Thursday, 15 September 2011

FLüD Presents: Beats Per Minute

FLüD have recently released their Beats Per Minute range of digital watches; the MPC inspired design also doubles as a calculator and leaves me reminiscent of those throwback calculator watch joints from the 80's.

To celebrate the launch of the line they hooked up with an array of producers and got them to talk shop about beats, current state of hiphop and inspiration; pretty refreshing seeing as they haven't got them onboard just to say how great the watches are, although there is the odd gratuitous artistic angle of them rockin them at any given point heh no such thing as a free lunch.

Aiite peep the clips below, some nerd food for you beat heads!

DJ Babu & J.Rocc



Lord Finesse


DJ Numark

DJ Spinna

(dudes rockin maschine now!!)

Head over to the FLüD Watches site if you've a compulsion to cop!

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