Friday, 16 September 2011

Producer S1 recreates "Excellence" from Watch the Throne

Producer S1 has gone from strength to strength in the last couple years; scoring a breakthrough placement with Kanye West's "Power" from his last LP; he's gone on to produce for Beyonce and Jay-z & Kanye with their recent "Watch The Throne" joint.

He's made a short film showing him recreating parts of the beat in the lab and talking about how the track came about, a lil bit hollywood but dont get it twisted its more the filmmaker flexing some creative muscle as S1 is one of the most humble dudes out there!

S1 recreating "Excellence" from "Murder To Excellence"

While im on an S1 tip, be sure to check the new Strange Fruit Project joint (thats S1's group who he produces for).

Strange Fruit Project - A Dreamers Journey (2011)

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