Sunday, 25 September 2011

Homework 90 - Otis Reflips

Homework 90 - Otis Reflips

Seeing as a million and one rappers have flocked to the instrumental of the recent Jay-Z and Kanye West collab; we figured it'd be a good homework to let the producers get in on the action too.

The single from the pair utilized parts of an Otis Redding song "Try A Little Tenderness", many were quick to critize chop; many were quick to do stan remakes.

Well of course we want to do things a little different so rather than remaking the track; we want you to use the same parts Kanye did as your source material; but then the gloves are off!! feel free to manipulate those bits of music however you see fit.

Create a fresh beat from Otis Reddings "Try A Little Tenderness" with the twist of using the same parts Kanye used for his track "Otis", you are free to do whatever you like with the samples providing those are your only source material.

Beats are due 2nd October (thats a week's time) by 17:00. submit the mp3 entries to streaming in the lab from 18:00 at

Download a WAV of all the chops here - (right click and save target as)

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