Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Behind Closed Doors Vol 1 back in stock!

If you missed out on one of the 300 copies of Behind Closed Doors, well good news! myself and Andy have repressed the project so its now back in stock for anyone who wants to see where the whole BCD journey began.

The project features The Last Skeptik, S-TYPE, Darren Paul and Eyebs with Q&A's and beats from Budgie, Figaro, Jaisu, Kelakovski and Ed Strong; while its our first project (we started this back in 2008!) we're still very proud of it as it paved the way for the follow up and the third instalment which we're working our asses off to have finished soon!!

We've also decided to throw together a BCD double pack; theres no commemorative packaging (just yet heh!!) but you can pick up both volumes with a discount if you still need BCD1 and BCD2.

The repress of BCD1 does NOT come with a beat tape; instead you get a download code to get your hands on the compilation which features x2 beats from each producer in the project.

Purchase BCD1 (or both editions) here

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