Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tommy Black - Interludes Of Life EP

I discovered Tommy Black from Sweeden the other day and was gassed enough at the material to share with you guys. I got hip to Tommy via searching out the production credits for Kendrick Lamar's awesome #Section80 (album of the year so far for me!!) he produced the interlude track "Chapter Six", at first I was convinced that with the onpoint snares, bubble bass it was a Nottz joint but after seeing Tommy's name crop up I did some homework.

Tommy Black

Dude is NIIIIICE, got a real soulful sound; he definitely a nice ear for twisting samples and working in spacey backdrops and synths. As well as producing for west coast artists like Kendrick, Ab-Soul, Butch Cassidy and Schoolboy Q he's also put out a free EP back in February entitled Interludes Of Lift. Check out this profile on him over at which contains some links to individual tracks as well as his free EP.

Tommy Black - Interludes Of Life EP

01) Interludes Of Life (The Undawater Boogie)
02) Street Breeze
03) No Need For Discussion
04) Star Traveler
05) Computer Gir


If you like what you hear; stay tuned as he's working on a mixtape entitled Medikit, also follow the dude on Twitter @TommyBlackML.

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