Friday, 16 September 2011

Big Shug & Primo recording "Tha Way It Iz" (circa '05)

spotted at Kil's will make beats for food

Caught this on OKP earlier today, Kil from Will Make Beats For Food has upped a DVD rip of the bonus DVD that came with Big Shugs "Who's Hard" LP from 2006, check his blog above if you want to watch the other parts (pretty standard EPK/documentary steez) but whats interesting is the third part which shows Primo in the Headqcourterz lab getting busy with a blunt and the MPC60 (in his typical make beats for the artists on the spot), chopping up what ends up being shug's track Tha Way It Iz.

He later hits the protools setup to lay the vox down, an interesting watch despite being pretty short.

Big Shug & Primo in the lab

Big Shug - Tha Way It Iz (2005)

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