Free / Donate DL)

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